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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, June 18, 2013

3:30 am || Attends second G-8 Summit sessions; G8 Summit Site, Lough Erne, Northern Ireland 7:00 am || Participates in a “walk and talk” with Prime Minister David Cameron of the United Kingdom and Taoiseach Enda Kenny of Ireland 7:15 am || Attends a working lunch 9:00 am || Attends a meeting with British Prime Minister David Cameron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President François,

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Obama to Discuss Syria and Data Collection – Finally

President Obama will at last discuss Syria and the secret tracking of U.S. telephone records – big issues that both required Rose Garden appearances and quizzing from White House reporters but instead will get late-night treatment and the gentle questioning of Charlie Rose. Obama will appear on Rose’s eponymous show, a low-profile approach since most people who have to work will miss it because it’s

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Attkisson: Snoopers Didn’t Care About my Finances

CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson says whoever invaded her work and home computers had access to her financial information but didn’t touch anything, an indication the hackers were more likely concerned with her reporting on Benghazi and the Fast and Furious gun running operation. Attkisson spoke to Philadelphia talk radio show host Dom Giordano. Here’s an excerpt: Whoever was in my work computer, the only thing

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Michelle to Stay in $3,300-a-Night Dublin Hotel Suite

First Lady Michelle Obama is staying Monday evening in the $3,300-per-night Princess Grace suite of Dublin’s Five-Star Shelbourne Hotel, according to Irish press reports, adding some credence to accusations she is in the city for a quick vacation at taxpayer expense. Michelle jetted to Dublin Monday afternoon Irish time after a brief stop in Belfast with President Obama, who is in the city for the

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The Obama Morning News || June 17, 2013

IRS supervisor in DC admits screening groups . . . Fox News Obamacare eats away at full time work . . . Washington Times Obama urges Belfast youth to keep peace . . . Washington Post U.S. to press Iran on nuclear talks . . . Wall Street Journal Iran to send 4,000 troops to Syria . . . Fox News North Korea wants talks with

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