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The Obama Morning News || June 19, 2013

Obama to call for U.S., Russia nuke cuts . . . Washington Post
Boehner creates immigration bill hurdle . . . Washington Times
CBO scores immigration bill as a money-saver . . . Politico
Official: Surveillance thwarted 50 attacks
. . . Washington Post
Obama: Lives have been saved by programs . . . Politico
Kerry sought airstrikes against Syria . . . Bloomberg
Taliban attack casts pall over peace talks . . . New York Times
Obama gets big pushback from abroad . . . New York Times
State Dept. officials may have committed perjury . . . Fox News
Dems jumping on Hillary bandwagon . . . National Journal

10 Responses to The Obama Morning News || June 19, 2013

  1. Wow, the NYT was a little harsh on Prezzy, just can’t seem to get along well with others. I’m sure they’ve noticed he treats us the same way …. just can’t disagree with him or shut up.

  2. CBO scores immigration … with a crystal ball?

    “I used to joke that the estimate was based on whatever my mood was in the shower that morning,” says former CBO director Douglas Holtz-Eakin. That is, by tinkering with the assumptions, you can essentially come up with whatever number you want.

    • Their reasoning was a little hard to follow, but ….the new “citizens” will add to the tax-paying workforce and poof! our deficit will be lowered.
      The CBO must be under the impression that 15 million Mexicans are brain surgeons, computer engineers, and 5-star chefs just waiting for the opportunity to put down their food-stamp cards and get to work. Somewhere.

      Aren’t these the same guys who claimed Obamacare would reduce our deficit, too?

    • The CBO amnesty guesstimate will no doubt be as accurate as their Obamacare guesstimate, or their stimulus prediction, or a number of other big government fiascoes they have been so totally off the mark on – always to the detriment of the taxpayer. I’ll trust Heritage’s study that it will cost American taxpayers (or as Preezy calls us “US people”) $6.3 Trillion. Heritage is more trustworthy than a cabal of bureaucratic government stooges who march to the tune of their masters.

      Last night Mark Levin interviewed Paul Ryan about the amnesty plan they’re cooking up in the House. It was so depressing to listen to this man that I admire so much describe illegal aliens as “economic immigrants”. He has taken on the language of the left and has totally abandoned conservative principles.

      • I know how you feel, and if the polls are right, most of America is feeling the same, too.
        We don’t want illegal aliens to get amnesty, no matter how many special tics they have to obey. We want them to go home, back to their homelands wherever they might be.

        You can only imagine how Arizonans are taking the betrayal of our two Senators in this matter. The march of illegals across our state almost brought us to our knees, financially and morally.
        American citizens and illegal aliens have died here because our border is breached every day.
        Our interests are being trumped by special groups; the business community that looks for cheap labor, and the wealthy who look for cheap domestic help.
        We’re not just fly-over anymore, we’re now just over-looked.

  3. “….Hillary or bust” is the last line on the Nat Journal’s report on MrsC’s supporters jumping on at this early date. She’s all they got, all they want, and the Dems who have other ideas or candidates are going to be out of luck.
    They’re afraid of a bruising primary for MrsClinton that would expose her failings as Sec of State and her close ties to MrObama.

    MrsClinton should retire, gracefully. Her moment in the spotlght is long over and long gone.

  4. Off topic–but author Vince Flynn died of prostate cancer at the early age of 47–I bet many who come to this site liked his political and espionage books.