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Obama Skewered by Irish Socialist

Gosh, if President Obama thinks the Tea Party is after him, he ought to take a listen to the socialist Irish politician Clare Daly. She minces no words . . .

Might not want to watch it all – I jumped off at about the five or six minute mark.

H/T to Gateway Pundit.

67 thoughts on “Obama Skewered by Irish Socialist”

      1. How refreshing to have a politician actually refute the nonsensical rhetoric coming from our dear leader. This lady has more balls than any politician I’ve heard in the U.S.

    1. This woman makes nancy Pelosi look like Kitty Carryall from the Brady Bunch….

      I would think not only would Mooch leave the party when she got in her face, Mooch would be hiding under the bed and by the time Clare was done giving a speech in the backyard, those people would be marching on the white house when the meeting was over….

  1. BHO is very much the 21st Century viewing device: tall, wide and less than 2″ deep. His superficiality would result in profuse, spontaneous hemorrhaging were a razor of even moderate acuity drawn across his very thin skin.

  2. It’s too bad more people in this country don’t stand up and speak their mind as to what a POS this idiot is,; or how he sticks his nose into affairs which are none of his concern (George Zimmermam & Trayvon Martin)(the radical black professor & the white cop); how he and Moochie take too many vacations and spend too much of the American taxpayers’ money; how he is too busy playing golf to bother being presidential; how he deliberately violates out Constitution, i.e., TREASON; how he knows he has committed a huge fraud on the American public with his “secret” documents and FORGED birth certificate; and how he is the most worthless excuse for a president this country has ever had. And that is just for starters.

    1. Not Nabob the Knothead

      kathyd :-) I know you feel better and I feel much better due to your graphic portrayal of our Campaigner in Chief or as would I say: His Most Arrogance.

  3. Wow. The lady speaks her mind. How refreshing.

    We used to have representatives in Congress who would speak their minds, political correctness be damned. If we had such people today, MrObama would be called out for his abuse of the excecutive directives that bypass Congress, for his use of drones against American citizens, and the abuse of the agencies under the executive branch for the furtherance of partisan politics.
    Would MrObama be called a war criminal in the US Congress if he were the leader of a foreign nation and not the US, is a question that MsDaly has answered.

    1. Agree, srdem, very refreshing. And she wouldn´t let those men silence her. I liked her stamina and most of her opinions. Some outspoken ladies like her in the Congress , that would be truly wonderful. As a matter of fact, I am hoping for a woman as the next US President, a strong, bright woman, maybe a mix of Thatcher, Merkel, Meir. A matriarch. An American matriarch with strong American values. Where is she ?
      I read that Brasilians have taken to the streets en masse. I think it all started with that people were upset about the huge costs of the football tournament when Brazil has so many problems with poverty, schools, crimes,corruption and so on. And then I read about the appallling costs for Barry and his familys next little World tour, the African holiday. Around 100 million dollars !!! I think those costs should be enough for all decent, taxpaying Americans to take to the streets. This White House needs a wakeupcall. The spending is outrageous. And this guy and his gang are calling Snowden a traitor ??

      1. I agree–the agendaless spendfest is disgusting! I think this family still thinks they are a national treasure and that Americans want them to have their every whim and wish.

    2. Abuse and fleecing of America is not new. It’s the escalation that is over-whelming. The blogs and internet have thrust the corruption front and center. It’s very clear to me that both sides of the aisle are not working for us. An article at the link below outlines, not just the gross incompetence of the IRS ($46 million dollars of refunds to a single address in Atlanta, BUT…here’s the money quote:

      “The inspector general’s 2012 audit report on the IRS’s handling of ITINs was spurred by two IRS employees who went to member of Congress “alleging that IRS management was requiring employees to assign Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITIN) even when the applications were fraudulent.” –

      DHS 2010: “See something – Say Something” – unless you’re exposing corruption, then you’ll need a lawyer to keep the IRS from harassing you.

      1. It has taken me a long time to realize that both political parties have no virtue and aren’t trustworthy. They are long past doing the right thing for America. They are in it for the vast sums of money they can gain personally, and the intoxicating power over the people.

        That article is infuriating, Sadie. The IRS uses a fine tooth comb to audit American taxpayers, but when it comes to the new preferred class, illegal aliens, anything goes. No doubt much of the illegals windfall is the due to the despicable and ripe for fraud earned income tax credit. Ted Cruz is right – the IRS needs to be abolished. It it rotten to the core, just like the rest of the leviathan.

          1. No tax system can be more problematic than the current 11,700 pages of tax codes and regulations we have now. If we don’t think outside the box, we’ll remain trapped inside forever.

          2. Abolish the IRS.
            Defund them, or pare their funding to the point that they can no longer operate.
            Don’t hold your breath on that last one.

          3. There are pros and cons to every issue. Rather than tossing every viable alternative to the side because it has “downsides”, and maintaining the status quo that got us here, why not evaluate the alternatives, have a national discussion, and do what is best for America?

      2. Agree 100% Sadie, it’s the escalation that is so over-whelming. The Kleptocrat-in-Chief is running a mob-spree type of ‘smash ‘n grab’ operation right under our nose. He and that bitter wife are flaunting it! The idea of allowing him to have an immigration bill in the midst of all of the fraud that is being committed by the govt. for the criminal lawbreakers is stupefying. In fact, the idea of allowing this charlatan to have any involvement whatsoever in the affairs of this country is intolerable.

        We need to put a moratorium on all legislation until further notice. In the meantime a special task force must be assembled to root out the fraud and abuse that is crippling this nation – starting with the Executive branch. The WH needs to be put on lockdown. Either that, or change the locks while the grifter lottery winners are taking their $100M vacay to their homeland. We are in uncharted waters!

        1. Girly: “We are in uncharted waters!” We are shark bait!

          Susan/Star/AF/Girly: The $70 million bonus for IRS made the headlines a few days ago. Has anyone heard a peep from our representatives? Outrage? Any attempt to quash it?
          The only voices I’ve heard were that of The Tea Party. The saddest and most pathetic part of all the corruption is that “We the people” are funding our destruction, by those of us who pay taxes. It all reminds me of September 11, 2001 and the bastards, who used our own planes to destroy and create havoc.

    1. Not sure you would want to do that, MarjoJimbo. I’m the son of Irish parents and have very close connections to the island. Most of the politicians in Eire are not much better than Obama. In fact, a lot of them should be in prison for how they lied to the Irish people about how the economy was “just toppin’,” when it was disintegrating.

      The people are paying for their leaders’ lies now. My cousins, who have just retired, have all had a percentage taken out of their pensions, no questions asked. That percentage is gone for good. Frankly, I’m amazed that the Irish people put up with it. And that isn’t the extent of the “powers that be” taking from the poor and giving to the rich.

      As many of my relatives said to me when I was there recently, “the heroes of the Easter Rising are spinning in their graves at what has happened to their beloved country.”

      And to top it off, at the core Ireland is very socialist. Your woman Clare Daly is speaking truth to power here, but I would bet you wouldn’t like a lot of her other opinions.

      I love Ireland and the people. I just think they have veered way off the path governance wise.

  4. Even some of the Irish are now wide awake to just what dreadful human beings are the Obamas. No doubt the carnage left behind by the Obama leeches is slowly percolating into the consciousness of the Irish who are left footing the enormous cost of feting and feasting the traveling Obama circus. The cutting remarks by the Irish socialist lass were spot on and most enjoyable. Finally the fake veneer of the communist, greedy, and bloodthirsty of both Dictator Obama and Queen Moochelle is wearing off, in spite of the best efforts of the criminally dishonest press, for all to see.

    Notice how no one in the boot licking media ever mentions the fact that not only does our Queen Moochelle travel in royal comfort on her own Airhead Two, but that she and Dictator Obama never stay in the same hotel and carefully avoid spending any more than the minimally required time together at State dinners and propaganda photo ops. How these two must loathe each other!

  5. What the hell was that ? They used no talking points or press secretaries ???? They openly debated using their own minds ?? They did not say “we will have to get back with you” when asked a detailed question. They got some funny ways of debating in Ireland! How dare they use their freedom of speech to question! Do you think Ms Daily’s relative’s in the U.S. are now under IRS investigation ?

    Ms. Daily may be a socialist and I would not agree with her views many times. However, it was refreshing to watch a person practice free speech and challenge her country’s leader in open session than in a back room deal or Golf Course. Passion like her’s is what started our government and that passion is neutered when you are a member of either party in our congress. Hence, why the Tea Party movement is such a threat.

    I loved her leprechaun and Stars and Stripes comment. Plus, she has a great accent!

    1. C.D. Thanks for the link. Sent her a message of encouragement.
      Which ” alphabet ” agency do you think will knock on my door. ?

  6. Oh My, the Obama girls didn’t get a good review in the Belfast news either …. bored !

    Ok, we’ve been taking our kids and grandkids to “historic” places, events and museums since they were wee tykes, I thought we did a pretty good job MAKING it fun for them to stimulate their intellectual curiosity. Unfortunately, First Mom may not have been that interested herself, it certainly shows in those photo ops.

    Malia and Sasha are old enough to treasure these experiences most American kids will never be afforded. Then again, jet lag may have been a factor, nothing worse than a tired teenager ;)

    1. I think a solution would have been to leave the girls back home. They’ve done it before, but I think with the current criticism of Mr. and Mrs. Obama, the parents were attempting to use the girls as shields in a political sense. You can’t say anything negative about the children fgs! But the Obamas can’t have it both ways either. If they’re going to exploit their own girls, then the girls are fair game.

      Do you recall during the height of the Lewinsky scandal how the Clintons decided to show what loving parents they were to Chelsea? The photos of the three of them walking with their arms around each other, Chelsea the bridge between her parents? Hillary went ballistic whenever the press asked about Chelsea, but it was not beyond her to use her daughter for her own benefit.

      1. They are still children and putting a toe into the world of adulthood. I do not think they warrant ugly names. They will have their problems in this world. What kid has not gotten “museum foot” in a boring, adult situation. Yes, their outfits were sort of overly casual, I agree–but I am not comfortable with scourging these kids.

        1. Excuse me? Would you point out the ugly names I called the girls in my comment? Would you point out my remark about their outfits?

          1. They have been called piglets on here–not by you–the comments are placed wherever WordPress wants them. I guess the Wee Wons, which I have seen, is pretty innocuous. I am not the list bossy cow–but as I have said before, the use of the repetitive profanities makes me feel crawly, as do Nazi references, or the ever-popular narcissist riff.

          2. Even if the shoe fits–do we need this diagnosis by someone almost daily. I am amazed at all the shrinks who post–the only one I know is Krauthammer.

  7. Well, his socialist buddies have turned on him before;

    “Just four years ago, Brennan’s involvement as a top CIA official under the Bush administration in the crimes of torture, extraordinary rendition and secret CIA “black sites” made it impossible for Obama to nominate him as CIA director. Now, not only are those crimes forgiven, but the even more serious ones involved in the drone assassination program go unchallenged.

    We have already seen in the past few years anti-terror laws invoked against domestic protesters and dissidents, from the arrest of five men last May in Chicago on “conspiracy to commit terrorism” charges for their involvement in anti-NATO protests, to the revelation that the FBI carried out a nationwide investigation treating the Occupy Wall Street protests as “domestic terrorism.”

    Driving the turn towards methods associated with police state dictatorships are deep-going changes in the structure of American society. The vast and ever-widening chasm between the billionaires and multi-millionaires who control economic and political life and working people, the great majority of the population, is incompatible with democracy.

    This is ultimately what explains the complicity of the Obama administration, Congress, both major parties and the mass media in the drone assassination program. America’s ruling oligarchy realizes that deepening social polarization and the protracted economic crisis are creating conditions for social upheavals, and is preparing accordingly.

    The working class must make its own preparations for the revolutionary battles that are to come.”

    A treacherous weapon is ever a danger to the hand…

    And we don’t know their motives, but neither do they know each others’

    “‘It is difficult with these evil folk to know when they are in league, and when they are cheating one another.” – JRR Tolken

    The fact is, a dictator doesn’t like a dictator that will dictate to THEM. Every socialist thinks every OTHER socialist experiement failed because it wasn’t HIM running it. Obama is no different, and neither is Clare Daly.

    They WILL eat each other eventually. Poisonous spiders are not social; their very nature makes it impossible. Eventually, they turn their venom on each other.

    It would almost be fun to watch if they weren’t ruining life for the REST of us in the process…

    1. We have already seen in the past few years anti-terror laws invoked against domestic protesters and dissidents, from the arrest of five men last May in Chicago on “conspiracy to commit terrorism” charges for their involvement in anti-NATO protests,


      These guys?

      Three men who allegedly planned attacks on President Obama’s Chicago headquarters and the mayor’s residence have been arrested by Chicago police. Reuters reports anti-N.A.T.O. and Occupy Chicago-associated protesters Brian Church, Jared Chase and Brent Betterly were charged Friday with “conspiracy to commit terrorism, providing material support for terrorism, and possession of an explosive incendiary device.” In a report published Saturday afternoon the Associated Press said prosecutors allege the men also planned attacks on police vehicles and substations.

      Mr. Church, age 20, and Mr. Chase and Mr. Betterly–both 24–were picked up during a raid Wednesday on the South Side of Chicago. Authorities say they were planning to use Molotov cocktails during the N.A.T.O. summit, which begins Sunday.


      I’m glad they were arrested if they were planning to fire-bomb anything in this nation.

      1. “I’m glad they were arrested if they were planning to fire-bomb anything in this nation.” – Mandy Manners


        I am not a fan of terrorist of ANY type either. The point is not that I am offering an opinion on “these guys”, but that the socialist who ARE – it’s THIER article, not mine – are NOT in accord with Obama, even though they are fellow travellers. Please note that section is in quotes.

        I don’t personally condone anything ANY socialist says, it was just by way of example that they disagree that I posted their screed at all.

        I’m totally with you as far as violence is concerned. You can’t defeat the devil by using his tactics, you can only BECOME him that way…

        1. I was a Communist in college, and voted the CPUSA ticket in my first presidential election, so I still have that prism in my brain through which I can view life. I reckon that was why I was able to see FCMABBHO for what he was very quickly.

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    1. First thing that spings to mind is the thousands of security agents that will be there to protect the present and former POTUS and their wives.

      Thanks for the linky.

    2. Do you suppose the Chicago types are trying to arrange for a “hunting” accident? You know, get Bush and Obama on safari, then -somehow!- a shot comes from nowhere and the hated (by Obama and his ilk) Bush is no more!

      Of course, B.O. gets a nice photo op of him looking all concerned and such while other people pretend to save Bush’s life, and also finds a way to claim it was actually a Tea Party shot meant for him, so martial law all around, and win-win for Obama!

      Please Mr. Bush! Do NOT go to Africa while it’s most prominent Kenyan citizen is there! The whole contient isn’t enough distance between you two for your safety…

      As for Laura and Wookie attending a forum together, Moochie is evil, but she’s not stupid. She ALWAYS avoids anywhere she could be compared to OTHER first ladies that have, you know, class and stuff and may actually BE female, so she’ll either avoid this like the plauge or find some way to have Laura disqualified from attending. Flexing those hulking, manly biceps scares MOST people off, maybe it would work with Laura?

      Lets watch…

    3. How will Obama like being overshadowed by his horrible predecessor who did a lot more for Africa than making speeches?

  9. How dare the Boy President lecture the Irish on their political and religious divisions. He thinks he’s smarter than everyone in the world. And Meesh Antoinette and the Princesses Obama go to a library and the Princesses look bored while Meesh grins and does her act as a lady.

    Well, the Obamas campaigned, encourage early voting so that no one could change their mind if scandals struck, they went after every low-information voter and every low-intellect voter in the nation and when all those little piles of votes were counted, ignorance had won a second term.

  10. I have never been so proud of my heritage after listening to this lady-whom I can call a LADY. Unlike Michele Obama who is a disgrace to the name of “first lady”. And once again you can see how liberals avoid answering questions since they know so little, and instead choose the route of bullying. The person who dares oppose the liberals train of thought automatically becomes the victim of what is usually personal attacks on the questioner. Their normal copout. And the audacity for the obamas to think they somehow have a heritage with the Irish is a further disgrace to the Irish people who can surely see thru the obama’s b.s.!!!!!!!

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