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White House Blows the Berlin Speech

Updated 3:13 pm ET

President Obama’s speech at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin today was a stage director’s nightmare. The president was sweating profusely – you could see the outlines of his undershirt. There were ghostly reflections off the protective glass in front of him. And instead of heaving throngs of admirers, Obama addressed 6,000 or so invited guests.

And something was wrong with TOTUS!

Obama was peering down at his script instead of using his trusty teleprompter. We’re not accustomed anymore to seeing our leaders glance toward the lectern to read, so the president came off looking as if he couldn’t remember his lines and kept having the check.

Have a look at this disaster.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews thinks the sun messed with Obama’s view of the teleprompter.

Have a look at how this all compares to Obama’s Berlin speech as a candidate in 2008.

Europe back then thought Obama was who he said he was – a new kind of politician who would make omelettes for everyone without breaking any organic eggs.

Obama found out after being elected that part of his job was to do what’s necessary to protect the United States. Europe, which long ago stopped taking its own preservation seriously, doesn’t like this and is crestfallen that Obama isn’t as “enlightened” as they thought. And so we got invited guests instead of reveling masses.

But at least the White House could have made him seem less like a sweaty dude reading his book report to the class. Very surprising.

UPDATE: A senior administration official said the teleprompter was not working.

87 thoughts on “White House Blows the Berlin Speech”

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  1. He’s got lots to sweat. He has to come home to far less adoring people, spend a couple of days in Washington, maybe a round of golf and then off to spend $100M on the African adventure.

  2. You can almost read Chancellor Merkel’s thoughts….”I am surely not paid enough to sit here and listen to The Amateur.”

  3. Love your reference to making omelettes without breaking organic eggs. The Obamas, especially Mooch, really believe in the classic quotation.

  4. Did preeezy go to Berlin just to make this speech? Last time, Madame Merkel denied him access to the Brandenburg Gate and so he spoke at the rock concert, between acts. Hmmmm, maybe “his chickens are coming home to roost.”

  5. At least this year he didn’t look like he was watching a tennis match from a spot next to the net.

    Sadly, without a huge adoring crowd and his now-vital TelePrompTer, his real speaking talent was revealed.

    Odd, when he’s finally speaking in a hot outdoor venue, nobody fainted, a regular occurrence at his speeches. Do the Germans
    benefit from a different level of Global Warming?

  6. He is not having the fabulous European vacation that he was promised. The other kids at the G-8 were mean to him and the First Daughters made everyone laugh at them for being bored in Dublin.

    He should have that speech memorized by now; it’s basically the same one he’s been voicing for the last 4 1/2 years.
    Sure, the sun was too hot and too bright.
    His supporters can find the darnest excuses for his failing and bad policies.

  7. How pathetic Barry looked, sweating and bumbling through yet another campaign speech. Between his stellar appearance here and the bad press Me-Chelle and the Wee Wons are getting, this trip is quickly becoming a public relations nightmare.

  8. Looks like the production crew also forgot to bring the applause cards for the 4000 INVITED guests. Five years ago the mysterious citizen of the world might have been looked upon as an Horatio Alger success story – the goat herder father etc. – but today his scandals are more Alger Hiss in nature. Reality is awaiting him upon his return to the U.S. U.S. persons (USians) are still clammoring to know where he was on the night of Benghazi and who gave the stand-down order!

    1. Of all the derogatory, insulting names applied to Americans by this President, being referred to as “U S persons” is the worst.

      1. What’s wrong with citizens? There’s nothing gender specific about that word. Oh wait, he doesn’t see us as citizens?

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  10. OK, so TOTUS suffered a sun stroke, too bad.
    Keep in mind that TOTUS is the leash ValJar keeps on him.
    If he breaks that chain and was allowed to run rampant, everything that they have worked for would be dashed.
    Funny, the TOTUS fails, Obama sweats, ValJar has a stroke.
    I love it !

    1. Chris Matthews just admitted that without his Teleprompter making him look like a Great Thespian actor of yore, instead the Pres. comes across as a first timer at open mic week.

  11. Well that was swell flop sweat and mumbling. Gosh JFK and Reagan
    had no problems speaking without a prompter. And those speeches were history making. Obama’s mark sweat and stupidly.

  12. In tournament poker, there’s often a certain satisfaction in seeing an any-two artist overbet against a player who runs a check-and-call trap, and who then calmly turns over the goods and cleans said any-two artist out.

    Obama is the political equivalent of an any-two artist, overplaying every single hand he’s dealt, and daring the rest of the table to stop him.

    Most of the any-two artists I’ve seen bust out of tournaments without getting into the money. Sooner or later, they overplay the wrong hand, at the wrong time, against the wrong opponent, and they lose everything.

    For now, Obama still has a chip and a chair. But with the PRISM scandal unfolding, and more Americans trusting the government less and less, the rest of the table seems like it’s about ready to go after the any-two artist.

    1. We do have the upcoming surrender to the Taliban. Most likely, and aptly, Kerry will preside. And Karzi is making a fuss. And Americans soldiers are being murdered daily. There is that upcoming feather in the Commander in Chief’s headdress.


  13. Note that in the 2008 speech, Obama hadn’t yet adopted his signature campaign speech’s opening line: “Hello, Berlin”! (or wherever he happens to be).

    Oh, you mean this wasn’t a campaign speech? Of course it was…

  14. All this talk about the sun, who would have thought that it is hotter in Berlin than in, say, California, Florida, Arizona ? (I guess he has been giving speeches there ). He looked nervous, he spoke nervously, I am sure he was nervous. He wasn´t surrounded by the usual sycophants. Imagine this guy “negotiating” with Putin. Or with any other tough politician. Little Barry is just a celebrity who wants adulation.

    1. Not his usual cool self tells me he may have been pre-occupied with some bad news or something. A fight with Michelle and his bored daughters? What were they doing today? Nobody paying attention to them?

    2. I wonder who put the kibosh to a repeat of 2008 only at Brandenburg. Could the Germans have told him that they couldn’t protect his safety and needed a smaller, controlled and friendlier audience?

  15. (to the tune of Die Wacht am Rhein (Esbraust))

    The cry resounds like Boehner thrashed,
    Like tinkling brass and clothes that clash:
    The press, the press, go to our press,
    Who’ll guard my Power, the IRS?
    |: Dreams from my father, made me weird, :|
    |: Repress the truth, and rule with fear. :|

    So lead us with your failed command,
    With hate for God, take guns from hands,
    Hail Hopey! Down United States!
    Repay our fame with what from foes we take!
    |: Dreams from my father, made me weird, :|
    |: Repress the truth, and rule with fear. :|

    Obama-land will yet rule all this mess! As soon as he can dominate all press!

  16. I heard the dreadful, usual blah-blah on the radio. Seeing the circus sideshow here only adds to the naive foolishness of his presentation. Europe is broke. USA is broke. Big government programs that are not well run and spur so much corruption can only go so far to create jobs — and those are non-long term and unsustainable ones at that. We’ll solve youth and for that matter the entire employment problem with solutions based on free-market capitalism and by protecting civil and religious liberties. Anything other than that, like govt oppression, crony capitalism and Obummer Care WILL NOT HELP ONE BIT.

  17. Obama is what you get when low information voters turn out to vote. What an embarrassment. BTW, I’m still waiting to hear where he was for eight hours while four Americans were being murdered by Islamic savages in Benghanzi. Maybe we should ask his “buddy” Reggie Love.

  18. Teleprompter not working! oh, noes, the humanity.

    We have heard inspiring speakers like SarahPalin speak from key word reminders written on her palm, and Israel’s Netanyahu bring a joint session of Congress to it’s feet as he spoke from some written notes laying on the podium.

    1. Do you think there is a saboteur on the White House payroll? Notes not waiting for him at the podium in Cali…broken teleprompter in Germany. But, I guess most likely reason is good old fashioned incompetence.

  19. Too bad his teleprompter didn’t malfunction in Belfast! Where is the outrage? Nazi Germany redux!

    “Barack’s Brave New World Blarney”


    “This week Obama took his Brave New World propaganda to the youth of Northern Ireland. He has visions of a secularist utopia for them too. With uniformed school children arrayed behind him, he in effect called for the elimination of religious education in Northern Ireland:
    “If towns remain divided – if Catholics have their schools and buildings, and Protestants have theirs – if we can’t see ourselves in one another, if fear or resentment are allowed to harden, that encourages division. It discourages cooperation.”

    Who knows, maybe Obama can lend these benighted schools one of his former education advisers, such as his “Safe Schools” czar Kevin Jennings, who wrote the foreword to Queering Elementary Education. Or maybe he can dispatch Arne Duncan to share his wisdom. After all, Chicago’s schools are such a picture of peace.

    Obama’s presumption knows no bounds. The Northern Irish, already enjoying a “chic” culture, as he put it, are evidently capable of his level of enlightenment, provided that they listen to their youth. Apparently referencing his own claimed evolution on gay marriage – recall that he credited his daughters with stimulating his moral imagination by bringing over to the house the adopted children of homosexual couples – he urged Northern Irish youth to keep liberalizing their elders:

    Politicians oftentimes follow rather than lead. And so, especially young people helped to push and to prod and to protest, and to make common cause with those who did not look like them. And that transformed America – so that Malia and Sasha’s generation, they have different attitudes about differences and race than mine and certainly different from the generation before that. And each successive generation creates a new space for peace and tolerance and justice and fairness. And while we have work to do in many ways, we have surely become more tolerant and more just, more accepting, more willing to see our diversity in America not as something to fear, but as something to welcome because it’s a source of our national strength.

    If the point wasn’t clear enough, Obama said that he hoped that one day they could “fall in love with whomever” they want.

    Gay marriage, abortion on demand, free contraceptives, Plan B at the local drug store, an all-pervasive secular culture – this is the glorious future Obama implied for the Northern Irish. But he sternly warned the teens that the choice is theirs: “Whether you let your kids play with kids who attend a different church – that’s your decision.”

    For Obama, “peace” and secularism are always one and the same, and if you don’t choose the latter you are a violent bigot. The arrogant Brave New World babble he dumped on these children is impossible to comprehend apart from that assumption. Never mind that plenty of blood, flowing from “chic” addresses like those of his friends at Planned Parenthood, gushes in secularist countries too.

    Israel’s first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, once remarked, “In order for Israel to be counted among the nations of the world, it has to have its own burglars and prostitutes.” In Northern Ireland’s case, pace Obama, it can’t be considered civilized until it has fewer religious schools and more abortionists.”

  20. Was the Secret Service trying to cook the President in a giant Pyrex saucepan.again.
    Those wacky pranksters
    – and you jus KNOW there are prostitutes in Berlin, baby!

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  22. Regarding Obama’s next trip, it may be appropriate to recall and repeat President Theodore Roosevelt’s safari trip to Africa. The favorite toast on Capitol Hill was reported to be:
    “To the lions!”

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  24. Looked like he was trying to sound a little Boston in his latest speech — sort of like he prepared by watching Kennedy’s triumph.

    And also, Europeans love black queers.

  25. I’m just a political junkie & private wit, so my opinion won’t count for too much, but here’s my take:

    I watched it with the volume off. I tune out what O says, anyway.

    The ‘6000 or so invited guests looked bland and unenthused.

    Oddly enough, O’s delivery seemed *better* without the ‘prompter. Watching him wasn’t like watching a frickin’ ping pong game. He looked at the script; he looked at the audience, he seemed far more human than usual.

    Maybe he should dump the ‘prompter more often.

  26. Its just a matter of time that the real Obama step up to the plate and is struck out cause he don’t know his job, like a 4th rate baseball player who can’t even hit the ball past the pitcher. Damn what a loser. Worst of all he makes the USA look so stupid.

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