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The Obama Morning News || June 18, 2013

18 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || June 18, 2013”

    1. Good point, maybe J-z can explain the Syrian problem for us.

      OT: I have to be losing my perspective because I’m finding everything the O’s are doing and saying as hilarious. MrO claiming that the secret snooping program is “transparent” and then we have MrsO dragging around two surly, sloppy looking teenagers on a “diplomatic’ visit.
      It’s a shakespearian farce played out on a global stage.
      MrO’s defends his war-mongering ways by insinuating that we should have been in the Situation room but were having fun elsewhere, and then claiming that he’s not Dick Cheney but he acts like MrCheney.
      MrsO claims that Dublin is her “home” now. Good grief.
      Couple that claim with her self-absorbed incomprehensible speech to Irish children and we have what must be the stupidest First Lady in modern history.

      How can we not laugh, rather than cry.

      1. Then srdem65 you might like to be on notice that perhaps we are no longer Americans but USians.

        Up next: ‘USian’? Obama has a message for you if you are a ‘US person’


        President Obama: “If you are a U.S. person, the NSA cannot listen to your telephone calls and the NSA cannot target your emails.”
        11:31 PM – 17 Jun 2013

        1. President Obama: “If you are a U.S. person, the NSA cannot listen to your telephone calls and the NSA cannot target your emails.”
          11:31 PM – 17 Jun 2013

          WTF is his problem? Is this just another manifestation of his hatred for America?

        2. This offends me to my core. For those who are likeminded there is a good “rant” I am not a US person at AceofSpades.

  1. Speaking of transparent (and that word is so overblown and stupid), did anyone see Sharyl Atkisson’s interview–she knew she was hacked because her computers popped on in the middle of the night all by themselves–sometimes one, then the other, both chiming and making linkup sounds in the other room, waking her. How would you like that? She hired a nerd, confirmed, then CBS got its own nerd and confirmed.

    1. I did see that interview, Star. They KNOW who hacked her computer and it was not a sophisticated hack job.

      A sophisticated hacker would have installed a spyware or tracking program that would have allowed them access to everything she wrote, every day.
      I don’t think anything will come of this illegal action because they KNOW who’s the culprit.

      1. Even that keystroke capture is kinda old these days, I think. Don’t they clone and replicate a computer on another one or something…like I would know.

  2. “Obama: Earlier aid wouldn’t have helped Syrians . . . Politico”

    Earlier aid wouldn’t have helped Ambassador Stevens either, right Hopey?

    Earlier TRUTH about Benghazi would have helped America, however.

    It would have gotten rid of YOU.

    Timing IS everything, innit, Barry?

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