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Christie Slams Obama . . . for Not Reining in Republicans

If you needed proof that Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is no conservative . . .

Christie said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Tuesday that he sees “stuff” the GOP puts on the floor of Congress that “shocks” him, and he wishes President Obama would take a “leadership” role to corral those crazy Republicans and their counterparts in the Democratic Party.

“Nobody’s playing the middle of the field,” Christie lamented. “Nobody’s trying to get stuff done.”

30 Responses to Christie Slams Obama . . . for Not Reining in Republicans

  1. When he first showed up on the scene, a fat guy cramming doughnuts and talking tough at Town Hall’s, seemed so engaging.


  2. “Nobody’s trying to get stuff done.”

    Has Charlie Crist been feeding him Kool-Aid flavored donuts?

    “As a former lifelong Republican, it pains me to tell you that today’s Republicans – and their standard-bearers, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan – just aren’t up to the task. They’re beholden to ‘my way or the highway’ bullies, indebted to billionaires who bankroll ads and allergic to the very idea of compromise.”
    – Charlie Crist

    • And such B.S. coming from the cry baby who bashed fellow Republicans for not wanting to steal 30 billion from future generations for pork in the Sandy bill.
      Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan would have already had Obamacare defunded, Keystone approved, the EPA under control, and put the terrorists on notice rather than inviting them into the Presidential tent.
      Is not a chance in hell this fraud gets even close to the Republican nomination.

  3. Joe Curl has a post on his site predicting that Christie will run in 2016–as an independent. I put this together with the appearance he made with the Clintons at their foundation event in Chicago and I suspect the Clintons may have approached him, thinking that he would divide the Republicans in 2016 as Ross Perot did in 1988. Bubba emerged the winner on a plurality. The only thing is, I don’t think many Republicans are inclined toward Christie anyway, and in a three-way race, who is to say Hillary would come out on top.

  4. MSNBC, the WhiteHouse’s own national cable TV, usually has about 500,000 viewers, mostly on the East coast since the program starts at 3am California time. Of that 500K, 350K are political operatives of both parties, 100K die hard Dems, and 50K old-timers wondering when David Brinkley’s program starts.

    GovChristie probably has no interest in running for the Presidency, but he shouldn’t be so careless in burning those bridges he might have to cross some day in the future. Who knows, he might need the good will of the Repub’s in Congress again to bail him and his state out of a mess.

  5. What they need is a good Bromance Movie Montage Scene – with Chris doing some push-ups while Barack encourages, doing Tai Chi together, working on a car, something in slow-motion and lastly one still-frame fade-to-black High-Five. All to the Karate Kid theme.
    I can just see it
    “You’re the best…around. Nothin’s gonna keep ya down”

  6. Wow, even with some six thousand miles between them the bromance is as strong as ever, if Christie is not careful Reggie Love is going to get jealous.

  7. these days, if you look up “RINO” in the dictionary, you see John McCain’s picture crossed out with crayon, and Chris Christie’s picture paper-clipped to the page.

    personally, I was done with Christie when he got all huggy-bear with Obama during the waning days of the election. I don’t blame him for trying to get his state some help after Hurricane Sandy, but he could have done that without the whole “bromance” thing. among other problems, it was really ill timed, and IMO hurt Romney a great deal more than we realized then.

    Christie is definitely the Dems’ new favorite Republican, replacing Jon Huntsman, their darling of 2012. but the MSM may tire of him before the campaign really gets going. who knows?

  8. Christie and that phony Scarborough make the perfect couple. Crispy Creme sounded like such a conservative when he was making the rounds on radio talk shows and Fox before the 2009 New Jersey election. Too bad he turned out to be just another narcissistic blowhard politician. All hat and no cattle. If New Jersey loves him so much, please keep him there and out of national politics.

  9. Nuthin’ about nobody but, Chris Christie seems to be one of those men who believe everything their mama told them about themselves.

  10. Christie had a band placed around his stomach to get rid of the fat in his body. He should have had another one placed around his head to get rid of the fat in his brain. Christie has sprinted to the left in order to get re-elected as governor of New Jersey. Look for him to immediately pivot back to the center right when he starts running for president. He has demonstrated that he has no real core beliefs only an all consuming appetite for elected office. His only real loyalty is to his local Dunkin Doughut store.