As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Thursday, June 19, 2013

3:05 am || Meets with embassy staff; Ritz Carlton, Berlin, Germany
3:50 am || Arrives in Scholss Bellvue, Berlin
4:15 am || Meets with German President Joachim Gauck
5:15 am || Meets with German Chancellor Angela Merkel; German Chancellery, Berlin
6:30 am || Holds a joint press conference with Merkel
7:35 am || Has a working lunch with Merkel
9:00 am || Delivers remarks; Brandenburg Gate, Berlin
10:05 am || Signs the Gold Book of Berlin
10:15 am || Meets with Peer Steinbrueck of the Social Democratic Party; Commerzbank Building, Berlin
2:00 pm || With Mrs. Obama, attends dinner with Merkel and her husband Joachim Saur; Schloss Charlottenburg, Berlin,
3:55 pm || Departs Germany
12:40 am || Arrives White House

All times Eastern
Live streams of Obama press conference and Brandernburg Gate speech

21 Responses to Obama Schedule || Thursday, June 19, 2013

  1. What’s all this I hear about meeting with Embassy Suite employees at the Ritz Carlton? I mean, does someone give them bus fare to get to the Ritz?

    – Emily Litella

    [Note from Emily’s lawyers: This possible is a real quote]

  2. It’s gotta be a Bi%ch for BHO to go to Europe – starting 7 or 8 hours earlier than his Washington DC schedule. I think he prefers the Asia trips better – gets to sleep in!

  3. A day at the Berlin Wall and I’m sure our Most Arrogant One will proclaim that if he had a son, he would look like Ronald Reagan.

  4. This person has no concept or understanding of where he is or its value. America is the cradle of liberty and BHO is trying to destroy that. This unbelievably blessed non-achiever has risen without a trace to the highest office in America. His ascendance is screaming testimony to demand for voter qualification! America is in increasing peril the longer he occupies this position.

      • Mega Dittos on that !!!!!!
        Also,…who is the secretary of state ?
        What is their function ?
        Who is the Vice President ?
        Who is the Speaker of the House ?
        What are the three branches of government and why where they established ?

        Good point Spook !

  5. Couple of things that need to be pointed out.

    The SPD–the Social Democrats–are not the party of classical liberalism in Germany. That would be the FDP. Note the word “Social” in the name of the party, and do the math.

    And Charlottenburg is, literally, a palace. Do a short image search, and just LOOK at what’s in there. Holy stromboli, is he getting feted.

    Meanwhile, U6 unemployment is at 13.8%.

    When comes the revolt?

  6. He is prepping for his 100 mil trip by making his days look like he is working hard

    dang! I shouldnt read this stuff anymore-it feels like someone is punching me in the face every time I look

  7. Could someone please point out one event on this schedule that can be pointed to as a real positive accomplishment by Dictator Obama? I thought not. These “State Visits” are nothing more than a thinly disguised justification for their costly overseas vacation junket paid for by we, the taxpayers. Wonder how much “campaign” cash he and the first Harridan, Moochelle, are scooping up from overseas crony capitalists on this trip? There is a reason they are taking Airhead One and Two Planes on this trip – Air Head Two will be stuffed with campaign cash on the trip home!