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Obama’s Nuclear Meltdown

That President Obama made reducing the U.S. nuclear stockpile even further the centerpiece of his Berlin speech is strange on a number of fronts.

First of all, as Charles Krauthammer notes below, who cares? The world is faced with so many much more pressing problems than some throwback issue to the Eighties.

But worse, how does it make us more secure to shed hundreds more warheads from the stockpile of around 1,500 that will remain after the New START treaty is implemented? It doesn’t make the world any less likely to blow up or reduce our ability to do it.

What it does, however, is decrease our allies’ assurance that they are protected by the U.S. nuclear umbrella and will continue to be shielded in the future.

Rather than move us closer to a nuclear-free planet, further reductions in the U.S. stockpile give allies cause to beef up their own caches of nuclear weapons, or start a program in the first place. And it suggests to enemies that they may be able to move ahead of us one day, a triumph that would give them an aura of parity with or even superiority to the United States.

The latest proposal ultimately stems from ideas Obama probably hatched while listening to Bob Dylan in his dorm room back when the Nuclear Freeze was the big thing. And it makes as much sense as some of Dylan’s lyrics.

Sorry, I’m a Dylan fan myself. But you have to admit you often have no idea what he’s talking about.

54 Responses to Obama’s Nuclear Meltdown

  1. Johnny’s in the basement
    Mixing up the medicine
    I’m on the pavement
    Thinking about the government
    The man in the trench coat
    Badge out, laid off
    Says he’s got a bad cough
    Wants to get it paid off
    Look out kid
    It’s somethin’ you did
    God knows when
    But you’re doin’ it again
    You better duck down the alley way
    Lookin’ for a new friend
    The man in the coon-skin cap
    By the big pen
    Wants eleven dollar bills
    You only got ten

    • I KNEW when the word “lyrics” was mentioned, we were in for it on this site. Didn’t he have a song that went something like “It’s OK, babe, I don’t mind, you just kinda wasted my precious time”?

  2. Remember the anti-war movement during Bush’s term ? They’ve all gone anti-nukes now, along with and other anti-WAR groups. Wait. What? Obama’s wars are okay then?

    Obama is speaking for them to keep them on the plantation with Soros money too. He never stops campaigning……

    • This is his attempt to justify his receiving the Nobel Peace Prize which has come under renewed criticism. I believe he thinks this will change the minds of those who see him as a war monger of late. Seriously, everything he says or does is done to effect the impression he gives “the world.” Nothing he says or does has any deeper meaning than that and yes, he is that shallow.

  3. I agree, Keith,a strange theme. Instead he should have talked about the threat from the Islamists across the globe but then, it doesn´t go well with his Syria politics ( well, his foreign policy ) and the NSA spying were everything Islamic appears to be exempt.

    • His half sister from Kenya was there in Ireland and Germany, and I wondered on another thread if she was a Muslim. But you are correct that it is verboten to question or survey anything Islamic, e.g., mosques. That is why no one was aware that the mosque to which the Tsarnaevs went was founded by radical Islamicists. (Just as an aside, in a mayors’ conference on gun violence headed by Mayor Bloomberg the name of Tamerlan Tsarnaev was listed as a victim.)

      I thought your comments about the spying and how Europeans were viewing it very good.

      • Thank you, Julie. Yes, there are a lot to investigate about the mosques. The moneytrail, the imams, the networks, what´s actually said in those places… I could go on. Ordinary people worry about them, the politicians pretend not to worry because questioning them would be a deadly sin and the media has decided that it is a deadly sin. I have read about a disastrous place in the US, Dearborn, Michigan. A good example of what could happen with a hands off policy.

  4. I’m a Janis Joplin fan. “..freedom is another word when you have nothing left to lose” is one of the truer statements ever sung(spoken).

    DrK is a unique and powerful political pundit. Kudos to FOX for giving him a public platform away from the liberal mish-mash of WashPost jibber-jabbers.
    He’s right about our President’s push to reduce our nuclear arsenal; why now and why at all are good questions. The answer is probably that it’s his far left thinking and that of the uber-wealthy, guilt-laden donors that are giving him money.
    Just as he proposes to shut down our power plants in the same way the DEA squeezed the life out of the coal industry, it’s all in sync with their world view that America is always wrong and should lead the way to make things “right” as they see it.

    While it seems to the vast-left-wing-conspiracy that some of us are always against anything that MrO proposes, it’s not entirely true. We agree that our troops should be withdrawn from Afganistan, we wanted some reforms of the health-insurance industry, and close scrutiny of suspected terrorists in our country. What we object is the overwrought, over the top, excessive way and manner that this adminstration deals with these issues.
    We’re all for nuclear parity with other countries, but there’s no need to deplete our arsenal when our real enemies are gearing up to destroy us.

  5. Nothing out of character here for Obama. Talking about reducing nukes gives him more street cred with the U.N. gun grabbers who are working to impose regulations that would allow foreigners overview of guns legally owned by American citizens. He sees no “fair share” in the “wrong people” being able to defend themselves — sadly, often, from Obama voters with guns that Obama’s proposed laws would have no effect on.

    He wants the unfairly privileged and fortunate few with “excess” money to give it up. He wants the same for those with too many nukes.

    Our fair weather President believes he gets to define “fair”.

  6. I feel so safe destroying our nuclear capabilities and letting Iran take the lead. I mean, they’re only using it for energy, right? His speech was a rehash of nuclear disarmament and global warming. Why did he need to fly to Germany to deliver this speech? We could have just turned on NetFlicks for the reruns.

    • Because ever since he was turned down in 2008 he’s been hell bent on giving a speech at the gate. Yet when he finally gets his chance he sweats away hiding behind 8 inches of glass and looks smaller then he really is. (And THAT’s small!)

  7. Did anyone catch the line that Iran and North Korea ‘may be’ trying to acquire nuclear weapons. Someone in the WH should update their talking points, NK has achieved a nuclear weapon.

  8. Oh, so we’re getting into song lyrics now?

    I’d better not get started quoting VNV Nation, or I won’t shut up.

    I will permit myself just one, though:

    Shall I recall when justice did prevail?
    No reason to be found why reason did fail.
    The all clear resounding.
    The way was clear to rebuild this land.

    Shall I call on you to guide me well,
    to see our hopes and dreams fulfilled?
    On this day of our ascension.

    Stand your ground this is what we are fighting for.
    For our spirit and laws and ways.
    Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war.
    For heaven or hell we shall not wait.

    Shall I think of honour as lies
    or lament it’s aged slow demise?
    Shall I stand as a total stranger
    on this day in this stone chamber?

    One thing I’d suggest in the current climate:
    For Heaven or Hell, we MUST not wait.

    When comes the revolt?

  9. I’ve got a bad head for figures, but one of the agreements with the Taliban for the US to depart Afghanistan is to leave either $17 or $7 billion of weaponry there. To be used against us somewhere else by Al Qaeda.

    • Very curious. The excuse that it would be too “expensive and time consuming” to move this stuff elsewhere is laughable.
      What? they would have to hire Mayflower Moving to truck the equipment to a privately owned cargo ship?

  10. “Oh the times they are a-changin'”
    Doesn’t precious Barry realize that it is the horrible, terrible, no-good Global Warming that is going to destroy the earth? Not nuclear weapons.
    Tsk, tsk. Seems the smartest man in the room, ain’t so smart after all.
    Get hip Barry. Find something else to talk about.

  11. I ended my column today with:
    “Barack Obama became the first President of the United States to speak from the Eastern side of the gate; the former communist side, the side that was home to the Stasi, the brutal East German intelligence force that used the shield of the state and the guise of security to justify untold crimes against its own citizens, the side that saw the will of the state reign above all else, the side where the elite decided policy over caviar and champagne while the peasants paid the price.
    In other words, he felt right at home.”

    Only the most devout minions could disagree. Even if the American people agreed with him, there’s no time to dismantle our nukes. Obama’s lack of leadership has the world marching towards WWIII at a faster pace than any time since Oct. 62.

  12. It’s just misdirection.

    A hack magician hires a helper or two with obvious physical attributes and places them prominently on display, and then has said helper (s)gesture to call attention to their, eh, assets at key moments. This is so you’re not looking while he pulls the rabbit out of his pants and places it in his hat.

    Obama’s just rolling out his wildest wish list at this point so we don’t talk about Benghazi or the IRS any more. Sure, he’d LIKE to have these things and will do whatever he can to make them happen, but they’re not really the point. He’s just whipped them out and plopped them on the table to deflect, distract, and delay.

    And it’s working.

    NO ONE’s talking about Benghazi any more. Too much ELSE in the bucket. Every drop that comes in now displaces water that is already there, and it just swirls down the drain, never to be seen again…

    Don’t be distracted.

    Benghazi is dereliction of duty at best, treason at worst. This is IMPORTANT.

    The IRS scandal actually RESONATES with people, as EVERYONE who actually WORKS has felt the sting of the IRS, even if the DON’T undertstand what’s going on, they CAN recognize THIS evil, so it needs to be front and center as well – ESPECIALLY with broad, new Obamacare powers and the power to decide who’s an actual religion on the table…

    Don’t fall for it. He’s not going to get his foolishness, and won’t be able to TRY if his feet are actually held to the fire on Benghazi and the IRS.

    They’re important. This other stuff? Not so much…

    • A hack magician hires a helper or two with obvious physical attributes and places them prominently on display, and then has said helper (s)gesture to call attention to their, eh, assets at key moments.

      • A hack magician hires a helper or two with obvious physical attributes and places them prominently on display, and then has said helper (s)gesture to call attention to their, eh, assets at key moments.


        Check out the shiny squirrels on that chick!

  13. OT/Benghazi

    I read somewhere recently that Gen. Ham and Lt. Col. Gibson are going to be on the Hill behind closed doors some time this week or soon.

    Anybody have any info on this?

  14. I would make the point that we do not and never had the capability to “blow up” the world. The city busting, multimegaton hydrogen booms of the 1960s no longer exist and neither the US or Russia have the massive missiles that can deliver them to a target. The 1,500 weapons currently deployed by both the US and Russia are generally of less than one megaton yield. Each weapon would devastate an area of 100-200 square miles, which is devastating but far less than overkill against a metropolitan area often measured in hundreds or thousands of square miles. The nuclear winter theory melted down back in the 1990s and the global threat of radioactive fallout was always a bogey man not taken seriously by people who were familiar with the equations for radioactive decay.

    One can make an argument for the desirability of further reductions, but it is also desirable for the US, Russia, China, England and France to maintain arsenals that are significantly larger than rougue nuclear states such as North Korea and Iran are capable of building to deter further proliferation and possible use of nuclear weapons.

    Obama is an imbecile.

    • Then I respectfully request we re-visit the theorem of “last time I checked, sand and enough heat still makes glass” and make ourselves one giant Middle Eastern paper weight solve this mess once and for all.
      Now THAT’s “peace with justice”.

  15. Actually, I don’t think Obama would much care for some of Dylan’s 80’s output:
    “Neighborhood Bully”
    The neighborhood bully just lives to survive
    He’s criticized and condemned for being alive
    He’s not supposed to fight back, he’s supposed to have thick skin
    He’s supposed to lay down and die when his door is kicked in
    He’s the neighborhood bully

    Now his holiest books have been trampled upon
    No contract he signed was worth what it was written on
    He took the crumbs of the world and he turned it into wealth
    Took sickness and disease and he turned it into health
    He’s the neighborhood bully

    What’s anybody indebted to him for?
    Nothin’, they say. He just likes to cause war
    Pride and prejudice and superstition indeed
    They wait for this bully like a dog waits to feed
    He’s the neighborhood bully

    “Man of Peace”
    He got a sweet gift of gab, he got a harmonious tongue
    He knows every song of love that ever has been sung.
    Good intentions can be evil
    Both hands can be full of grease
    You know that sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace

    He’s a great humanitarian, he’s a great philanthropist
    He knows just where to touch you, honey, and how you like to be kissed
    He’ll put both his arms around you
    You can feel the tender touch of the beast
    You know that sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace

  16. Since the “US Nuclear weapons doctrine” is SO USELESS under Obama I (being a ‘national security’ student) fully support the following nations building Nuclear Weapons:
    -South Korea
    -Brazil (OK, that means an arms race in S. America…)
    …I think those responsible Nations would bring an interesting balance to the realm of Nations with Nuclear weapons
    (sorry, but I think more nations with Nuclear weapons is better… if lots of folks have them, would any of them use them?)

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