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Michelle Has Lunch with Bono!

In what must be the climax of her whirlwind taxpayer-funded tour of Dublin and its environs, First Lady Michelle Obama and her daughters are having lunch today with Irish rock superstar Bono, according to press reports out of Ireland.

The special luncheon follows a private guided tour Michelle and the girls took this morning of the Wicklow Mountains National Park. They were shown ancient ruins, beautiful landscapes and the legendary Deer Stone. “This gives great power,” Michelle remarked of the rock.

But that’s nothing compared to the power of Bono, the rocker with the self-acknowledged “Messiah complex” who is meeting Michelle and her daughters for lunch in the village of Dalkey, where he lives.

While breaking soda bread with Bono is sublime, the rest of their Dublin sojourn has been thrilling as well.

Dinner Monday night was at Dublin’s Matt the Thresher restaurant, which serves up traditional Irish fare. Michelle was treated earlier Monday to a special performance by the Riverdance troupe and a private tour of the Trinity College library, where she and the girls were permitted to view research on President Obama’s Irish roots.

Michelle slept Monday night in the famous Princess Grace suite of the posh Shelbourne hotel in Dublin, the tab for which is $3,300 a night.

Michelle’s special visit to Dublin – departing from the itinerary of her husband, who is in Northern Ireland at the G-8 Summit – has had all the trappings of a vacation and has come at significant cost.

It appears Air Force two was specially dispatched to Ireland to ferry her around, at a price of more than $10,000 an hour to fly. Irish newspapers have described a massive security operation designed to protect her on the ground in Dublin.

“No expense is being spared when it comes to this sort of visit,” a “senior source” in Ireland told the Herald.

Michelle will rejoin her husband this evening. The next stop on the Europe trip is Berlin, where they Obamas will spend Tuesday night together again.

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253 thoughts on “Michelle Has Lunch with Bono!”

  1. Keith, is it true that a second plane is ALWAYS flown with the president in case one breaks down, and this is the plane being used for Michelle? Or is Air Force Two an ADDITIONAL plane, as you imply in your post? Subject came up in the comments section on an earlier post.

    1. Separate plane. They need a second 747 for him in case of WW3, and his plane breaks (need all the command and control while airborne). BUT there are probably 5 planes total to transport all the people and gear. Movin on up, from the East Side, eh Wheezy?

      1. There are 2 VC-25’s (747’s) that serve as the President’s airborne WH. When he flies in it, the call sign is AF1. The 2nd 747 is usually trailing as decoy or is already pre-deployed to a site near the final destination. It is not flying as AF2. MO does not get personal use of this aircraft. Neither does the VP. They get to fly on AF2, a Boeing C-32 (757). So in all it’s 2 747’s and maybe 1 757 or a smaller plane for MO in Ireland.

        1. According to Secret Service Secrets which airs on the military channel about every 6 weeks both AF1 and AF2 are flown at the same time to discourage terrorists from striking one of the planes as the terrorist would not know which plane has the president on it. In other words, one of the planes is used for a sort of a decoy. The Secret Service Secrets documentaries are extremely informative….they even show “The Beast” and describe it right down to the 18″ thick doors, it has tires and windows that cannot be shot out with any gun or rocket, it carries bags of the president’s blood in case he needs a transfusion quickly and so much more…..very interesting information, people.

          1. The terrorist would SURE want to know which plane had the President on it – so they could AVOID hitting it!

            Obama’s done more damage to the United States than a marching army of Jihadis could ever HOPE to in a century. And they know it.

            The only question is whether he’s actually in LEAGUE with them. Well, as the Bible says, “By their fruits shall ye know them…”

            “15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.
            16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?
            17 Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.
            18 A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.
            19 Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.
            “20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.”
            – Matt. 7

            Just what sort of “fruits” has Hopey brought forth? Disunion, division, the entire world destablized? Our troops murdered by Islamist even in the United States (Fort Hood), sovereign American territory invaded and American Government buildings sacked, our Ambassador murdered, and our Government doesn’t lift a finger except to flip off Americans who question any of this?

            Yeah. We know him.

  2. Isnt it a bit cheaper to fly yet another celebrity to the WH for a party or lunch or whatever in the name of saving the universe speaking of sequesters. Nothing like a taking a break from er vacations.

  3. Lady Mooch spending our $$$$ again.

    No matter where she goes for the rest of her life, the American TAXPAYER will remember how she p*s*ed away our money.

    1. Perhaps she could discuss tax avoidance with Bono, since he seems to have outsourced his residence in order to avoid taxes.

      Also, since Michelle and the girls were given special dispensation to view Barack’s Irish roots, what are the chances she could swing the same deal with Hawaii, since others’ attempts to see his original BC have met with failure…

      1. Investigating Obummer’s Irish roots? That’s a laugh, hahahaha! He’s a Muslim and corrupt through and through. They are both stealing our taxpayer’s money all these years and should be held responsible but we know that will never happen either. Impeach the slug.

  4. Mo got her billion dollar Irish/African vacation talking points mixed up when she said that the rock in Ireland ‘gave great powers’.

    Perhaps in another domain, perhaps not – why on earth doesn’t someone yank that wig of hers while she’s not looking and cut the bangs so they aren’t covering her eyes like a sheepdog?

    1. Oh come on! mooch thinks everyone wants to be her. Commandment #11 – never criticize her appearance. I think no matter what hair you put on her, her face looks like someone smashed it and she’s got bulldog teeth. But that’s just me.

      1. I read a comment yesterday at the Daily Mail in which the poster compared Me-Chelle’s facial expression to that of “a bulldog chewing a bag of hornets”.

      2. I would offer that the status of this board — as well as outside opinions of it — would be elevated if comments on appearance were replaced with discussions of more important matters.

        It’s really not a good reflection on this blog — or on Keith.

        1. Pi$$ off, commie. The propaganda arm of the commiecratic party has been grinding it in our a$$ for years how frakking “beautiful” and “fashionable” and “smart” the commie, criminal, fugly hermaphrodite beard is and guess what, we have the right to say frak that feces. How’s that for elevation?

        2. Hey douchnozzle! We can talk about anything we like. It’s still a free country, tho your ilk would like to change it. So keep hoping for that, mkay.

          1. Torqued and Mrs. Compton:

            I hope you’re both joking. Yours are the type of comments usually seen on sites like AlterNet. This is normally a much more civil venue.

            I’m all for free speech. I’m all for equal rights. And I believe that what you put in print is a reflection of who you are. I think most people want a better reflection of their character than cheap shots at appearance.

            OTOH, do you really want an IRS audit? (I understand we are all under surveillance).

          1. cindy lulululu:

            1) Pardon my request for civility. Clearly my standards are not the same as yours.

            2) Based on personal knowledge and over 1,000 published comments, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

            (Hint: Play as in playful. Right as in striving to do what’s right. Kinda like not taking cheap shots at physical traits).

          1. I never said she’s a saint, and I have criticized the Obamas myself. That doesn’t mean it’s OK to take continual cheap shots at someone’s appearance. I imagine you would not like it if you were relentlessly attacked for the way you happen to look. This certainly is not my blog, but such comments do not reflect well on either this blog or Keith Koffler — who does a good job of keeping things civil.

            Kindly define “pretending”, and let me know what you’re talking about. I don’t get your point.

  5. “no expense spared when it comes to this sort of visit,” Oh as if it’s different than any other day with this pair of classless trash. By all means, live it up. I’m sure it was part of the deal when those backing this empty suit put him in the WH. I’m of the firm belief that barry isn’t the real president, he just plays one on TV. Watching him (if I can stomach it anymore), he behaves as though he’s one of the “men in black” or freakin’ James Bond most of the time.

    1. Reading that bit, I wondered who was picking up the tab. If the Irish have a part in it, I don’t think the Irish people would be too pleased. On the other hand, are we reimbursing them for everything, for example, the Garda?

        1. Yes what? The deadbeat mofo doesn’t even reimburse what he still owes here, you think the Irish are gonna make him cough it up?

  6. Quick, someone give Moochelle a quick lesson in how to use a knife and fork. Hunkering down at table top level and shoveling the food into her gaping maw with her Andre the Giant sized hands is not acceptable table manners.

    1. I love it when she puts her elbows on the table and starts shoveling in the food. She’s a disgusting creature. They’ve managed to completely “spoil” those girls. When I say “spoil” that’s exactly what I mean. The whole family does not represent what this country is about – service. Unless you mean self-service then yeah.

  7. It sure is easy to see why the White House is calling Michelle’s trip a “Diplomatic Visit”….well, isn’t it?

    On the other hand, the British spare no expense on their queen either.

        1. Prince Phillip at 91 was doing more in a week than that lazy
          cow does in a year. He was ill in the barge in the rain for his
          wife the Queen’s 60 celebration. Michelle can’t even drag her ass to Oklahoma to pretend to care about those who’ve lost their entire lives. But a vacation and lunch with Bono and she’s ‘fired up and ready to go’. What a vile woman wonder
          if the girls will be just like her and judging by their manners I’d
          say likely.

    1. When you see the trip designated as “diplomatic”, that means it’s funded by the WH and the State Dept. If that is the case, we are playing for the entire trip.

        1. Boy they certainly haven’t learned how to fake fun the British
          papers are having a great time with the pictures of them
          looking miserable or acting improperly at the historic places
          they are lucky to see.

          1. unreal.. The Queen, Diana, The Queen Mother, and other royals have made time to be presented flowers during visits. Even past president wives have done it. MO and/or her protocol minders needs to get a grip.

          2. “He said all three requested fish and chips while Mrs Obama chose the lobster starter.”

            Well of course she did!!! Our foist lady cannot be separated from her lobster!

  8. Lawyers Guns & Money

    The conversation will be on the level of a Freud and Einstein interlude.Well OK maybe more like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton.

    1. Puff Ho has photos of eldest girl making faces at special “Riverdance” performance. Probably bored stiff since there’s no bumping, grinding or rap in Riverdance..
      Such a classy clan..

      1. Affirmative action at its finest! Who talks like this? ‘kids’…’you guys’…’me and Barack’…we got to do something’. Must be lots of snickering behind closed doors!


        “You know, kids, you guys, young people — you guys have my heart. And I said this in Belfast earlier — it’s so true. (Laughter.) Look, my girls know — I can embarrass them and love them to death — but young people, you guys move me in ways that you don’t even imagine. So it was so important for us that while we were here we got to do something with the young people here in Dublin. So thank you for such a warm welcome. You have made my family feel right at home in Ireland, and you guys are pretty awesome,” she said.

        “I want you to take that away with you this summer. I want you to look at me and Barack and all these wonderful leaders and understand that we are you. We are just like you — just kids who worked a little hard and dreamt pretty big, and got to do some wonderful things.”

        1. “I, ME, MY WE, OUR” Where’s the gratitude to the people who sent her there? The American Taxpayer ?

          She truly doesn’t represent our country well by dumbing down her speech to young people. They probably think we’re all morons back here.

          1. True. Mooch doesn’t have to pretend to be dumb as a rock, albeit a well educated affirmative action rock. It comes naturally to her…

  9. So when do they go to Africa? It’s so wonderful living vicariously thru the Obama trips, eh? Man talk about going thru the budget with tax payers dollars. Someone please stop refueling up AF1.

    1. As this will again be designated a “diplomatic trip”, we will be paying for the whole shebang.

      I wonder what trinkets BO and company will shower upon the visited countries dignitaries?? World Wide ObamaPhones?

  10. Wow! All I can do is laugh. This is who the American people elected into office. A man, who’s family uses your tax dollars to pay for their vacation trips, and on top of that, forced Obamacare into your lives! (Now a legal tax.) Feel bad for all them people, who aren’t insured… Get ready for the IRS witch hunt!

    1. Yesterday, while watching a news clip of barry and Putin I told my husband that I cannot believe this is the person who represents the United States. I guess he’s representative of Americans today and that’s is pathetic. Even with everything this putz has done, there are those who still support him simply because he’s black.

      1. Isn’t he the most intelligent president in our history? That’s what the liberal media has told us. Also, didn’t Obama win the Nobel Peace prize through his brilliant work at being liberal and being black?

        1. That Peace Prize came very quickly after he took office. At the time, I said “for what?” Now, five years later, I ask the same question. He was supposed to unite this country. He and his policies have done nothing except create the biggest divide we have ever experienced. Only the Civil War comes close. It may come to that.

      2. I heard that meeting didn’t go well as they’re supporting different sides of the Syrian conflict. Of course, Obama being the “diplomat” that he is called Putin a racist teabagger ;)

    2. Did you just call us stupid for electing this bozo? You’re not even close….WE ELECTED HIM TWICE!!! Is there a word for that besides self destructive?

  11. The woman is a pig at an all you can eat trough.

    And exploring Obama’s ‘Irish rots’? That’s a good one. Maybe Trinity will turn their attention to his Kenyan roots next; all I ever hear is that he’s the first Black Preezy with no mention of that troubled white past.

    1. That’s funny because yesterday I e-mailed one of my (Democratic) Senators and described the Obamas as pigs at the trough while US school children are being denied a once in a lifetime chance to visit their White House.

      I think the Massa in Michelle’s genealogy must have been Irish or had a proverbial touch of because she told some gathering that it was good to come ‘home’.

  12. Why aren’t the Obamas ever guests of world leaders or Ambassadors at their homes/palaces ? Obviously security is already in place which would cut expenses considerably.

    Reading through some of the UK online newsies, there appears to be more police than citizens along the motorcade routes.

        1. Sigh. No relation but you’d be surprised at how many times my husband has been called Jerry (not his name). Jerry used to spell his name the same way but he has dropped the e after the u. It is a German name which means a person who has a house by the bridge.

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    1. As I understand it, Mr. Bono and Mrs. Obama were discussing paying their “fair share” over a “Double Dutch with an Irish Sandwich” within the hospitality of “the pub”.

      (That’s a complex tax dodge, favored by Bono).

      1. Thanks for the HUGE laugh! No idea how much I need to laugh whenever I’m reading anything about either of these two criminals.

  14. Michellesitonmybelle

    This beitch needs to sit on my bono… sick of the first chimp and can’t wait until this nation just collapses and we take back from the takers… ugly days ahead, but no uglier than the President Silverback and his spoiled little chim-chim.

  15. What a fine example to send the children that you should be able to enjoy life at the expense of the labors of others! She is not a role model.

  16. With all due respect to my Irish friends (I have an ex that is Irish and the mother of my children) but for Michelle to comment on the “great power” that the Deer Stone allegedly has is to show her own superstitious ignorance. The thought that the wife of the most powerful man in the world would believe, let alone comment on, the power that a rock might have is stupefying.

    When Reagan was POTUS, and it was discovered that Nancy was channeling spirits the left made a mockery of her. Perhaps its time to probe into Michelle and Obama’s superstitions. Maybe that is why he doesn’t seem able to make a decision on anything. He’s waiting for guidance from beyond the space/time vortex.

  17. Wow, talk about a summit of self-absorbed assholes. Tell Michelle how much money Bono has in his own right. Have her hit him up for a carbon tax for all of his bullshit.

  18. The O”Moocher family using our tax dollars like their own personal bank account. DISGRACE and ARROGANCE describe this ghetto royal family.

  19. Let’s hopeBono picks up the tab. We’re into their Africa vacation to the tune of 100 million. Obama and company campaigned on sticking it to The Rich, but doesn’t mind the lifestyle when its other people’s money, ie, yours and mine. Man, you can’t make this stuff up.

  20. Wonderful that the First Family is having a great vacation on taxpayer money isn’t it? while the so many of us would just like a two week vacation in some modest way.

  21. The chimp Mooch is in her own world, far from the madding crowd of the unwashed masses. Out of touch is an understatement.

  22. You can take them out if the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of them. So enchanted with celebrities and all the other useless, empty and worthless things in life.
    We have met the enemy, and he is us.
    The Obamas are a national embarrassment, yet we have the pseudo-leaders we deserve.
    They are the fruits of a society that worships the Pop Culture. The same culture that has no appreciation for a valuable education. The same culture that can recite all sport stats on a whim, that can tell you everything about the useless Kardashians, American Idol, etc.
    To tell you the truth, I believe the Obamas laugh daily at the ignorance the Americans love to worship.

    The Obamas do indeed accurately represent the American people.

    1. Next they will be entertaining that rap crap freak Lil’ Kim or whatever the hell his name is at the White House doing his dance on the flag routine.

  23. Seems to me that articles attacking any First Lady is less than sensible. I know it’s a mainstay of Dem tactics…..but in her case, why point out the obvious? Go after the kids next?
    Stick to attacking Him and His outrageous regime.

  24. I would love to know historically, through the decades, how costs for presidential security have risen. I think its important to look at. Was there a huge jump post 9-11? Is it all really necessary? Is it more now because Obama is black or it is more because he feel entitled, that it makes look powerful if he has lots of protection? I think Americans have fallen for a whopping farce, and I like the idea someone here had of refusing to refuel AF1. If we pay for the fuel, we should have the right to cancel their credit!

    1. Well, if the SS can not verify the foreign facilities fuel for AF1 usage, they then have the AF fly in tanker trucks from the US or a foreign US base to gas her up. All under very tight security. This is normal procedure.

  25. Why is everyone so in tune with what hair style Michelle O is wearing? Who gives a rat’s behind! Our country has fallen apart due to the liberal landslide of garbage that has happened. How about we stop paying attention to what the mainstream media wants us to focus on, and start paying attention to the things that matter, like:

    1. Gun Rights (and keeping them). 2. Returning our ammo to the shelves rather than giving 1 Billion rounds to another country. 3. Bernanke’s quiet exit from the Federal Reserve in August. 4. The G8 Summit. 5. The numerous scandals that our president and his posse have been involved in. 6. IMPEACHMENT. 7. The NSA spying on us all. 8. Why I can’t wear a shirt in a school with a gun on it, after my government had their hands in Sandy Hook (somehow). 9. NObamacare. 10. Removal of all politicians who have violated their oath, and we shouldn’t be forgiving and kind about this one.

    1. Squirrely Britches, you make total sense. All 10 points are right. The problem is each party seems to have the “goods” on one another and nothing happens. Where is the courage for our leaders to do the right thing?

  26. I love seeing our money well spent at a time when veterans cannot get the help they need and when our poor and truly needy suffer so badly. Have fun on our money. I don’t know that I’ve ever been more disgusted by the people who “lead” us. They do not lead by example, that is for certain.

  27. Ok, here’s a list of famous Irish Rock Stars:

    1. Bono
    2. uh…..well there’s…uh…..Did I say Bono?

    Ok, here’s a list of wonderful Irish food:

    1….uh, did I already say Bono?

    1. Let’s be fair here; we have boiled potatoes and boiled cabbage, then we have boiled lamb topped with boiled potatoes.
      The Irish cows put out excellent butter.
      The Irish beer is OK.
      Boiled lam…oh, I already said that.

      1. Oatmeal, the real thing. They also have lobsters. I have a friend from County Clare, and the fishermen now and then used to give her on her way home after school a lobster which was too small to market. Her mother always warned her about spoiling dinner.

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