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The Obama Morning News || June 14, 2013

U.S. to arm Syrian rebels . . . Washington Post
Assad’s gains prompted Obama reversal
. . . Politico
Obama may have missed his chance . . . Politico
Obama’s exorbitant Africa trip
. . . Washington Post
Hillary delivers a political speech . . . New York Times
Dems quietly renew gun control push . . . New York Times
Coburn blasts DOJ’s “jet set” culture . . . The Hill
Obama faces pressure on gay rights . . . Washington Post
WH tries talking to House Republicans . . . Politico
Cruz: Obama assaulting freedom . . . Daily Caller

17 Responses to The Obama Morning News || June 14, 2013

  1. Re: Africa trip

    Doesn’t the Congress have an obligation to defund this stupidity? After some bad press, the Obama graciously decided to cancel their safari plans but everything else is still on track. I understand the need for Presidential trips but this is nothing more than a sequel to the Roots mini series of the 1970’s. He wants to explore his ancestors’ past, let him do it when he is out of office and on his own dime!

  2. Does anyone know the explanation (!) of why Obama used two eight year old twin girls to introduce him at the gay pride event at the WH? When I was eight years old, I had not even heard of LBGT. I know, I know, old fogey.

    • It’s all about the children, doncha know? Wait til he starts using 10 year old little girls to advertise the ‘morning after’ pill! No parental permission required! The exploitation of children by this radical Marxist and his wife is mind-boggling!

    • Because those 2 girls have 2 mommies. And we’re supposed to see them and say, “Well, they look normal, guess there’s nothing wrong with this gay marriage stuff after all.”

  3. “US to arm Syrian rebels”. Oh no, not again. I believe most ordinary people ( non politicians ) in the west are against intervention. Russia supports Assad and Al Qaida supports the “rebels”. Looks like a Vietnam-Afghanistan conflict. Or maybe a “wag the dog” operation.
    The fig leaf for intervention is the claim that Assad used chemicals. Like Tim Stanley wrote in Daily Telegraph today: Assad was caught killing in the wrong way. Had he shot, knifed or tortured his victims it would not have brought intervention but chemicals….. Well , “caught” is a dubious term, I think that even the UN couldn´t find any evidence that the chemicals were Assads mens deed. Also, why should anyone want to follow Barry into Syria when he has shown that he was not willing to defend those four men in Benghazi ?

    • I agree. I can’t see how this move could possibly end well for US interests. How is Obama’s buddy Erdogan benefiting from this? He has been supporting the rebels.

    • At one point I read in the UK Telegraph that it was most likely the rebels who were using poison gas, but I don’t know if the Telegraph has rescinded that report. It appears to be so. My guess is whichever ‘side’ into whose hands the poison gas falls will use it on the other.

      This is partly wag the dog for Obama to draw attention away from his scandals, but I’ve also read recently about Bill Clinton goading Obama into taking action. Hillary is starting to make her move and wants to separate herself from Obama. This is all about US politics and not right and wrong in Syria.

    • U.S. to supply arms to rebels in Syria. Is it just a coincidence that Turkey’s president Erdogan paid a visit to the WH two weeks ago? Did he do a little arm twisting? Is there any truth the rumor that the U.S. was gunning running to Syrian rebels from Benghazi via Turkey? Is there any link to the murder of Amb. Stevens and 3 Americans? Get to the bottom of this, Mr. Issa!

          • I’ve read that they were trying to buy Stingers back from the Libyan rebels to sell to the Syrian ones. Hillary wanted to do Arab Spring on the cheap.

      • My sense is the “gun running” operation to Syrian rebels is accurate.

        And it turned out even more tragically than the Administration’s other gun running operation to Mexico.

        But since neither of incidents are important enough to require honest investigation and accountability and consequences they are not a factor.

        Besides, we will get much better at it once immigration passes and we can have the aid and expertise of Mexican cartels.

    • Apologies the comment should read:

      Barack Obama orders CIA to provide to arm AlQaida backed Syrian Islamists.

      I keep forgetting that public political will and the consent of the Congress of Eunuchs are no longer in service

  4. Obama started so much trouble in the Middle East, he can’t be trusted to make any decisions about Syria, he doesn’t know his ass. But anyway, why are we the ones to get involved. Let them all kill themselves. All of these people in the Middle East hate America and would kill us all if they could So why are we protecting any of these radical bomb throwers, rebels or President Assad — they are all alike, CRAZY! WE SHOULD STAY OUT OF ALL OF THE MIDDLE EAST EXCEPT FOR ISRAEL. By the way, Obama and family are America’s No. 1 welfare recipients, living high on the hog and spending $100 mil ftaxpayer money for vacation and no one stops them? I know other Presidents take trips but other Presidents were leaders, they deserved it, not this one! Please! enough is enough — enough reparations for this family.