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Michelle Has Lunch with Bono!

In what must be the climax of her whirlwind taxpayer-funded tour of Dublin and its environs, First Lady Michelle Obama and her daughters are having lunch today with Irish rock superstar Bono, according to press reports out of Ireland.

The special luncheon follows a private guided tour Michelle and the girls took this morning of the Wicklow Mountains National Park. They were shown ancient ruins, beautiful landscapes and the legendary Deer Stone. “This gives great power,” Michelle remarked of the rock.

But that’s nothing compared to the power of Bono, the rocker with the self-acknowledged “Messiah complex” who is meeting Michelle and her daughters for lunch in the village of Dalkey, where he lives.

While breaking soda bread with Bono is sublime, the rest of their Dublin sojourn has been thrilling as well.

Dinner Monday night was at Dublin’s Matt the Thresher restaurant, which serves up traditional Irish fare. Michelle was treated earlier Monday to a special performance by the Riverdance troupe and a private tour of the Trinity College library, where she and the girls were permitted to view research on President Obama’s Irish roots.

Michelle slept Monday night in the famous Princess Grace suite of the posh Shelbourne hotel in Dublin, the tab for which is $3,300 a night.

Michelle’s special visit to Dublin – departing from the itinerary of her husband, who is in Northern Ireland at the G-8 Summit – has had all the trappings of a vacation and has come at significant cost.

It appears Air Force two was specially dispatched to Ireland to ferry her around, at a price of more than $10,000 an hour to fly. Irish newspapers have described a massive security operation designed to protect her on the ground in Dublin.

“No expense is being spared when it comes to this sort of visit,” a “senior source” in Ireland told the Herald.

Michelle will rejoin her husband this evening. The next stop on the Europe trip is Berlin, where they Obamas will spend Tuesday night together again.

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253 thoughts on “Michelle Has Lunch with Bono!”

  1. How about we sequester QUEEN OBAMA’S multipul vacations? All US Citizens are cutting expenses and the”QUEEN” is out having lavish vacations on taxpayer expense. If the KING OBAMA can’t reign in his wifes LAVISH trips, then Congress Should. Come on $100,000,000 Africa vacation??????

  2. She should take herself and her entourage home and save the money for the American People.

    There are many people whou would like to visit the White House.
    There are Marines deployed in Afgahanistan who don’t receive three hot meals a day.

    Yet, she and here husband, the classless people they are, don’t mind spending taxpayer money on themselves – on luxurious vacations and are deaf to the needs of others.

    She should be ashamed and if justice were to be served, both she and her husband should just move on.

  3. The headline should read “Mooch Meets Bonehead For Lunch-No Class and No Talent Munch Grub.” I;ll bet I could feed my family for several years on what this low life spends in one day over there. *URP* got vomit in my throat again…

  4. Notice how this Bono dude shows up everywhere the Obummer’s go? You can bet he didn’t pick up the check for lunch, not with the black “Marie Antoinette” sitting there.

    Message to all our friends in Ireland:

  5. Saddly, many in our country our enamored more with celebrity status than what currently is assaulting or societal moral values and institutions that reflect civil liberties many countries don’t have thye luxury of experiencing.
    It comes as no surprise, that Michelle “O” and Bono have a quasi-romantic liason- both embrace a position where they can embrace ideologies that are progressive/socialistic, only because they have the means to escape the harsh reality of what many painfully experience daily, in order to survive those things currently assailing their own existence.
    Bono forgets it was a form of “capitalism” that has allowed him to live in the “lap of luxury” he now is fortunately able to do so. I do not begrudge him for doing so- but at least have the honesty to recognize people’s hard earned money spent on your albums and concerts made all that possible.
    At the same time your motives for “championing” global social injustice you say exists, is antithetical to the aforementioned sentiment. You can not have “your cake and it eat too”. Either you accept your blessing, and at the same time accept the fact that certain harsh realities will always exist in third world countries. Your efforts in the end will on be a temporary remedy to “cure” those issus/matters afflicting these countries….
    Michelle O” is a parasite- clings to these celebrities in hopes that it may inflate her social image- which needs to overrride her political positions that desire to erode our country’s greatness and values.
    I say when these two individuals meet at some fancy restaurant or stately manor- let them “eat crow”. Get a taste of what the average person globally is now experiencing. But then again, Michelle “O” will never stoop to those conditions as she resides in a suite located in Dublin that is costing U.S. taxpayers thousands of dollars per day…ah the life of bourgeois hypocrisy displayed by these two individuals…

  6. I like Michelle O’s wigs.

    She looks very much like the famous actresses in the 1980’s….a nice retro look….

    Especially the ones similar to Marilyn Chambers, Bionca, Tiffany, Linda Lovelace…..she is a celebrity mom. She looks just like the actresses of the 1980’s.

  7. This couple thinks only of themselves, the liar in chief and the puppy dog look. Our economy is in the toilet thanks to this administration lying about how everything is doing better. Maybe the liar in chief and the puppy dog should talk to the little people and see we have no jobs, loosing homes, obamacare that is causing insurance rates to skyrocket. I forgot he needs to play basketball and be lousey

  8. we can use less of ugly moochie and the little leeches vacationong and more white house tours. If she cancells on vacation, the tour saved would ne over a thousand.


  9. So glad the evil queen is happy. Here in the REAL WORLD we are struggling to make ends meet and pay for our OWN health insurance that keeps rising thanks to her pot smoking husband. May the wind rise up to kick you in the ass Michelle.

  10. She hates America, said she had come home to Ireland, please do us a favor, keep her and the girls it will save us a billion in future vacation costs to taxpayers. And as to lunch with Bono ,ain’t self promotion grand.
    Spare us. This first family as with the clintons, have snowed their useful idiots into believing they care about them, right! Zero job creation, is the
    hallmark of our president. And the destruction of our healthcare system and economy are his legacy.

  11. I really think it’s rather rude that the ‘First Lady’ did not do see fit to don a fiery red wig as a gesture of goodwill. Perhaps she couldn’t decide — bangs or no bangs….

    I mean, even her good pal, Beyonce did the chiquita banana “do” when she was in Cuba.

    Really some people…no class…no class at all.

  12. ”This gives great power,” Michelle remarked of the rock.

    That is some scary stuff right there. Is Bono the only Irishman that anyone deigns to spend time with?

  13. 100 east indian women sacrifice their locks to shield the public from having to see all of. Mooch-elle Antionettes angry face. Thank you bangs!

  14. O joy, two people working hard trying to make ends meet discussing the future of other hard working commoners. How cozy. Please Americans wake up and join an tax rebellion in your area.

  15. The guerrilla with Bono, did Bono giver a a few banana’s.. the ugliest bitch in the white house.. or better for this generation guerrilla house..

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