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Obama to Discuss Syria and Data Collection – Finally

President Obama will at last discuss Syria and the secret tracking of U.S. telephone records – big issues that both required Rose Garden appearances and quizzing from White House reporters but instead will get late-night treatment and the gentle questioning of Charlie Rose.

Obama will appear on Rose’s eponymous show, a low-profile approach since most people who have to work will miss it because it’s generally airs at 11 pm. Now, I understand that not many people in the Obama economy have jobs, but one would still think the president would opt for speaking about such important matters earlier in the day, when everyone – employed or not – could at least catch it on the early evening or prime time news shows.

Rose will provide Obama plenty of time to explain his decisions without subjecting him to the kind of intensive questioning the issues deserve, because while Charlie is a good interviewer, he’s a prober and not a griller.

Remarkably, Obama has only addressed the telephone and data mining scandals once, during a brief press conference nine days ago. And even more remarkably, he has not made any public statement at all about his decision to join militarily into the conflict in Syria by arming the rebels there.

But he did have time for a round of golf Saturday.

17 thoughts on “Obama to Discuss Syria and Data Collection – Finally”

  1. “When you found out that you wouldn’t be able to play a few rounds of golf at the G-8, how angry were you?” Charlie Rose

  2. “So tell me Mr. President, how have you been feeling lately? Are you getting enough rest? Is golf enough relaxation for you or have you found other ways to de-stress as well? I mean, I look at your schedule and you’re getting the daily briefing already by 9:30 or so and then the grueling 4 to 5 hours before cutting off for the day, are you sure the Presidency isn’t a burden to your health?” Charlie Rose

  3. It’s time to stop playing games and put the real cards on the table.

    Valerie Jarrett and Al Sharpton should interview Obama, and after a modicum (say two weeks) of editing — for purely cosmetic reasons — MSNBC can run it all day, backed by one of CNN’s patented 30 second endless loops of Obama in all his splendor.

  4. After some creative googling, it seems that this interview will air on PBS tonight, and Bloomberg TV tomorrow. Who knew.
    I’ve never seen MrRose’s show listed on the PBS station in Phoenix, and it’s not listed there tonight, either.
    Anyway, all we’ll get are some rambling, meandering answers to questions not asked and then a few carefully selected sound bites played on CBS(?).

    MrObama can’t risk facing the press now, not even in front of the shoe-lickers who covered up everything in the past. There’s too much to answer to, and really, what could he possibly say about the IRS, the NSA, the DEA, or the DOJ that would satisfy anyone.

    The background on the interview stated it was recorded yesterday before the O’s left for their fabulous Eurpoean vacation. He must not have said anything interesting, or we would have already heard the soundbites.

  5. Yes, the interview is on Syria and NSA spying. He can wave the flag on those two topics. Nothing on Benghazi or the IRS. Those two investigations are supposedly over, and the way the Republicans have been disappointing lately, maybe they really are over.

  6. Pew Poll: 70% of Americans oppose arming the Syrian ‘freedom fighters’. Interesting: the Pew is one of theirs, isn’t it?

  7. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. Or, this Administration is corrupt to the core.

    Despite all the scandals the best we can hope for is the sporadic resignation. Even Special Prosecutors will not help as the appointment comes from the ever so corrupt and contemptible Holder.

    Americans refuse to be outraged and act upon news of a corrupt IRS and massive 4th amendment violations.

    With luck the President’s re-election campaign will be revealed to have benefited from, if not initiated, this information manipulation and intimidation of the American electorate. But it will be too late.

    The key is Benghazi and the President. Therein lies the potential for impeachment or resignation or immobilization. Col. Hamm will be on the HiIl in closed door hearings, hopefully under oath. Nuland’s confirmation provides another opportunity to dig further. A slow, but doable slog.

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