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Live Stream || Obama Speech at Brandenburg Gate

The speech has concluded.

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  1. Don’t bother listening. Here is what the speech will be composed of:

    Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, I, I, Me, Me, I, I, Me, Me, Me, America is evil, racist, and sucks. I, I, Blah, Blah, Me, Me, I, I, I. Thank You and Good Afternoon. End of Speech.

  2. Mention history of this spot. People working for freedoms. Even though america sucks at it, we are still working towards that ideal. Make it personal (in other words…I, I, I). Then, “you” have the power…win the future (dramatic crescendo voice)…blah blah blah.

  3. They like him in Germany. They’re pretty used to dicatators giving speeches around the Gate, and they’re overjoyed because they THIINK it’s not THEY who will suffer because of it THIS time. A little schadenfreude perhaps? Seems like they should remember better than ANYONE, though, that tyrants do NOT remain a local problem…

    (sing to the tune of Das Leid der Deutschen)

    Obama, Obama, über alles,
    Über alles in the world
    When, always, to defend their tyrant,
    Democrats stand together.

    From the White House to Chicago
    From the Vineyard to the Veldt,
    Obama, Obama, über alles,
    Über alles in the world.

    1. Cincycinco,I don´t think Germans “like” him very much. But I do think the German politicians like a president like Obama who is so set on a low profile in foreign affairs. A weak president, easy to handle. According to Der Spiegel, Barry delivers his speech at Brandenburger Tor in front of 4000 invited (!) guests, so the cheers and applauds doesn´t tell much. Demonstrators are hold at bay.
      Kennedys and Reagans speeches in Berlin are bright shining moments in history, impossible to try to imitate for this lackluster guy ensnared in a spying scandal that is the talk of the town in Europe.
      It´s unfair to say that Germans are “used to dictators”. Since the war, Germany has had many great leaders and the country is rebuild as a strong democracy with the strongest economy in Europe. It´s selfconfident but I don´t think other countries in Europe worry about that anymore.

      1. Barry delivers his speech at Brandenburger Tor in front of 4000 invited (!) guests,


        What is this? A town-hall meeting with a hand-picked audience?

          1. That would have removed Chris Matthews’ excuse that Obama’s speech was ruined by the sun.

            Bonus Points: If Obama had a sun, who would it look like?

    2. I don’t think they like him very much there anymore. It’s probably the reason they had to have a small, invitation only crowd. The Germans are very upset about being spied upon, and Merkel threw a dig at him about there being limits to surveillance. Half the country is very familiar with being spied upon, and I’d like to recommend a wonderful film about the old days in East Germany under the Stasi. It’s called The Lives of Others.

  4. Regan at the Brandenburg Gate: “Tear Down This Wall!”

    Obama at the Brandenburg Gate: “I’m just flappin’ my jaw!”

    1. No doubt that Obama’s ego has convinced him that his speech will go down alongside Kennedy’s and Regan’s iconic speeches in Berlin.

      The memorable punch line should be fun. How about “You didn’t build that”?

  5. The Medal of Freedom and a lavish State dinner was all it took to put Merkel over the moon. Obama is still the same punk she rejected 5 years ago when he tried to pull the campaign stunt at the Brandenburg Gate. Hopefully, an enterprising reporter will ask him about the wall of secrecy and lies he has built around the White House.

    1. Oh god don’t give him any ideas about walls dividing people.
      He’d do it to those of us who don’t worship him and call it a shovel
      ready job:-(

  6. Before when he was on his campaign/apology tour of Europe they denied him the right to speak at the Brandenburg Gate as it was only
    for heads of state. Now he’s going to speak as a self absorbed faux
    President mostly on tour no leader so IMO he shouldn’t be allowed to
    stand there let alone blather on like he always does I,I, me me etc.
    “Ich bin ein Berliner yes he’s a jelly donut.

    1. A good one, Sadie. The old air-lift pilot deserved a great big cheer !!! I also notice that the Teleprompterset is up but neither President Gauck or Kansler Merkel used it, European politicians don´t use these machines. It looks like Barry is trying without it as well. Oh, he goes on and on about “freedom”, lots of empty rethoric. Coming from this guy , outrageous…

      1. I really can’t watch him for too long. I did notice a rather huge Plexiglas Wall in front of the stage and all I could think of was Eichmann’s trial 51 years ago/June. The Israelis placed him in a “glass booth” during the trial.

        1. I was reminded of that too, and I can’t recall if Kennedy and Reagan had bullet proof glass protection. I don’t think so.

        2. Yes, that Plexiglass wall. Propaganda claims that he is so very popular so I guess he needs it to keep the fans away…couldn´t be any other reason. Anyhow, he looked sweaty. And a little scared.

      2. There was a quote on Drudge from a despicable lapdog ‘journalist’ here named Chris Matthews that the sun “ruined” his use of the teleprompter so apparently he couldn’t use one today. That is nicely symbolic: Obama’s words don’t stand up to sunlight.

  7. Well as he soaks up tepid greetings he can’t resist the perfect time to
    shame the USA again lets get cool and casual. Took off his jacket and
    invited everyone to join him in being cool. Explained why Michelle and
    the girls weren’t there enjoying the sights. Has he even the pictures of
    the girls faces looks like they’d rather be having a root canal. Bet Merkel
    is sorry she let him use that place of history for another campaign and
    ignore the scandals fiction

  8. His speech was so, so “American” and not so much European or even German related. Gay love rights, equal opportunities no matter what you look like (uh, Germany doesn’t have illegal Mexican aliens yet, nor do most of them know about MLK ), and of course, the global warming hoax put on a national stage long after scientists have debunked the theory are all subjects directed at Americans.

    It was an American campaign speech, not the speech of a statesman.

    1. Germany has many people who don’t look German, Middle Easterners, Turks especially, and it’s turned into a big problem for Germany. I don’t think they appreciated him touting ‘equal opportunities no matter what you look like’.

  9. The White House has yet another misspelling on it’s screen. It’s not “Douglas” but “Douglass”.

    Golly, guys. Why not get someone to check your copy before you put it out there?

      1. And you get the entire entourage. Family, friends, fawning followers
        Michelle’s handmaidens and vacation planners. Don’t worry about the
        protocol folks that bunch have been deemed excess baggage.

  10. Why is Biden at this dedication? Does FCMABBHO know deep down inside that compared to Douglass, he has the moral and intellectual weight of a speck of dust?

  11. OT — Disgusted with this President beyond words.

    Outraged even further about White House closing to the public in light of all tours, traveling, vacations and now the bonuses for the IRS.

    The tea partiers must have felt this outrage and frustration.

  12. I have a feeling the minders of TOTUS are about to be fired.. or maybe the story will be most of the staff is on sequester.. or yea, that works, the sun. The sun did it.

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