As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Monday, June 17, 2013

3:40 am || Arrives Belfast
4:30 am || Delivers remarks; Belfast Waterfront, Belfast, Northern Ireland
8:20 am || Meets with British Prime Minister David Cameron; County Fermanagh
9:15 am || Meets with EU Leaders on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership; G8 Summit Site, Lough Erne, Northern Ireland
11:45 am || Attends first plenary session of the G-8 Summit
1:30 pm || Holds bilateral meeting with Russian President Putin
3:30 pm || Attends a G-8 Summit leaders-only working dinner

All times Eastern

33 Responses to Obama Schedule || Monday, June 17, 2013

  1. This summit is going to be as cordial as Uncle Harry’s memorial service after everyone found out he left all his fortune to the skinny blonde.

  2. The RCC Irish are thankful that BHO took his person to the protestant side of the Emerald Isle. While he is there, let him swill Bushmills, that poison the unenlightened call Irish poteen,

  3. I just heard on the news over here that young “Swedes” ( but you all understand, they are NOT Swedes, just managed to get that passport ) are fighting in Syria on behalf of Al Qaida. One of the interviewed said that he most of all wanted to be a martyr and he would also like to do ( unspeakable) things to the enemies. Well, we certainly succeded with that integration ..hmmm…. Europe is flushed with these people, Al Quaida will recruit many from here. . And if their wishes for martyrdom is not fulfilled ( good for them, even better for us ) and they instead return they often are involved in terrorism back home according to an expert. Why oh why are Obama and Cameron supporting this brutal anti -western crowd, the Al Quaida ? The only one talking sense here is – Putin and I thought I would never say such a thing about him . Nothing good will come out of it.

  4. Gee no mention of the Mooch and the girls schedule. What gives? Are they trying to play down her newest taxpayer funded vacation to Ireland? Wonder how they are listed on the staff in order to be able to bill the government?

    Notice how Dictator Obama engulfed in scandals that the media is once again desperately covering up for him is now relying on the tried and true tactic of spending lots of his time (and of course taxpayer money) out of the country. After this trip it’s off to Africa on “official business” and then when he oozes back into Washington, it is coincidentally time for his month long vacation at that poor man’s paradise, Martha’s Vineyard. The schedule above looks impressive but it’s mostly smoke and mirrors until his 1:30 PM “bilateral” (what exactly does this mean?) with Putin who will pretty much administer a verbal pimp slapping to our spineless commander in chief and remind him of the damning personal file the KGB has compiled on him. After being summarily dismissed from Vlad’s presence, his grueling day will be topped off by a lavish “working dinner” where in reality no work will be performed and once again Dictator Obama will remind all the other leaders what a feckless fool they are dealing with.

    • Of course we can always depend on MO being dressed inappropriately. How about that swell slacks and top? Must have
      gotten them where she gets her mini me sweaters really wearing
      clothes 3 sizes too small won’t make you look smaller. And her
      ‘statement necklace’ what statement was she making? I think
      it was bite me got another free vacation for the entire family even
      if this was a G8 summit not a family reunion.

      • Looks like she’s growing out her bangs….and they’ve developed a mind of their own … lol.

        Not sure I’m happy with the “skinny” pants all the Obama ladies are wearing when the welcoming party seemed so appropriately dressed… ladies.

        • Wait till we see the haute couture should God forbid we get a
          Prezzy Hillary:-(. Maybe she’ll wear suits and Bill polyester

          • Dunno, Lizzy–it would be hard to top that brown plaid whatever it is M is wearing–repurposed table cloth? Not sure what that is. The teens’ sullen aspect made me think of Bill O’Reilly who said he is taking his “urchins” to Alaska and Ireland this summer, although he knows they will be whining every inch of the way. That is just kids.

        • “Looks like she’s growing out her bangs….and they’ve developed a mind of their own … lol.” – DeniseVB

          Nice to think SOMETHING in the White House has the capacity to actually think…

        • The children look like they were dressed by color-blind clowns. MrsO has no sense of protocol or good taste.
          They disgrace us.

        • “Not sure I’m happy with the “skinny” pants all the Obama ladies are wearing when the welcoming party seemed so appropriately dressed… ladies.” – DeniseVB

          “Definition of lady (n)
          Bing Dictionary
          la·dy [ láydee ]
          1) woman: a woman, especially when addressed as part of a group
          2) refined woman: a woman of refined family background or upbringing
          3) polite dignified woman: a woman who behaves very politely and with dignity”

          Michelle only has a CHANCE of qualifying as a “lady” by definition as per Definition #1. And, looking at those always-exposed, hulking biceps, and given “her” “husbands” preferences as to the gender of the company he keeps, I’m not really sure I buy THAT one, either…

          The other two? Not so much…

        • Check out the video of the Wookie Monster with the huge clump of hair hanging down her forehead to the tip of her nose as she introduces her community organizing husband to an audience of young college students this morning in Belfast. Did she just roll out of bed? Did she forget to bring her hairdresser? What a mess! All of them!

          • I watched as much as I could (with the sound off, of course). I hate the habit she has of shaking her head while she talks, like she’s saying no, to emphasize some point she’s making. It just looks stupid. And did she not trust the hotel safe? It looks like she just wore all the necklaces she brought.

  5. Obama’s REAL agenda in Ireland involves a side trip to Cork…

    “There is a stone there, that whoever kisses,
    Oh! He never misses to grow eloquent:
    ‘Tis he may clamber to a lady’s chamber,
    Or become a member of Parliament.” – Francis Sylvester Mahony

    He’s just there to kiss the Blarney stone – again. Most people are set for life with ONE smooch, but the magic was never calibrated for the rate Barry’s dissembles at…

  6. “1:30 pm || Holds bilateral meeting with Russian President Putin”

    Think he’ll get Robert Kraft’s Super Bowl ring back? It’s something that happened during the Bush administration, so he could claim he’s just fixin’ the “mess” again…

    Of course, Obama shows up, entire sectors of the economy get pilfered, so I suppose this just proves he learned from the master…

    Na ganna happen. Can you IMAGINE Obama actually standing up to PUTIN? On ANYTHING?!?

    Anyway, Mr. Kraft’s probably under investigation for daring to support Obama’s opposition – which we all know is unpatriotic and racist – so he’s MUCH more likely to get an audit than any support from Dese Guys anyway…

    • Of course FCMABBHO won’t stand up to Putin. He already told Putin through Medvedev that he’d be more flexible after the election.

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