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NEWSFLASH: Magic Eight Ball Guiding Obama Syria Policy

If you can convince me that President Obama’s policy on Syria makes sense and is guided by anything more than emotion and random thoughts, I’ll buy you this:

Porsche Boxster S1

Nice right? You like it, right?

It’s a 2013 Porsche Boxster S convertible. Now, I realize it’s not American made, but you’ll take it, won’t you?

But, sorry, the odds are really stacked against you, because the president’s Syria policy makes no sense. Let’s count the ways it makes no sense. I count to 11.

1. We are aiding the rebels now that they are losing, instead of when they might have won. Go figyah!

2. We waited until more than 90,000 people died before finally sending more than fruit baskets to the opposition.

3. We may well be a dollar short and a day late – the Syrian army and Hezbollah are on the move and looking like winners.

4. Even if we can save them, we are giving the rebels just enough arms so that the slaughter can continue, but not enough for them to win.

5. Maybe we’re just trying to equalize the situation on the ground to give the rebels leverage at the “negotiations” that are supposed to occur. But why are we so stupid as to think that Assad will give up power before the rebels are knocking on the window of his palace and waving hello? Does Secretary of State Kerry think the Islamists are going to let Assad retire to a villa on the coast of Lebanon?

6. It may take weeks to get the rebels the weapons. They need them yesterday.

7. The White House hasn’t identified who exactly we’re giving the weapons to or how we’re going to keep them out of the hands of the people we don’t want to give them to.

8. The White House has no plan that anyone knows of for an end game. What happens if the rebels win? How do we ensure the correct people are in power?

9. The White House has not explained why at this point it would be better for the rebels to win than for Assad to stay in power. What type of people will be in control over his vast chemical weapons stockpile once Islamists are running the country? What’s to stop them from giving WMD to the next incarnation of the Tsarnaev brothers? At least Assad is the devil we know.

10. How do we know fewer people will die going forward if the rebels win? What’s to stop them from cutting off the head of every Alawite in Syria?

11. Now that we are in a proxy war against Hezbollah, how do we know Hezbollah won’t start to strike U.S. targets here or abroad in return?

So go ahead, defend Obama’s policy. The man makes Neville Chamberlain look like a strategic genius.

Or maybe I’m missing something. And you’ll get a car!

89 thoughts on “NEWSFLASH: Magic Eight Ball Guiding Obama Syria Policy”

  1. And you expected ‘what’ out BO? Look, he even sent a bureaucratic stooge to inform the press what “his” new policy was while he was in the WH hosting a fete on same sex coupling that was introduced by eighth graders. You’ll grow weary waiting for this guy to look, act or even be presidential. It’s just not in his DNA.

  2. Keith: If I may take you at your words “anything more than emotion and random thoughts”, I would offer that Mr. Obama is also basing his “gutsy call” (some would define a gutsy call as the Hershey squirts) on focus groups and political expediency (and panic, but that qualifies as emotion).

    You won’t need to actually buy me the picture of the Porsche. I can take a screen shot for free. It will fit right into the picture of my garage., somewhere in the deep dark corner of which is my esteem for The One.

  3. Before I give my opinion, I need to know if Chicago Rules are in effect; you know the ones, if you don’t buy me that car, I’ll expose all your family secrets?
    It makes perfect sense for the WhiteHouse to throw out a dead squirrel to divert attention from Benghazi, NSA, IRS, FBI and who knows what else is lurking in the background. Bill Clinton is calling the shots because he needs a clean Dem organization for his wife to inherit. If the current administration is drowning in scandals, no one will vote for another/same Dem administration and Bubba wants to get back in the BigWhite so bad he can taste it.
    Nothing we do in Syria will make any difference at this point. The rebels/terrorists in training or whatever they might be, are losing or have already lost whatever they were hoping to gain. They started an insurgency without any military training, no weaponry to fight a sitting army, and without the backing of the very people they wanted to gain control over.

    MrObama, the ultimate cowardly bully, is being pushed into a corner by his own empty threats. His response is on the same level as throwing pebbles at the mean kid and running away.
    The simple act of sending out a junior member of the Obama team to announce a major (and probably illegal) move to arm private citizens of a foreign nation to unseat the current government is cowardice on the President’s part, with a capital “C”.

    Can I choose the color I like?

      1. srdem raises a good point about the Clinton factor. And speaking of the old Debbel, CBN news already is naming Jeb Bush as the likely Republican candidate and he in turn is calling Hillary the most formidable opposition. They just settle things among themselves.

    1. Makes sense srdem65. But Obama is playing way above his pay grade with Iran and Russia.

      This is no small intervention. There are no diplomatic niceties. This is the escalation stage of the ill fated Arab Spring. And we have a child on the horse.

  4. OK, I’ll take a crack at this. My ancestors were mostly German to the Porsche (Por Shuh) will look good on me.

    1. Well, I’ll have to concede that one to you.
    2. There are MILLIONS of Syrians so 90,000 isn’t so bad. Naw, too
    callous even for me.
    3. Liberals don’t even THINK the words winner or loser. Unfortunately
    Assad and Hezbollah-Dee-Dah DO! Drat, you’re right again
    4. Gee whiz, I think I lost that one same as #3.
    5. Awwww. I thought I had you here when you mentioned Secretary
    Kerry. HE certainly had the potential to be the voice of reason.
    You know, Old Voted-For-It/Voted-Against-It, through somebody
    ELSE’S medals over the White House fence, John Kerry. But NO,
    Got me again!!
    6. Ah HAH!! The Prez was at his deliberative best here. What? Do
    you think Assad will just keep on slaughtering people while they
    wait for the weapons? Oh, I suppose he would at that. There’s
    another one for you, Keith.
    7. Oh heck. I’m tired of this game. Why don’t you just take your
    Porsche and go home. Oh, that’s right. You ARE home!!!

          1. The moment I pressed the send button I just gnu I had typed POOFREADER. But know eye dint. Please be advised I am a product of the California School System soTHAT shouild explain evrthn.

  5. I hope this cut and paste job works. If not you’ll have to find it on your own. Bottom line, the list of players reads like a bad menu alternating between ordering a side of bubonic plague or the Great Influenza of 1918. Either way, I have no appetite for either, but I would like the car for dessert.

    A Who’s Who in Syria. Handy-dandy chart included
    The hard men on both sides prevail

  6. BHO doesn’t want to be seen as a “wuss” and he doesn’t want to do anything, so he votes present. And besides, I don’t want a Porsche; I’d rather have a brand new, big red pickup truck.

    1. Votes present. Isn’t that why he’s been called the Present-dent in so many editorials.

      A $100 million dollars for a trip to Africa could buy a lot of big red pickup trucks.

        1. Or maybe he thinks when he says present, people will give him presents. They gave him the presidency. And he gives them our money. Presents — Barack Obama, the gift that keeps on giving.

    1. Separate planes for parts of the trip. He has a big youth meeting in Northern Ireland so that means tee shirts and a rock band too. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  7. He’s going to provide aid and comfort to what is tantamount an enemy of the US, in as much as the rebels have said that they support and follow Al-Qaeda. The US is also going to allow Syrian “refugees” into the US for their protection and safety.

    Is this the final development of the fifth column to take down the United States? Is our own government plotting its own demise? Are we, as a nation, simply going to go quietly into that good night? Only Obama’s hairdresser knows for sure!

    1. I guess Obama didn’t see that open mic video which came out of the Egyptian parliament. Then again, he might not give a damn.

  8. 11. Now that we are in a proxy war against Hezbollah, how do we know Hezbollah won’t start to strike U.S. targets here or abroad in return?


    Haven’t we been in a proxy war against Hizb’Allah since before the 1983 bombing of the Marine baracks?

  9. I want the car. So here goes. It is not about the US and what we have to gain or lose. It is about Barack Obama’s ego. He wants to appear a saviour to his Special Snowflake Sunnis. And he is arrogant enough to know that the US military, purged of good military generals and assaulted by political correctness but dedicated to constitution and country, and patriotic Americans desperate to save their country from the rabble of war that he has brought to them, will defend this country in spite of him. We will save his sorry ass.

  10. I would really like that Boxster. I would look good in it. But you win. There’s no possible explanation for a “strategy” that seems to have been developed between the 9th and 10th holes while waiting for one of the foursome to use the head. Neither Obama nor Kerry seem to have any idea what our national objectives ought to be, or how to carry them out, or how to do that without running afoul of the law and the Constitution. I guarantee you even Assad is laughing in his (non-alcoholic) beer over these clowns.

    1. No…they are being blackmailed. Its the Chicago way.

      Personally I like option 4. Arm the sunnies so they can hold off the next offensive and let the slaughter of both sides continue. Islamists killing Islamists is a good strategic outcome for the West.

      If the Sunnies and Shia’s want to kill each other, it should be encouraged and assisted. It’s kind of cold blooded but I would rather have them killing each other than focusing on killing Christians and Jews.

      May both sides lose.

      1. Here’s a tip: The plural of “Sunni” is not “Sunnies”.

        The plural of “Shi’a” is just that. It requires no “s”.

  11. Let’s see…the President wants to collapse the last vestige of the Old World Order vis-à-vis the Soviets and usher in an new era of Islamic weirdness.
    Do I get a cookie?
    (wasn’t expecting the Porche)

  12. Dictator Obama has recently received secret intelligence that Bashar Assad has had several PGA level golf courses built in Syria for his own personal use and our Dictator, realizing he can’t just jet over there on his royal coach, Airhead One, and get a tee time, is now arming the “rebels” (let’s be honest they aren’t rebels but islamic extremists who will turn on us in an instant) so that they will take over Syria and in return he will get unlimited and free golf on these courses. This is why he is now taking action now (without the consent of Congress I might add).

    Keith, do you need my address for delivery of the new car I just won?

  13. Why do anything? barry has been supplying arms to the syrian rebels (Al Qaeda sympathizers) for a very long time. They, and the muslim brotherhood are his brothers. I think people have this turd figured out and he knows it. Benghazi really messed things up for him. He’s like a rat in a trap and it’s going to take him and his cronies some time to figure out how to get out of this smelling like a rose. For now,change the subject and get the heck out of town.

  14. Wake up Keith. Just like everywhere else in the Middle East, the Muslim Brotherhood will assume power. Just as Barack Hussein Obama wants.

  15. The Angry Caliph’s whole problem is that this doesn’t fit well into either his political calculus OR his Muslim calculus.

    There is NO right answer in the Mid-East. This has been the case for at LEAST 6,000 years. Even someone as obtuse as our Prezzy therefore knows it will end in disaster, no matter WHAT “it” is. No points there.

    His desicion is also complicated by the fact that Vlad will spank him if he messes with what Russia considers “their” client. The Russians are ALREADY peeved that their sophisitcated air defenses didn’t damage a single Israeli jet, and wouldn’t take kindly to futher humiliation on that score. Unlike Mr. Netanyahu, though, Obama WON’T cross his secular boss Putin.

    As for the Islamist angle;
    Obama was raised as a Sunni Muslim in Indonesia, even to the extent of attending Islamic school (which, I’m sure, was NOT a madrassa and in keeping with longstanding Muslim traditions only had NICE things to say about other religions *SARC*). His Sunni underpinnings demonstrate both the taqiyya of his “Christianity” and his hatred of Shi’ite “apostates” when in all his dealings with the Islamic world. He very consistently cuddles to Sunni leaders, and, when it’s necessary politically to actually kill a terrori – I mean, “self-actualizing radical” -, a Shi’ite gets the drone strike. Obama has used the American Military time and again to advance not America’s interests, but those of Sunni Islam.

    This is where it gets thorny for him. Assad is an Alawite.
    They didn’t have those in Indonesia, Hilz isn’t around to explain it, Susan Rice is still parsing YouTube videos for faintly annoying content about Mighty Mo, and Kerry can’t look away from the mirror long enough to google it. Alawites are Shi’ite offshoots, BUT he has a Sunni wife and leads a majority Sunni country with lots of Sunnis in his government. That said, the Muslim Brotherhood (Obama’s buddies and erstwhile military supply recipents) DON’T like the Assads and haven’t since they came to power. Assad is supported by Iran (Shi’ite) and Hezbollah (Shi’ite), and other people who, in Obama’s training, do not follow the correct sucessor of Mighty Mo, and as such should be eliminated.

    All this SHOULD tip Obama into attacking Syira post-haste. There’s a couple other things in play, though.

    One is that once he backs the rebels, if they get on top, the slaugher will be fearful, public, and impossible for even the American media to hide; and it will include fun things like this;
    “An Islamic cleric has issued a fatwa calling for the rebels in Syria to rape women who are not Sunni Muslim as part of their campaign to oust President Assad.

    Salafi sheikh Yasir al-Ajlawni posted the message on YouTube, saying it was “legitimate” for Muslim fighters who are trying to put in place an Islamist government to “capture and have sex with” Alawites, the sect to which President Assad belongs, and other non-Sunni, non-Muslim women.

    He described non-Muslim women as “melk al-yamin”, a Quranic term for non-Muslim sex slaves.”
    Just as an aside, isn’t it nice the “religiion of peace” HAS a term for “non-Muslim sex slave”? Any of the OTHER religions have a similar term? But I digress…

    So he’d have lots of fun supporting THIS kind of thing with his base, especially after the first time some foolish news organization sends a ditzy blonde reporterette to the middle of a civil war in a part of the world where they only have one use for uncovered blonde females, and the easily anticipated happens as it did in Tahir Square. It’s just bad press, no matter what.

    His BIGGEST block though is most likely mental. When it comes to dealings in the Arab world, Obama has a SEVERE inferiority complex.

    Islam is rather bigoted even within the Muslim world, and Muslims who aren’t Arabs are looked down upon by those who are, kind of like how the French in France look down on French-Canadians, the Spanish in Spain look down on their new world cousins even if they are Creoles, and the way that even the American Black community has a caste system based on how “ashy” someone looks. In the case of Islam, however, it’s kinda a geneology thing, as only a TRUE “son of the desert” could claim any kind of decent from Mad Mo – the pinnacle of sucess to them. Even the Umayyad caliphs felt this because of their fair hair and light skin (from Grandpa spending too much time with the “melk al-yamin”, I suppose), even to the extent of dyeing their beards for a more authentic “look”.

    Obama desperately wants to fit in and take charge, but he will forever be excluded from the true inner circle because of his race. This is VERY galling to him because he’s used to race being an ADVANTAGE, but he can’t bring discrimination charges against the Grand Mufti in Jerusalem, nor would Islam as a whole be as likely to respond as productively for Obama as a White American Liberal does when “racist” is called on them. They’d just laugh at him, just like they do now, and probably his whole life.

    This is why I call him “The Angry Caliph”. He would LIKE to be the obvious sucessor and standard bearer of the Muslim world more than ANYTHING; BUT his vauge ancestory and appearance will FOREVER exclude him from claiming the necessary ancestory – and there’s not a thing he (or Moochie!) can do about it.

    It is because of his trained in perception of inferiority he bows to prominent Sunni leaders, as they will ALWAYS – in his mind – be his superiors. It is for this same reason that he REALLY has to think about it before he becomes involved in Arab affairs, as he likely feels unworthy of interfering with THEIR issues, again because he was taught such in school.

    This is why Obama Syria policy is “waffle and haver”. He’s afraid to wade into Arab affairs beyond killing the occasional Shi’ite because they are his betters and he is unworthy. And they know it. This is why the Arab world can now safely disregard the United States. Our President is hostage to his upbringing and training, and will not DARE intervene without approval from REAL Muslims.

    G_D help us. No one else can.

    Oh, send the car to Becky Gerritson. It’s O/T, but she deserves it FAR more than I just for THIS at an IRS hearing;
    “I’m not here at as a serf or a vassal. I’m not begging my lords for mercy. I’m a born-free American woman, wife, mother and citizen. And I’m telling my government that you’ve forgotten your place. It’s not your responsibility to look out for my well-being and to monitor my speech. It’s not your right to assert an agenda.”

    G-d Bless her!

          1. ” I don’t think he was condoning what happened to her.” = Misscheryl

            Bless you, Misscheryl, for being the only one to give me a benefit of a doubt.

            No, I was NOT! condoning it, and if you knew about the years I spent cleaning up human wreckage from the results of child molestations and sexual assaults, or attacks that have happened TO MY FAMILY, you’d KNOW that just the SUGGESTION I would condone it OR blame the victim is APPALING and COMPLETE anathema to me or who I am as a person! Please do NOT suggest that of me in future, as I find it HUGELY and PERSONALLY insulting!

            RAPE IS ABOUT POWER, NOT SEX, AND NO WOMAN IS “ASKING FOR IT” BY HER LOOKS. I think I made that clear…

            That said, I think it’s hideous that it happened, but it was also COMPLETELY predictable and COMPLETELY avoidable.

            The fact that I said “Blonde” IS germaine because Arab countries place a MUCH larger cachet on having relations-forced or otherwise-with blondes, because they are rare and symbols of the West. Anyone with any sense would know that a blonde would stick out like a sore thumb at Tahir Square, just like they would know not to send an obviously foreign woman with no protection into a riot, so evidiently no one had any sense in this matter.

            I know it’s not PC to think that foreigners view women differently and they probably thought they’d be sending a message that they didn’t “trust” the rioters if they DIDN’T send the lady, but -sorry- send an attractive woman into a lawless area and bad things are likely to happen to her.

            The “Ditzy” part DOESN’T go to her “Blonde-ness”. as commonly thought. I have known very stupid dark-haired people and very smart light-hared people. This isn’t about that. It’s “Ditzy” for a young woman to wade into a malestrom of testrostrinone-juiced young men who just overthrew their entire system of government, and culturally think little of women and even less of foreign women (Cf. my earlier comment with the Islamic concept of “melk al-yamin”. She did NOT deserve what she got, but she SHOULD have known better, even with 40 years of liberal indoctrination, she MUST have SOME self-preservation instinct! Just the fact that she WENT to a nacent civil war is, well, “Ditzy”. Many of her ilk seem similarly situationally challenged. This is my ONLY meaning.

            Like Benghazi, this WAS avoidable. Also like Benghazi, no one’s doing anything to avoid the NEXT one.

            You folks had to actually READ pretty far down to get there. Is that really the ONLY thing that resonated?

            Just curious…

          2. C.C.

            I read with pleasure all of it, and believe it should be on the front page of the New York Times. I especially liked :

            “Hilz isn’t around to explain it, Susan Rice is still parsing YouTube videos for faintly annoying content about Mighty Mo, and Kerry can’t look away from the mirror long enough to google it. ” (I’m betting you just got a new fan in Ann Coulter).

            Keep up the good work. You’re improving with age, unlike Obama, who only improves his “fine whine”.

          3. Susan Rice is not parsing Youtube videos anymore. She is now measuring for new curtains and furniture at her new office as National Security Director as a reward for lying to the American people.

            In the Obama world, lying is a virtue rather than a sin.

          4. Sure sounded like it–Lara Logan tramps around places almost every male I know would fear to tread. CC clearly seems to think the “foolish” news org should capitulate and send a man. As for the ensuing discussion of sex v power, as a rape survivor I guarantee the stigma attaches to the sex part, not the overwhelming the physical woman part. I went public with my experience (Wash Post, 1981)–and people thought they knew something sexual about me, not that I was weaker than some guy, actually four guys.

          5. Star, I realize I’ve lost you. This does sadden me, but is not the end of my world. I will say only this last thing, then resume my previous policy of not responding directly to you (that I broke here ONLY because of the immediacy of the subject to myself), and it is this;

            They were idiots to send ANYONE, female OR male, that was obviously foreign to a riot in an Islamic country.

            Men get raped too. Ask Ambassador Stevens.

            And it was for the same reason.

            I know whereof I speak, althogh not for the same reasons as you. The fact that you CAN be public about such a thing just makes me the sadder that I cannot convince you that I am not a troll, as it speaks volumes of the courage YOU have. Men are even LESS likely to speak of it, by the way; its the same stigma as with women, times 10 because of the fact that a MAN “let” himself get overwhelmed by a sexual predator.

            As to “wordiness”, that’s just me. I’m sure you’ve noticed, as has Mr. Koffler, as has everyone else here. I don’t condense things to bumper stickers. Never have, and won’t start now. The world is a complex place. It does NOT boil down to sound bites. The desire to make it fit in 140 words is how we got in the mess we’re in now, and I won’t contribute.

            I do not like to talk about myself. I am beside the point, as are you, as are we all here; those public figures we admire and decry ARE the point. But, because of the importance of this subject, I had to share a little background, just to help make the point that – I – personally – find such things reprehensible, and would in no way countenance them.

            So, Star, have we met and are we parted. You will doubtless reject this and possibly misinterpret it, but I will say this out of the respect of one human being for another. It is heartfelt and well meant, however it may be received;

            I’ll pray for you.

            Goodbye, Star.

          1. And with “all due respect,” apparently I am not due any respect in that I am overemotional and sensitive. I notice you use words like “turd” and “pud” to refer to the president, so respect…whatever, Misscheryl.

          2. With all due respect, I’ve always considered you one of the more intelligent posters on here and have always enjoyed reading your comments.

          3. Thank you. I was just so disappointed to see this old chestnuts about rape being heated up again on this site–bec I do respect the posters here for the most part and can learn from you guys. When I see the crass language or tired old saws, I don’t know–I just get discouraged. I should not take it to heart, I guess.

  16. Well, I can’t “defend” Obama’s foreign policy but here’s a bible toting, gun clinging, old fashioned common sense mid-westerner’s take on “what” it is:

    From day the day the Muslim religion entered the White House, (January 20, 2009) Obama’s foreign policy has been quite clear:
    1. Abandon traditional America and any alliances there to (Anyone got a spare Churchill bust laying around)
    2. Elevate C.A.I.R. domestically and “moderate” Islam internationally
    3. Allow Islamist power brokers to have their way, while the administration provides media and diplomatic cover: (Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Libya, Turkey)
    4.. Penalize Judeo-Christian values and references throughout the military and the federal government and protect Muslim values and references throughout the military and federal government. (Scrubbing references in FBI and military training to “Islamists”, “Radical Muslim Extremists”..
    5. Label Islamist terrorism as “work place violence”, and rush a judge over to give a bombing suspects his rights while in the middle of an interrogation that was yielding valuable intelligence.
    6. Ignore the pain and sensitivity of 9/11 survivors and family’s and millions of Americans and insist upon the installation of a Mosque around the corner from Ground Zero.
    7. Dither on Afghanistan troop levels for an entire season in the first year of your Presidency and then give the enemy a “wink, wink” by announcing a draw-down date losing another fighting season and ultimately tell the world the date and hour the U.S. is abandoning the people of Afghanistan and turning it over to the corruption of Karzai and the out regions to the Taliban.
    8. Act like you’re “tough on terror” via drone strikes when all the while denying the U.S. any chance of interrogation and intelligence that would shed like on longer range more strategic plans.
    9. Instill confidence within Putin’s Russia that it will have their will in an Obama second term by promising “flexibility”.
    10. Install political hacks with Obama interests vs American interests at heart to every major security and intelligence agency within the government.
    11. Show the world that not only will it face no push back if it opposes American interest, it doesn’t even need to worry about killing Americans in the process. After all, if as President it’s more important to get a good nights sleep for the big campaign event the next day while Americans are dying that night, you’re pretty much comfortable with doing anything to bring America down a “notch or two”.

    How’s that for starters?

    BUT, here’s the good news, I really don’t want the car. I’ll take the Churchill Bust instead.

    Obama and crew may not realize it but there ARE still quite a few of us scattered between our “sea to shining sea” that appreciate this country and what she stands for and are still willing to do what we can to keep one man and his army of sycophants from completely destroying what so many gave their all to protect.

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