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Michelle to Stay in $3,300-a-Night Dublin Hotel Suite

First Lady Michelle Obama is staying Monday evening in the $3,300-per-night Princess Grace suite of Dublin’s Five-Star Shelbourne Hotel, according to Irish press reports, adding some credence to accusations she is in the city for a quick vacation at taxpayer expense.

Michelle jetted to Dublin Monday afternoon Irish time after a brief stop in Belfast with President Obama, who is in the city for the two-day G-8 Summit.

The White House is billing Michelle’s trip to Dublin as having diplomatic significance, but her itinerary suggests otherwise. She and her daughters will visit the Trinity College library to explore President Obama’s Irish family roots, attend a performance by the world-famous Riverdance troupe, and visit the Wicklow Mountains national forest.

Judging by the tail number of her plane on the ground at Dublin Airport, it appears Air Force Two has been flown to Europe along with Air Force One and is being used to transport Michelle around.

The Shelbourne’s Princess Grace suite is so-named because it was often used by Grace and her husband Prince Ranier. Here’s a look inside:

Princess Grace Suite

The suite is the best the luxury hotel has to offer, featuring two beds, two bathrooms, four phones and three large televisions. The bedding is 100 percent Egyptian cotton and comes with turndown service, a Nespresso machine and butler service.

According to press reports out of Ireland, 30 rooms have been booked in the hotel to accomodate Michelle and her entourage, which would presumably include various staff and a bevy of Secret Service agents.

The city will be plagued by traffic jams during Michelle’s visit, and according to one report, high school and university students are in danger of being late for final exams and are advised to allow for plenty of extra time for travel.

After visiting Dublin, Mrs. Obama and her daughters will join President Obama in Berlin for the second leg of his European trip.

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577 Responses to Michelle to Stay in $3,300-a-Night Dublin Hotel Suite

  1. Our granddaughter earned money to go with her school to Washington D. C. and visit the sites, including the White House. But, due to no money the White House refuses tours. Yet millions upon millons of our tax dollars are spent by these criminals living in our White House on their vacations all over the world, while the USA burns!

  2. Even Marie Antionette could take lessons from Mobozo “LET THEM EAT CAKE!!!” She is absolutely a disgrace to the American people!!! This is the most disgustingly corrupt administration!! They make Nixon and FDR look like honest and honorable men!!! It is sickening how much they are doing to destroy America!!!!!!!

  3. The American people should not be stuck with these vacation trips that they are taking. They think they have to stay in the most expensive motels and have the best of everything. There is no one worth spending all this money on, and this goes for the so called President and his family. They really think this country owes them all these vacations that they are taking.
    It is time to tell this nut that he needs to keep his butt in the White House and do his job instead of running all around the world on his vacation. He has taken more vacations in his term then any person in the world. He is not worth spending all this money on, and he is the worse so called President this country has ever had.
    He needs to be told, there will be no more vacations and that from now on if he wants to take his family on a trip, to pay for it out of his own pockets. She is the worse so called First Lady in the White House.
    She is surely not worth spending all that money on, nor is their daughters. “NO More Vacations”, stay in the White House and do your job.

    • But if Obama does his job, things will get worse. His job is not what we want him to do, as he wants to change the USA into his personal kingdom, and we his/her surfs.

  4. No whining fellow Americans. You were the fools who returned the Great Pretender and his family to the White House in 2012. Some people don’t learn from their mistakes. You have made our beds and now we must all sleep in them for the next four years. Your tax dollars at work?

  5. Moochelle now thinks she’s a princess? At the tax payers expense? She may be qualified to live in a thatch hut with dirt floors, but not even real sure that would be the “best” accomodations. Are there no sheep herders that will allow her their barn? She is disgusting, vile, and a corrupt “being” entitled to living back in Kenya, or better yet, in Afghanistan in the sand caves. Enjoy your vacations at our expense, while you can. As we all envision you, your husband, and all the rest of the regime….behind bars.

  6. She is not worried we the American Taxpayer are being billed. She and her Husband The Sultan spare no expense when it comes to being pampered. I am so sick and tired of their outlandish spending.

    • The Obama family has zero shame! While people are unemployed and a number on food stamps, the Obamas has no qualms spending the hard-working taxpayers’ money for their extravagant vacations. Who put back Obama back to the White House? Nobody but the freebie-receivers who are too lazy to work, like Obama, and let the American people support them. What happened to this country?

    • It is difficult to keep a wookie looking hairless. Takes a lot of waxing. I suspect, though, that Moochie has had extensive laser treatment.

  7. The Obama family has zero shame! While people are unemployed
    and a number on food stamps, the Obamas are spending the hard-working taxpayers’ money for their extravagant vacations. And who put Obama back in the White House? The freebie receivers who are too lazy to work like Obama himself. I doubt it if these people will ever wake up. Pathetic!

  8. One last comment from me on this horrendous and most disgusting tenants of our White House, thank God there is and end to all things. Their day will end, and they will be forgotten in the course of time. Or, if remembered at all, that remembrance will be as a bad dream. Lets all have hope for a brighter future without the likes of these impostors and fraudsters and narcissists.

  9. Only the best for our ‘QUEEN’. Let the rest of America’eat cake’. They may not have a full 4 more years in office so they better get in all the free trips they can.

  10. Just another vacation. No doubt hoping the people would think she wasn’t costing the tax payers as she was going with him. Wonder if she put her kids and momma down as staff like she did before? so they get theirs paid for too.

  11. So in summary, FLOTUS could not attend the meeting between the Chinese premier and his wife, (I’ve still to see a reason why she could not attend), that would have been part of her duties as first lady. The weeks before she worked the fund raising circuit (not part of her first lady duties) and then traveled with the President to Belfast and then quietly dropped a shoulder and turned up in Dublin. Its simply unreal to not just do it but to think that they can do it. What is the civic duty of this expense? Who is she meeting? IS she quietly going to convince the Irish PM to change their tax laws that allow Google et al avoid US taxation on income earned as a result of mgmt decisions taken in the US? I think not. Its a good old fashioned boon doggle. I think its high time the actual costs of running the first family are shown in detail. The audacity of the demands and entitlement in what is an elected office is beyond words.

  12. Moooochelle has no business being on this trip. She should be in the
    WH. The biggest entitled welfare leeches in the country.

    I can’t stand to look at or listen to either one of them – both POS

  13. Typical dim. Only knows how to spend other people’s money. Rumor has it that the self appointed queen – in reference to those unemployed and working multiple minimum wage jobs back in the US – was heard to say to her entourage: “Let them eat cake.”

  14. 1. they don’t give a crap about anyone except themselves

    2. they purposely do these things to anger the public into revolt-they want “us” to revolt

    why do you think they taking our guns away and arming themselves to the teeth?

  15. No one cares. This is the Family Obama. They can do nothing wrong, they can be the worst hypocrites in the world, and still do no wrong. The sickness is deep and prolonged, and there is no hope.

  16. Now she is claiming the white side of Obama. Make up your mind. We grew up with the slogan waste not want not, but when you are spending taxpayers money hey why not. Disgusting

  17. Hey Moochelle, Just give up your “Fair share” and stay at Motel 6.
    Quite a lot cheaper and you have White House tours again for American school children.

  18. Michelle is an “Slug”. Sucking the life out of every American along with her mother and slithering cancerous snake of a husband.

  19. Yet more proof that this BAG of CHISELS Michelle feels the need to beat the taxpayer for all they are worth. Nothing would make me happier than to see her fall and break her neck.
    Well, actually seeing her husband shot dead would also work in a better way. This F_cking Sh_thole Country is D-O-N-E!!
    Too late to WAKE THE F up America. You ALL aloowed this to happen!!
    I hope your happy when you family memmber is murdered by a mexican gangbanger!!

    • Actually, if an unelected person expects to take a trip, I expect that it will not be at taxpayer expense. Remember, she is not a Congressman, an Ambassador, nor a Cabinet member.

      Before you say it; yes, I expected the same thing out of GWB!

  20. Did Michelle’s gravy training old lady, Marian Robinson also make the trip? Doesn’t she live in the White Houst still? Even though in 2008 she said she was “traveling to D.C. for a few weeks to ensure the girls transitioned to th enew school okay”….only to move in like Mother Jefferson and live in the White House ever since 2008?

  21. Ummmm? Was that the best they had? Certainly she could have found a $10,000 per night place, if she had tried. What a GREAT person.

  22. Must be nice. I would love to visit Ireland, since I also am of the Irish heritage, but sure can’t afford to do it since the last 4 l/2 years have been disasterous. It would be nice to be able to take a 7 day cruise.