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Irish Incur Huge Costs to Secure Michelle’s Vacation

The Republic of Ireland was apparently forced to spend into the millions of dollars on a massive security operation to protect First Lady Michelle Obama and her daughters during their two-day trip to Dublin, according to Irish press reports.

The visit can only be described as a vacation, given that Michelle and the girls took in a show, researched their family roots, went out for dinner, had lunch with Bono, and toured a national park. Had Mrs. Obama stayed with the president in Northern Ireland where he was attending to G-8 Summit, Ireland would have been spared the added expenses and the inconvenience of having part of Dublin on lockdown.

According to the Irish Times, the Republic of Ireland spent some $5 million on G-8 related activities. The major portions of the spending were to secure the border with Northern Ireland near the area where the summit was being held and to protect Michelle. It’s not clear how much of the total went to security for Michelle, but her protection is described as a significant undertaking.

Streets were sealed off in Dublin near the Shelborne hotel in the city center, where Mrs. Obama stayed. In addition to those guarding checkpoints and the first lady herself, some 300 Irish police were put on “standby” in case of disturbance in Dublin, while others were maintained on the ready in case of problems when she and her daughters visited the Wicklow Mountains National Park.

The Obamas next week depart for a week-long trip to Africa, where vacation activities are also in the works. The Obamas were forced to cancel what would have perhaps been the greatest excess, a Secret Service-protected African safari. The Safari would have been Michelle’s second as first lady.

Here’s some video of the visit to the Trinity College library, where the girls were presented apparently thrilling evidence of their father’s Irish roots.

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  1. My first post of the morning on WHD, I get this error message ….

    You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.

    Oh well, thank goodness it wasn’t essay length ;) Just a sentence about the safari. Couldn’t they see more animals at the National Zoo?

  2. When will Americans see these MOOCHERS for what they are…?? How dare they continue to treat themselves to vacations at our expense while so many people in this country are barely making it.

  3. When Moochelle travels with Prezzy, aren’t they ever invited to stay at the home of the head of state? Why must we pay for these lavish hotel suites? It’s obscene what the Irish are paying for her security while in Ireland. Maybe the two could have looked up some of Obama’s relatives; I’m sure they would offer them their hospitality. (sarc)

      • I would not say right in someone’s personal home, but I am sure they have guest houses, just like we have the Blair house and other residences in DC for visiting dignitaries. These homes are fully staffed. Let’s live like we all have to deal with sequestration.
        The Brits and Irish both tend to be proper with their use of English language and social protocol. Boy, did these animals from Chicago blow it.

    • Because Moochie and her piglets want to have “personal service” from the hired help — which they probably would get as much of if they stayed in someone’s home. And because she thinks she has the right to infringe on everyone “below” her.

          • yeah, I loathe BO and his wife and can’t stand the site of them – because of the lying, self promotion, and them living like rock stars and throwing it in the face of millions of people who are struggling financially. BUT, to call them piglets, etc. That is overboard. I can’t stand the fact that their kids are going to be privileged beyond belief just because of who their parents are. But, that’s why we need to get rid of these Washington elites – Republicans and Dems. Chelsea Clinton…..Bo Biden…..etc. etc. etc. Nepotism is rampant. But, I’m not going to stoop to calling them piglets and you don’t do much for your cause by doing that. Unless you’re really a dem, posing as a conservative on purpose?

  4. Ahhh….coming home from a long tiring vaca…..I mean…..trip to Ireland and Germany… to get that blood pumping again for the next vacation next week to Africa…..and then come home,,,,,rest up and get ready for that vacation to Martha’s Vineyard….Guess this is why Obama was re-elected.

  5. Perhaps the Obamas are trying to bankrupt the rest of the world, now that their destruction of the USA’s economy is almost complete.

  6. Considering that the G-8 Summit was held in the UK, one can only conclude that her excursion into Ireland was for vacation purposes only. But then that’s par for the course. Throughout his Presidency, the Obama’s have treated the office as some lottery prize. To them, it’s all about the perks.

    Date night in New York? Chicago? Gas up Air Force One, and go on that date. Golf in Palm Springs? Just log more miles on AF1. Miss the dog on your Hawaiian vacation? Find another jet to fly Bo half way across the Pacific Ocean. As with any lottery winnings, the taxpayer always pays.

  7. Gotta love the way the White House called Michelle’s trip a “Diplomatic Visit”. That’s a new synonym for “vacation”.

    Aren’t Ireland, Africa, and Martha’s Vineyard vacations #4, 5, and 6 for Michelle and the girls this year?

    Imagine how many days of White House tours these would have bought.

    Nothing’s too good for America’s first queen!

    • Oh goodie!! Does this mean I can take a “diplomatic visit” to Japan and China, and expect the American public to pay for everything???

    • I saw that it was posted as a trip of diplomacy. It seems trip of anti-diplomacy would be more accurate. The Republic of Ireland is not one of the wealthier nations of the world but one of the PIIGS, And Prime Minister Cameron specifically asked that wives be left behind at this G-8 meeting. It was supposed to be a ‘working’ meeting.

    • It’s called a diplomatic trip but looks like they cleared out everyone within a five mile radius of Michelle and the kids. Doesn’t diplomacy require OTHER PEOPLE? Was Bono considered the diplomat here? I think the Riverdance performance was attended with other dignitaries, but anything else?

  8. MrsObama’s personal vacation was a selfish and self-indulgent waste of both American and Irish’s taxpayer’s money. Her children’s behaviour was rude and inexcusable, and their sloppy attire was insulting to their hosts who offered them every courtesy.
    MrsO’s incoherent speech to the children at the Riverdance program was another exposure of her limited talents and intelligence.

    Other than that, I hope they enjoyed themselves. I’m looking forward for my ‘ having a great time, wish you were here” postcard to arrive soon.

  9. On behalf of the United States of America, I would like to apologize to the rest of the world for the people who have been elected by the low-info crowd to represent this once great country.

  10. I think the Irish Republic should send Moochie a bill for her expenses because her trip was a self-indulgent vacation that had nothing to do with OBUMMER’s G-8 Summit trip. Same thing for the African trip (unless they are held there and not allowed to leave).

  11. This was a disaster of a trip if it was meant to be diplomacy. We can imagine how the Irish feel being handed the tab. Yes, we can! Obama (Mr.) also put in his two cents Nobel Peace Prize opinion when he said that religious schools (Catholic and Protestant) were a cause of unrest in the country. He thinks the Irish should have only dumbed down American-style public education.

    • With a lack of diplomacy and a show of ignorance at the same time, Mr O supposes that the conflict that cost so much in Ireland and then GreatBritian was a Protestant vs Catholic war.

      Without their scripted comments displayed on a teleprompter for them to voice, both Obamas reveal their ignorance and limited thinking skills.

      I’ve come to believe that MrObama was never meant to be a serious Presidential contender, and that is one of the reasons why he was never vetted by the MSM. It must have been a complete shock when he was embraced by the public and then put in office. That’s how we got a man who was unprepared, unexperienced, and not up to the job.

      • I don’t often disagree w/srdem65, but I do this time -I believe the o was put into place, glamorous, absolutely unqualified, the new metrosexual puppet. He shows no skills other than being able to charm (some people) and give a speech written elsewhere. I really believe he’s a nowhere man.
        I don’t know whose agenda it is, but have seen no evidence that he’s a thinking man with a plan.
        It sure would be okay with me to be wrong here…

        • I too have thought he was a front pushed along by some unknown people with an agenda of their own, an un-American agenda. And I’ve thought that he was scouted by these people early in life, say, late teens. He was only required to be an appealing front and pushed along so that is why he is not used to working or thinking. Someone else did those things for him. There! I’ve revealed what a big tin foil hat I carry on my noggin.

      • Well, I have always thought there is much more to Mr. O, too. He suddenly appeared out of nowhere and then is elected president?! Too fishy.

        We can all count on an IRS audit soon.

  12. Suppose Mouchelle was good at using Photoshop. I would guess, a priori, that she leaves that program to the hired help, but let’s assume she’s good with it.

    If she created a fake photo of Ted Cruz doing a menage a quatre in a gay bathhouse, and posted it on the official White House web site, that act would be less obscene than the amount of money the public has had to spend on her constant stream of five-star vacations.

    Meanwhile, back in the real world, thousands of employees are being furloughed at Walter Reed. Sequester blamed, ho ho ho.

    When comes the revolt?

  13. And the part of the safari that was canceled (the backstage reasons for that would make for some fun reading):

    Secret service snipers with high caliber “assault rifles” would protect the First Family from lions and cheetahs and other wild animals who might wrongfully wonder afar in their own back yards, at which time curiosity really would kill the cats.

    In Africa, the Obamas seem to agree with the NRA: The only thing that can stop a bad guy with big gums is a good guy with a big gun.

  14. That little daughter slob can’t even put her jacket on properly? She leaves it hanging half-off as if she’s at home in the backyard — and the First Mom is so busy being the star that she couldn’t see the Little Princess Obama needed some basic Mom help with her jacket.

    First Mom, indeed.

  15. They’re probably HAPPY to pay it – because it means the Obamas have LEFT.

    I’D take up a collection to pay for it if the Obama’s would leave MY country – and STAY out, that is!

    Would anyone ELSE donate to THAT?

    Never mind, they’ve got OUR money anyway…

  16. Just like the previously guillotined French royalty, no matter how many times American citizens have protested the extravagance of the Obama family when it comes to spending taxpayer’s money on vacations, Michelle shows no sign of slowing down, or vacationing at a more frugal pace.

  17. Well maybe the people in Ireland are waking,up to.What the American taxpayer has been going through,since the Obama’s.Have moved the people’s house the White House footing the bill,for vacation after vacation!!Every time things did not go Obama’s way take a,vacation at.American taxpayers expense or Michelle would go on a shopping,spree in New York!!Then the girls starting doing what there parents did,last year.The older one took a group of friends to Mexico on spring break,this year.She and her sister went to the Bahamas on spring break then skiing in Colorado!!Do they not have wonderful role models for parents(Ha Ha),on how.To spend other people’s hard earned.Money the American taxpayer on themselves vacation after vacation and of,coarse we.Do not want to forget the lavish parties in the White House,at American taxpayers expense!!!

  18. I read somewhere that some half sister person also hitched a ride and
    tagged along on the Irish leg of the Great Obama Vacation.

    I think they come back for repacking.

    The Africa grand tour should be something to behold. One can only hope for a private trip to space.

    I don’t deny Presidents their vacations. But this family is over the top and out of control. The scorn and ridicule is self induced.

  19. how can anyone support these people?!?! they really don’t care about anyone or anything but themselves. it is just sick. Obama said one thing I do agree with and that is “you can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig” Amen Obama… Amen.

  20. Part of $18,524,433,000.00 given to Exec Branch in 2010 for Foreign Aid September 30, 2010 – Every piece of legislation Stimulus, Omnibus, Budgets etc. appropriates money for the President to spend “at his discretion.” Some is for FOREIGN AID like the INTERNATIONAL FUND FOR IRELAND For necessary expenses to carry out the provisions of chapter 4 of part II of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, $15,000,000, which shall be available for the United States contribution to the International Fund for Ireland and shall be made available in accordance with the provisions of the Anglo-Irish Agreement Support Act of 1986 (Public Law 99–415): Provided, That such amount shall be expended at the minimum rate necessary to make timely payment for projects and activities: Provided further, That funds made available under this heading shall remain available until September 30, 2010.

  21. I am planning my trip to Ireland this fall and if the Obama’s would be there I would postpone the trip until they left. I am sick and tired of paying for their vactions plus my own out of the same pocket….my own.

  22. This is the worst news I heard all day, “Obama has Irish roots”. Obama, you tarnish everything that is good. Go back to Africa where your real roots are. Leave Ireland alone. You are as much Irish as I am an African.

  23. This spending of our taxpayer $ by Mooshell and spoiled brats is unconscionable and extremely selfish. Oh ,dear God, 2016 can’t come soon enough. It would be much sooner if Congress had the balls to impeach obummer and Eric Holder.

  24. When is this great country of ours going to see that the Obamas are only sucking our country dry, and they really believe that they deserve all these vacations. Obama is nothing more than a liar, cheat, thief, crook, murder, and he really think that what he has done while in office
    is for the best for this country. Now his so called wife and daughters are following in his foot steps and doing the same. They really think that we should pay for their vacations, and all their expenses. I say send them on a one way journey out of our country with a one way ticket. Send them to BFE…………

  25. Isn’t it ironic that they take lavish vacations under the guise of “official US business” while the White House tours are shut down for the “common people” here?. The Obamas don’t care if Ireland has to put out $5 million for their security, they and their huge entourage feel that they are entitled to it. Between his idiotic and dangerous dealings with foreign leaders (some of whom hate the US but will gladly take our money) and their rude behavior, they are an embarassment to the decent people in the US.

  26. What adman slob and disgrace MoocHell is !! The hair alone is a disaster, what is with the slacks and walking like she is still sitting on a horse! The kids the clothes all of them are freakin slobs and a national disgrace !

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  28. I’m Irish, well versed in all things America. How did you let this rabble into your White House? Make sure you fumigate it properly after they are turfed. Max.

    P.S We could have done without Michele.