As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || June 20, 2013

Lawmakers slam Obama nuke plan . . . Fox News
Merkel blunt with Obama on privacy . . . Washington Times
Senators near border security deal . . . Associated Press
House: Senate immigration bill DOA . . . Politico
Obama’s world honeymoon is over . . . National Journal
Dems transition from Obama to Hillary . . . The Hill
Republicans begin invisible primary . . . National Journal
Holder: No intent to prosecute Rosen . . . The Hill
Obama boosts Senate Democrats’ money . . . Politico
Ex-Bush aide enters gay marriage fray
. . . New York Times

3 Responses to The Obama Morning News || June 20, 2013

  1. Enough of this ‘lets get rid of nuclear weapons’ polly-anna B.S.

    I understand ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ wrote a thesis at Columbia about nuclear disarment…(a page or two was found, the rest is locked away…)

    Since 2008 has Obama ever listened to a “national security brief” about Russia & China’s build-up of modern nuclear weapons…???

    • This, immigration and his eco-thing are just deflections.

      Notice we’re not talking about Benghazi? The IRS? Things that can ACTUALLY get him in trouble?

      Sure, he’d LIKE to implement full-on commie policies and gather up all that nice power to himself while weakening the United States that he hates so much further, but “what does it matter at this point” if he does? Changing the subject is his REAL goal at this point.

      And it worked…

  2. Of course the House is saying the Senate bill is dead. They are cooking up their own special blend of deceit and treachery that will be strongly supported by the neostatists in the ruling class. Once the Trojan Horse bill is passed in the House, then Cryptkeeper Harry and Bawling Boehner will appoint a conference committee of loyalists to reconcile the two bills. That is where the masterminds will gut the Trojan Horse bill and insert the poison pill that will destroy America as founded.

    I’ll keep calling and writing the quislings in Congress in an effort to stop this travesty that will destroy our national sovereignty and the rule of law, but it is evident from my past contacts with them that they aren’t listening. They think they know what’s best for US…we are no longer seen as citizens of America, we are seen as subjects of the leviathan. The fundamental transformation of America is almost complete.