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Live Stream || White House Briefing – June 14, 2013

The briefing has concluded.

11 Responses to Live Stream || White House Briefing – June 14, 2013

  1. the reporters need to ask the little toad about obama’s vacation i mean working trip to africa. he can spend almost 100 million on his vacation i mean working trip while the children of the USA can’t tour the whitehouse or american families can’t take vacations. i’m so mad right now i can see straight. this man is an evil little turd!!

  2. Looks like another trip for the WH family. I see a visit to the G8 Summit by BO to Ireland will include the single wife and kidlets. But because the G8 is boring they will be down in S. Ireland so they can see Riverdance with Ireland’s First Lady Kenny.

    Oh but it gets better – they will then travel in separate planes and meet back in Berlin for 2 days of the sites.

    Meanwhile.. someone in the WH Administration is saying we (the US) may open our boarders for Syrian refugees. Maybe they will get to take over Detroit?? We have enough issues. Do we need more immigrants?

    When will our Executive Branch start thinking about US citizens first?

    100M + to travel to S. Africa. Unknown $$ for the Ireland / Berlin trips. We still have their summer vacation pending. Enough is enough.

    • As I was reading about this previously unknown family vacation to Ireland and Germany, I felt the first pang of envy and then anger.
      So many in my family are really struggling; the older ones lost jobs they’ll never get back and some of the younger can only find part-time jobs for minimum wage. We’re almost in a family mode that those who lived through the Great Depression used to survive. We’re helping each other, best we can.
      There are no vacactions to exotic or foreign lands, there’s not even any thought of a trip to the beach.

      It just can’t be asking too much for the First Family to show some restraint in their pursuit of fun and travel at our expense.

      • So, she can meet with Ireland’s First Lady in Ireland because it suits her. Separate planes, separate schedules for the single mother and children. What’s the point.
        Remember, she could not be bothered to meet China’s First Lady on her inaugural trip to America. Oh, that was in Moo’s back yard. She’d been there and done that. Biotch.

      • The blame America first crowd is just exacting their revenge on US. Preezy Revenge, the single mother Mooch, and their spoiled spawns are making sure that We The People pay dearly for our resistance to their fundamental change.

  3. Words can’t describe how greedy Obama is — $100 million for him and his family, why? He doesn’t deserve it thats for sure. Obama’s taking us for all he is worth, it is so obvious! I know other Presidents have taken trips but other Presidents were leaders, they deserved the trips, he does not! Obama and Holder, two lying immoral creepy guys.