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Michelle to Stay in $3,300-a-Night Dublin Hotel Suite

First Lady Michelle Obama is staying Monday evening in the $3,300-per-night Princess Grace suite of Dublin’s Five-Star Shelbourne Hotel, according to Irish press reports, adding some credence to accusations she is in the city for a quick vacation at taxpayer expense.

Michelle jetted to Dublin Monday afternoon Irish time after a brief stop in Belfast with President Obama, who is in the city for the two-day G-8 Summit.

The White House is billing Michelle’s trip to Dublin as having diplomatic significance, but her itinerary suggests otherwise. She and her daughters will visit the Trinity College library to explore President Obama’s Irish family roots, attend a performance by the world-famous Riverdance troupe, and visit the Wicklow Mountains national forest.

Judging by the tail number of her plane on the ground at Dublin Airport, it appears Air Force Two has been flown to Europe along with Air Force One and is being used to transport Michelle around.

The Shelbourne’s Princess Grace suite is so-named because it was often used by Grace and her husband Prince Ranier. Here’s a look inside:

Princess Grace Suite

The suite is the best the luxury hotel has to offer, featuring two beds, two bathrooms, four phones and three large televisions. The bedding is 100 percent Egyptian cotton and comes with turndown service, a Nespresso machine and butler service.

According to press reports out of Ireland, 30 rooms have been booked in the hotel to accomodate Michelle and her entourage, which would presumably include various staff and a bevy of Secret Service agents.

The city will be plagued by traffic jams during Michelle’s visit, and according to one report, high school and university students are in danger of being late for final exams and are advised to allow for plenty of extra time for travel.

After visiting Dublin, Mrs. Obama and her daughters will join President Obama in Berlin for the second leg of his European trip.

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577 thoughts on “Michelle to Stay in $3,300-a-Night Dublin Hotel Suite”

        1. There will never be any proof of anything found on this bunch, and the Sheeple don’t really care. That $3.00 broad has really come up in the world hasn’t she. A disgrace to our country.

          1. She is not only a disgrace to our country, but an even larger disgrace to women the world over. She’s just a poor excuse for a human being. This wonderful country will be extremely better off once the Obamas are out of the White House for good.

            She’s all about “Me, Me, Me!” I hope that all those people who voted Obama into office are happy with their decision. I didn’t vote for him nor did anyone I know do so either.

        2. Really Bob, do you think the obamas could possibly afford to pay the entire 175,000 per hour it takes to operate the 747s?

          For this Ireland gig, the VC-25 operating costs just to get there and back would run about 2,000,000 per plane. Add in the costs for C-17s (cars, dog teams, helicopters) and you’ve got yourself a tax-payer funded boondoggle.

          1. I bet that 747 and all the other planes and vehicles they bring costs even more than that … but we shouldn’t be surprised at what these 2 ghetto dwellers do anymore.

          2. Tractors being purchased to guard Obama, Air Force 1 and 2 along with however many more planes required for The Beast and other vehicles, the press, Secret Service and all the other Dem donors that will get to go along… and White House tours guided by volunteers cancelled…

            Kinda sounds like what one lady in France said before losing her head…. “Let them eat cake.”

        3. Its a State Trip Bob… get a freaking clue. The Obamas have outspent every other president (that was in the first 2 years BTW) so every time is a new record.

        4. Here, I will help you with reading the article.

          “The White House is billing Michelle’s trip to Dublin as having diplomatic significance,”

          “Diplomatic significance” and “billing”….what does that tell you? Who do you think is getting billed?

          NEVER expect a democrat to tell the truth.

        5. …adding some credence to accusations she is in the city for a quick vacation at taxpayer expense. The White House is billing Michelle’s trip to Dublin as having diplomatic significance, but her itinerary suggests otherwise.

          It is the point of the article Bob. Do you think that they pay for the million dollar a plate parties with Jay-Z? They pay for NOTHING. We do. At least those of us who pay taxes do. In addition, like all good Democrat politicians (Pelosi, Reed) Obama came into office worth under a million $ and will leave worth tens of millions. Try to figure out how that is possible.

        6. Hey Bob…………we wern’t born yesterday! Who the hell do you think is going to pay for it? The o’s are southside trash with no manners,class or taste!

        7. The article states, “The White House is billing Michelle’s trip to Dublin as having diplomatic significance, but her itinerary suggests otherwise.”

          This is code for – costs for trip (vacation) at taxpayers’ expense…

        8. Really Bob? This flotus has been living it up on the tax-payers dime non-stop!! Check the lavish parties, the extended solo trips and the monstrous entourage that engulfs her everyday life. This is Marie Antoinette reborn and she has no problem letting the ‘little ‘ people (us) eat cake.

        9. We don’t need proof whether Princess Michelle is paying for her room and her entourage. The WH is billing this as a “Diplomatic Visit”. We Pay. Read the article !

        10. Are you dumb enough to actually think they paid out of their pocket, that is hysterical. So the presidents family personally pays the Secret Service escort, the most expensive part of the trip their security, heck no we pay that. Oh but I thought it was all the Republicans fault and we have a sequester. And Obama is furloughing air traffic controllers making you less safe to travel, and shutting down white house tours. And threatening to shut down the government as well. But hey seems like they have enough money to vacation his wife and children on our dollar. I understand what he is doing there but why do we have to pay for his family to travel too. What the white house is not entertaining enough. We all have to tighten our belts, but they seem to be free to spend, spend, spend our tax dollars. But hey it is all alright huh just because Obama is not Bush, who by the way never traveled his family all over the world on our dime, just went to his ranch. Which yes he paid for, but you cannot be bothered with facts, because Obama is cool right, so it makes it OK!

        11. Bob??? You SUCK at pretending to be naive, ignorant, and stupid. You KNOW that we taxpayers pay for EVERYTHING a sitting President and his family does, so why are to trying to ACT like you don’t believe that fact? What’s in it for YOU to act so incompetent?

    1. The White House will give us their usual BS line that obama paid for it, but in reality they only pay a fraction of it. They are living the life on our dime. We can expect much more of this since he can’t run for re-election.

    2. Yes, in a way they do. It is a requirement (but do they) pay the average cost for n average room or plane fare.
      If they are traveling on Air Force One or Two at 80K an hour, their ticket price would be a coach the fare if they were flying a commercial flight.

        1. Shuck n Jive said, “The Obamas will not spend 1 us dime.”

          Of their own of course. The taxpayer will pay for it all, but we cannot afford WH tours, the troops in Afghnistan cannot get hot meals. Anyone think that any of the Obama’s will miss a hot meal? Just hope you aren’t in front of Moochell when they open up the food line, you will get trampled. These people are just like the people that put them into office…moochers, they take from others and give nothing.

          NEVER expect a democrat to tell the truth.

    3. I’m pretty sure they have to pay for these first…,or.r_cp.&bvm=bv.47883778,d.dmg&fp=435e98a1b96a30c3&biw=1215&bih=853

    4. I’m sure Warren Buffet and Bill Gates are paying the total cost of this trip and happy to do so. After all, they insist on paying their fair share.

        1. Oh yes. Did you see that photo when these big spenders were coming down on Air Force One. She was the last one to come down without showing her face. This is historic. Not one mother in law have the privilege to live in the WH.

    5. Oh yes , we the people get to pay for this. God forbid they spend any of their own money. What’s really stupid is that her and her “husband” are going to the same places. How terrible that they travel together!!!

    6. Of course we pay. I know you are being sarcastic since we all know who is paying. These bastards needs to be jailed, indicted,impeach and this country will be okay without this great destroyer. Barack don’t come back. You are the problem. You can go to hell and take Michelle with you so you can both live happily burning in sulphur through eternity.

        1. “Bob, go to hell you moron”… lolol another great middle school comeback, Gomer Pyle couldn’t have said it any better.

      1. Ummm, she isn’t traveling with the president or did you miss that part? She and her daughters are enjoying another vacation. But don’t let the facts trip you up, Troll…

      2. Laura Bush vacationed at their ranch in TX and at Camp David, not Africa, Spain, Italy, Indonesia and Ireland (to name a few). Only this FLOTUS has had the balls to flagrantly spent taxpayer dollars on lavish vacations. (And yes, we are paying for it……why do you think they are listing the trip as a State visit?)

        1. From the archived GW Bush White House website:
          “As First Lady, she [Laura Bush] traveled domestically to all 50 States and internationally to more than 75 countries.” Her first foreign trip was a spring visit to Paris, with a swing through Budapest and Prague. Who can forget the photos from the Bush family safari? Or Laura and Jenna in China?

          Can you please provide the cost breakdown for each of those trips. An analysis of First Lady travel during the past five or six administrations would provide a better comparison.

          1. You know what? I am sick of you knob slobbers. I DESPISED Bush and I have ALWAYS bitched about the frakking political class “elite.” Didn’t ovomit promise CHANGE? I guess he kept it, he made EVERYTHING WORSE. The but Bush did it “defense” is so kindergarten and so STUPID. Grow up.

          2. Blithely overlooked, facts are not excuses. Laura Bush traveled, Hillary Clinton traveled, Barbara Bush traveled, Nancy Reagan traveled. Every President and First Lady has traveled. Diplomacy is part of the job. Yet, when this First Family does it, it is somehow different. Why do you suppose that is?

            When any US President is in a foreign country, they stay in expensive hotels because the Secret Service is tasked with keeping them safe. They cannot simply check in to the local version of a Motel-6.

            How are you doing on that cost analysis of the other modern President’s trips?

          3. mmsmith: You rally should read your own link. Most of Mrs. Bush’s trips were business. As for her visiting 50 states, at least she did. The Wookie only goes where there is a 5 star hotel and gourmet menus. She also doesn’t do a d*mn thing.

            NEVER in the history of the presidency has there been such unprecedented costs of extra vehicles….some 56 minimum, fighter jets flying 24/7 overhead, a ship with a full trauma unit following, helicopters, armored trucks, etc., etc.

            Btw: You can request from the GAO of what the Bush’s paid for. The Bush’s cut some BIG checks for many of Laura’s trips. The Obamaos have not paid ONE penny. Go for it mmsmith….FOIA. I might also add…..NEVER did the Bush’s use THREE planes to go on vacation. Marthat’s Vineyard? One plane for Obamao, 1 for Mooch and 1 for Bo…the d*mn dog. The insanity of their expenses is endless.

      3. Tell you what Bob, why don’t you gather the data and compare what Laura Bush spent over eight years against what Moochelle has spent in five years and get back to us.

        NEVER expect a democrat to tell the truth.

      4. No Bob your wrong, it was Motel 6, they always leave the light on for ya, anyway, there was no motel bill at the Texas Ranch not even for the security detail.

      5. Bob, you are an idiot. The Bush’s stayed in upscale well protected lodging, NOT some super high end hotel. Plus he has a birth certificate and his college recors are not sealed as obozs are!

    1. Just goes to show that you can take the girl out of the getto but you can’t take the getto out of the girl!! Spend baby SPEND!!!!

  1. The conspicuous and profligate spending of these unter mensch is disgusting… once out of the wh, they can stay at Motel 6; that is if they’ll leave the light on for ’em!!!

    1. Paladin…once they are out of the WH, they will get a sweet pension from the government for LIFE…..nice gig huh?(insert sarcasm here)

      1. Don’t forget all of the left wing idiots that will pay to hear the King or the Queen on speaking engagements. There is only one way to get rid of these carpetbaggers. Impeach!
        Maybe, if this trip doesn’t piss off the nation, the African vacation will.

        1. Sorry Bonnie. If American hasn’t gotten the “memo” about just “what” these “*&^%$” are occupying OUR W.H. by now, they are too far off in la-la land.

    2. And what would lead you to believe they will EVER be out of office? As long as we’re ignoring the Constitution anyway, why pay attention to that pesky 22nd Amendment? ESPECIALLY when you have a President like Obama (SARC!!)…

      Nope, sorry, Dear Leader is for life. Unless the computer nerds who rig his elections for him join Snowden in declaiming him, I suspect the computerized polls will continue to show that Democrats are “elected” – including THIS one – for as long as they like!

      Oh sure, they’ll LET the OCCASIONAL “Republican” like Boehner and McCain win an “election” or two, since they basically support and enable him anyway, but I’m afraid there will be no more ACTUAL conservatives win elections…

      There’s a story about a Russian voter at the time Yeltsin was elected President of the newborn Russia. An interviewer went to him and asked who would be President, and he answered “Yeltsin”. He was then asked, “By how much do you think he’ll win”? The man-in-the street then answered in a complete deadpan, “I did not say he would win. I said he would be our next President.”

      I’m afraid that’s where American elections are headed. If we’re not there already. Just ask the Republican poll watchers who were thrown out of the polls during the LAST “Election” if you don’t think so…

      1. I was one of those pool watchers last Nov., & while I wasn’t thrown out, hubby & I DID get into it with the head skank who was looking for a fight from the time we got there. SHE GOT ONE TOO! lol. I’m too bloody old to take crap now.

        But with Republican leaders like McCain & Boehner, who needs enemies? ( Of the State.)

        1. I was an election judge, I saw a black woman bring in eight severely mentally handicapped men in to vote, they could barely sign their own names. But they were in the book as being registered to vote. Anybody want to guess who they voted for???

    1. Poor Michelle had to limit the number of her guest rooms to 30! One night for her crew costs more than the yearly income of the average American, not counting the cost of SS, room service, and anything else they may charge to the taxpayers.

  2. What vile, greedy, disgusting people the Obamas are. Their hypocrisy and flagrant disregard for anyone except themselves is unparallelled.

    1. I agree with you 100%. They tell us to seop spending money but it is alright if this ————gets to do whatever he wants at our expense! Michelle ought to stop thinking she is so wonderful. Best thing to do is impeach OBAMA!

  3. Well, there is no doubt that the ignorant and foolish elected Obama and as a result, they deserve what they voted for.
    50% of America now has an entitlement attitude, and these fools are increasing in number each year.
    I wonder how these losers will survive when we taxpaying citizens retire, or just quit working. After all, we taxpayers have been supporting them for decades.
    As to the Obamas, they are the least American First Family I have ever seen, the most wasteful, and the dumbest.

    1. Saw a photo of Moochelle and the girls inspecting an exhibit of O’Bummer’s “Irish roots” (stop laughing!). Dressed like homeless people, the daughters look sullen and bored stiff.

    2. And they are the #1 entitlement family in America. For them, this is just another form of welfare to which they feel entitled.

  4. Outrageous.
    This shameless America hater certainly enjoys spending the TAXES of the people she and her fraud husband despise so much, doesn’t she?

    I’m beyond sick & tired of these people.

    1. Is this the real reason Obama wants to tax the wealthy — so he and Michelle can live the “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”?

        1. Yep, clear enough memory to write a 600 page autobiography, but any incriminating details of Whitewater, she just ‘couldn’t recall.’

  5. You would NEVER EVER see Laura Bush doing such a thing. Laura only had one personal assistant while Moochie has over 20. Doesn’t this make you Liberal Dems who voted for these crooks upset ? I can’t afford to even take one weeks vacation in the woods because I can’t even afford basic camping equipment but she gets to stay in this lavis suite ??? WTF FOLKS ???

    1. It takes so many more attendants to make her look presentable. All the class $ can buy. When you actually have class and values, you make a $25 dress look good.

    2. This seems to be an urban legend. The numbers vary with different sites (Fact Check, Politifact, Snopes, etc) but while Michelle Obama has around 22 personal staffers, it looks like Laura Bush had around 18.

      1. All the sites you post to get “facts” aren’t at all reliable. They are all leftist hacks. They will post facts that support their chosen one, but just happen to leave out repentant details that contradict the narrative. Try posting some links that aren’t so tilted and biased.

    3. Michelle also didn’t fulfill her first lady responsibilities last week and snubbed the Chinese First Lady. Her teenage daughters’ had end of term festivities–that was the excuse. Huh?? She didn’t do her job yet rewards herself with a vacation the WH claims is dilpomatic. Laura Bush had class, Michelle doesn’t!

  6. Who remembers Laura Bush doing all this traveling with our hard earned money we give to the Corrupt IRS so Michelle can fly around the world? It makes me sick to read this and how out of touch this first family is. GROSS

  7. It’s not so much how expensive her hotel room is, or how many support personnel accompany MrsO and her extended family, but that she piggy-backed a personal European vacation on a global summit hoping that America won’t notice her selfishness.

    The notorious lack of decorum and international protocol that she seems to wear as a badge of willfulness will most certainly be discussed in the foreign news media.

    1. and the foreign media tells it like it is, unlike the LSM here (Keith excluded). Going to be a fun couple of days seeing the reports.

      1. All for her important “parenting” on the kids last week of school… what that has to do with a trip to Dublin I haven’t a clue, but I am sure it is important to the children.

  8. Oh I am so excited. My husband and I will be in Ireland
    2 weeks from now after a day in Rekjavik, Iceland.
    We are also going to Scotland for 5 days.
    We will be gone a total of 12 days
    for our 40th wedding anniversary trip.
    What fun!!

    1. Congratulations on your 40th anniversary celebration! Enjoy your vacation. Unlike the grifters who fleece the oppressed taxpayers to indulge in their flights of fancy, you pay your own way.

    2. And I bet you are not staying in $3,300/night hotel suites and paying for it yourselves. Contratulations on the 40 years.

      NEVER expect a democrat to tell the truth.

  9. I’m disgusted with the two planes. Notice that in the pictures the family is seen landing and exiting Air Force One together, while all the time a second plane loaded with assistants is flown separately to accomodate a quickie vacation for Michelle and the Children (and I’m sure her mother and God knows who else).

    1. it is my understanding, from a History or Discovery program on Air Force 1 when President Bush was in office, that both Air Force 1 aircraft fly with the President whenever he leaves the US in case one has a mechanical program.

      1. Oh my! Well, our gov’t is so fond of duplicating everything (programs, departments, equipment), I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Can’t they wait to see if a malfunction happens then fly out the other plane then?

      2. mo1: AF 1 is only AF 1 when the pres is on board. No, as a rule, other presidential planes in the fleet do not fly in case of emergencies. They take spare parts on AF 1 for just about any eventuality.

    1. I’m no fan of the Bush family, but I have to say that Laura Bush did exhibit great personal integrity especially when compared to Michelle Obama. She vacationed with her young daughters at America’s National Parks at minimal expense to the tax payer. The Obamas are grifters with no regard for the plight of authentic American Citizens.

      1. She took one vacation I remember with four or five girlfriends she
        had for years college and before. They went rafting down the
        Colorado all on their own money( except for SS). These ladies
        were very well off so paid for themselves. It made me think of
        Dallas and Miss Ellie and her wealthy oil ladies floating down the river:-). Like to see MO on a rafting trip with a tent.

      2. The Obama’s are just like the morons that put them into offiace…moochers on society, takers and giving nothing back.

        NEVER expect a democrat to tell the truth.

    1. Everything ██████ ███ ███████ ██ is █████ ████ ██ ██████ ███ fine. The
      █████ ███████ ████ Government ██████ ████ knows █████ █████ ███ best

  10. One correction: Air Force Two always accompanies Air Force 1 regardless and serves as a back up plane should AF1 have issues.

    1. that is correct, and that included long distance domestic flights. However it’s a pre-staged plane, and usually is not engaged in additional operations.

      1. What if we needed another AF plane specially equipped there need to be regulations on recreational use of AF1 and AF2!
        Yes Michelle this means your abuse of AF planes.

        1. Lizzy, you forget that Crazy Uncle Joe also used AF2 (the 757 designated for VP and MO’s use). I would not like to be the AF scheduling person having to deal with those headaches. Inner WH fights for who gets to use the 757 for the week / weekend.

          1. Otis I try to forget crazy Uncle Joe scary old fart. I imagine
            there’s an undisclosed place where all those who’ve told
            Big Momma AF1 & AF2 are busy must be full.

    2. “Air Force One” and “Air Force Two” are call-signs associated with people, not aircraft. A Cessna 152 with the president aboard would be Air Force One. AF2 is the call-sign used when the VP is aboard. For what it’s worth, the National Airborne Operations Center (NAOC), a 747 based in Omaha, will also shadow the president.

  11. Remember when sequestration so crippled the White House budget that they had to stop tours for families, school groups and other real Americans? I’m so glad they could protect the Fat Lady’s travel budget. At least these bozos are out of the country.

  12. Most disgusting! The country and the people have had to cut back but this man Obama and his family continue to spen like drunken sailors. Understand, as M.O stated, “It is our time”.well, I, fr one will be glad when their tie has expired. This is an outrage for vacations and rooms. I can’t even afford to stay in the local CC and play golf, yet this clan can spend millions on sight seeing tours.I suppose that country has gone to town.

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  14. The expense of a large entourage is what brought down MC Hammer. Of course, MC was picking up the tab. FLOTUS and POTUS are working on taking down a much larger entity.

  15. Just this week Barack sang his famous song at one of his non-stop fundraisers: “Invest in the Middle Class”. Instead, it looks like the middle class is investing in the First Family.

    Such extravagance of Michelle’s should be on the front page of every newspaper. The photo of this suite especially. Thoroughly revolting.

  16. Well, now that’s what I call a vaction, 100 million or so to see the sights, mingle with the tribal leaders, check out the wildlife, and live like a royal family all for free. What a deal. It’s really too bad that there are so many suffering here, can’t find a job, working hard just to make ends meet, or are just living day to day waiting for their next check and viola the liberals say too bad, it sucks to be you.

    1. Detroit has declared bankruptcy, and over this past weekend 6 people were shot and 41 injured in the Obamas’ hometown Chicago. This was the most violent weekend of 2013 in Chicago.

      1. With the number of secret service and others, they could surround the hotel she’s staying in. I think Motel 6 would be a bump up for them! That is if they were paying for it!

  17. Nauseating! An exercise in pure vanity, wastefulness, and frivolity. Obama would rather do anything–golf, TV shows, travel–than govern. He and his family live like the Sun King.

    1. Diana: I’m just getting around to reading Reagan’s personal diary. If you doubt what a hard working President he was, try keeping his schedule……………….at his age! (I can’t)

  18. Ah the Empress lives so well on our taxes….Its wonderful that our taxpayers are forced to pay for her lavish lifestyle. It makes me warm all over.

  19. This is normal for welfare families, they are like those in public housing only with our checkbook. She will trash the suite and also the WH if we ever get them out.

  20. “The White House is billing Michelle’s trip to Dublin as having diplomatic significance, but her itinerary suggests otherwise.”

    We will. That’s why they say this kind of BS to try and justify it.

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