In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


IRS Targeting Coincided With Obama’s Bashing of Groups

As this report by Jim Angle of Fox News makes sterling clear, the IRS targeting of conservative groups was done amidst a climate in which the president of the United States was bashing those very organizations as a threat to the nation.

Obama set the tone, and IRS officials got the message. Who doesn’t want to please the boss, especially – you think there are lots of Republicans working at senior levels of the IRS? – when you agree with him? Whether the order for this came out of the White House or not, those running this operation believed that had a bright green light to do what they did.

The people occupying this White House, from the president on down, have never really had great respect for Office of the Presidency and the awesome power they wield. Whether it’s putting their feet on the furniture, going Friday casual in the Oval Office, doing politics 24-7, or attacking private citizens, Obama and his minions don’t get where they are.

The IRS scandal is what happens when the responsibility these people have been given for The Peoples’ House is abused by having the president personally tear into private citizens. The machinery of government gets cranked up and relentlessly follows the lead of the person in charge.

161 thoughts on “IRS Targeting Coincided With Obama’s Bashing of Groups”

  1. Another coincidence – Sharyl Attkisson’s computer has been breached. Who could have possibly been behind that?

    From the top down….

  2. I’m waiting for the bow on this package: revelations that the NSA has been following these groups’ Internet, telephone and credit card usage.

    1. The need for a special investigation is now. Unfortunately, that falls under teh DOJ and Eric Holder. We will have to clean house there first. I just shake my head.

      1. You could have a special select committee in the Congress. Boehner would have to call for it. but it doesn’t appear he is going to. Frankly, I still think the establishment Republicans do not want to concede to the conservatives. They’d rather be the party of blah which you couldn’t tell apart from the Democrats.

    2. In 2012, First Term Senator Bob Casey faced a Tea Party Republican Tom Smith. Casey’s biggest thrust was bashing Smith’s Tea Party affiliation. He had a website for that specific purpose and I cannot believe it is still up and running. (I checked 2 minutes ago) and it is still up:
      Why did Casey feel comfortable doing that? For the reason Keith said. Casey’s hometown buddy, now first term US House Rep Matt Cartwright did a similar bashing in April 2012. I have the newpaper link. Same question for Matt. What clued him in that it was OK to bash TP? Obvious even if not damning.

  3. Sure I think a wink and a nod was behind most of this IRS scandal–and I think campaign types with no business in policy were winking and nodding–Plouffe, Psakis, et al. These IRS people knew they would face no consquences if they slowed down fundraising of those against the president during an election. D’oh!

  4. What you say is true. The minions follow the leader’s signals. But I still firmly believe this White House gave explicit instruction to the IRS leadership on this issue. Way too many White House meetings to believe otherwise. Obama is in this up to his eyeballs. Just like Nixon, he thinks the machinery of the Federal Government is there for him to use to accomplish whatever purpose he sees fit at the moment.

    1. And the hypocrisy continues. Our former Constitutional Law teacher is heading an effort that targets groups teaching the Constitution.

      Wouldn’t logic dictate that it’s time (finally) to investigate Obama?

  5. It’s not just the targeting of conservatives by the IRS that the government employees are using to follow their leader; the HSA’s stockpiling of a billion rounds of ammo, purchasing armored vehicles and adopting a civil quasi-military stance is in response to the people who want to “take back” our country.
    Those in power see the tea party, and all conservatives as anti-government, not what they really are; anti-BIG government. The domestic agencies are doing their best to foment a race war of Whites/vs/Blacks, or ‘patriots’ against the sitting government. Homeland Security and the IRS’s target practice using long guns and hollow-point bullets are in training to shoot us, the people, not foreign agents or terrorists.

    1. Why don’t we just state it in terms that everyone (even LIVs) can understand, using Obama’s own wording techniques:

      Barack Obama is committed to ending America as we know it.

      (and Medicare, too….)

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  7. Bravo, Keith. Thank you for being one of the few who sees the truth and is not afraid to stand up and say it. Guess I don’t need to tell you that you’ve earned your place on the regime’s enemies list. Never fear, you are in good company with the rest of US.

    1. Boehner is Nancy Pelosi in drag. Laughed out loud when I heard Louie Gohmert describe him as Tammy Faye Boehner in an interview on Glenn Beck today.

      There are a group of bold Republicans led by Michele Bachmann, Louie Gohmert and Steve King who are trying to gather support to challenge Boehner’s effort to shove amnesty down our throats. They’re going to have a ‘press conference’ in Washington, D.C. with a bunch of Tea Party Patriots next week. Glenn Beck is going to be there too.

        1. Is this the ‘bifurcated’ immigration bill I heard Ann Coulter speak about on Hannity last night? She said that if the House passed a divided bill, one part being border security, that part would get cut out in the reconciliation process with the Senate bill. I wrote to my Republican Congressman calling BS on the WSJ’s and Rubio’s comments on the benefits of amnesty. The WSJ said that the amnestied illegals would contribute badly needed money to save SS and Rubio said, get this, that the legalized illegals would pay for the border security themselves. It’s the very opposite: the illegals, if given amnesty, will be a burden on the US taxpayer with their entitlements. Boehner should never have been retained as Speaker, Susan. I’ve just read that he has been conferring with Rubio over immigration. God bless the Representatives who are fighting this.

          1. Trey Gowdy has a bill in the House — the Safe Act. I read about it and saw a video of Gowdy over at Red State. It’s worth a look. My Congressman supports Gowdy on this and that’s a very good thing since my Senator is Rubio for whom I have lost all respect.

            Rubio said he would walk away if the border was not secured truly and first. He did not. He is now left trying to make whole cloth out of the tatters. Rubio was that nicely wrapped gift that failed to function as advertised. He does not have the strength of conviction to be a conservative in this time of leftist destruction.

            Apologies for the Rubio rant…check out Gowdy’s Safe Act.

          2. No need to apologize. I remember Rubio saying that about border security. I think he said one thing in English and another in Spanish. Someone should tell him it’s too early in his career to start talking out of both sides of his mouth. And thanks, I will go over to Red State and check it out.

          3. I agree with you on Gowdy. I don’t know who your Rep is or if you are so inclined, but like I said, I called mine to check the temperature and keep him alert. I am not at all confident that the House won’t spit out some god awful thing.

          4. Mine is Greg Walden, R-OR, but he has some high position in the House and is a buddy of Boehner. I e-mailed him this morning on what I think of the immigration bill but don’t know what good it will do.

          1. Pres Johnson, I think it was, was the last of the great Congressional negotiators–along with Tip O’Neill–and they used to talk about the art of the possible. When someone says secure the borders first (meaning zero getting over?), I hear: No bill wanted.

          2. If border security is not part of the bill, no, if border security doesn’t come first, that is correct as far as I’m concerned: No thanks, no bill wanted!

          3. Johnson was no negotiator, he was an intimidator. He was a ruthless, racist unprincipled man, and long-time Texas politician before becoming VP and then president. His Great Society was meant to destroy black families and turn them into wards of the state and the Democrat party. Unfortunately, those policies have proven to be very successful over the last 50 years.

  8. The whole thing just reminds me of some thuggish mob operation. Every nod, gesture, word carries with it some unspoken call to action.

    Perhaps that is why I have trouble fitting it into a civil and political construct that I can apply to the United States of America.

    1. Hmmm, I say to myself. Instead of asking WWJD (what would Jesus do?) or WWFFD? (what would Founding Fathers/Founders do?) perhaps I should ask myself WWJGD (what would John Gotti do?) or WWDCD (what would Don Corleone do?– in deference to Obama’s Hollywood addiction).

      Yes, indeed I think I have been approaching this in too much of an old fashioned “American” God fearing, law and order kind of way. So old school.

  9. Obama, like his master Satan, does not have original ideas. He can only mar and twist, he cannot make.

    This “plausible deniability” placing of “hits” on troublesome groups without actually ordering it thing’s been done before…

    ‘“What miserable drones and traitors have I nurtured and promoted in my household who let their lord be treated with such shameful contempt by a low-born cleric!” were the words which sparked the darkest event in Henry’s religious wranglings. This speech has translated into legend in the form of “Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?” – a provocative statement which would perhaps have been just as riling to the knights and barons of his household at whom it was aimed as his actual words. Bitter at Becket, his old friend, constantly thwarting his clerical constitutions, the King shouted in anger but most likely not with intent. However, four of Henry’s knights, Reginald Fitzurse, Hugh de Morville, Lord of Westmorland, William de Tracy, and Richard le Breton overheard their King’s cries and decided to act on his words.

    On 29 December 1170, they entered Canterbury Cathedral, finding Becket near the stairs to the crypt. They beat down the Archbishop, killing him with several blows. Becket’s brains were scattered upon the ground with the words; “Let us go, this fellow will not be getting up again.” Whatever the rights and wrongs, it certainly tainted Henry’s later reign. For the remaining 20 years of his rule, he would personally regret the death of a man who “in happier times…had been a friend”.’

    It was about taking money from people for the Kings personal pleasure,
    ‘”Henry proposed that the charge of two shillings on every hide of land that had traditionally been paid by landowners to the local sheriff, should henceforth be paid directly to the royal treasury. The archbishop, speaking on behalf of the assembled landowning nobles and bishops, protested that the sheriff’s aid was a fee for service, not a tax. No doubt the landowners thought they could withhold all or part of it, if the sheriff was not performing his duties as the local policeman and protector of property.’

    And THEN, Henry has a blasphemous meltdown!

    ‘Flashing into his usual temper tantrum, Henry exclaimed:

    “By the eyes of God, it shall be given as revenue and in the King’s scroll shall it be writ. Nor is it fit that thou shouldst gainsay me, when no man would oppose your men against your will.”’

    Sound like any rulers YOU know?

    Picture The Angry Caliph as Henry (he certainly sees HIMSELF as THE King, so you may as well play along, at least for now), ACTUAL conservatives as Becket (saying things the King doesn’t like), and Federal agencies as his knights, and you get the idea…

    Unlike Henry, though, Obama isn’t likely to have any regrets when his thugs finish beating our fiscal brains out onto the floor, and he never WAS our friend. Other than that, fits pretty well, right down to tainting his “later reign”.

    In Henry’s case, it did not damage him enough to end his overlordship, and indeed he went on to establish a dynasty. I wonder if they had RINO Republican enablers then as well? Did John the Marshall have a crying problem like John the Boehner? SOMEONE sure dropped the ball. Just like it’s being dropped NOW…

    Pray we have a better end…

  10. You can take the thugs out of Chicago but you can’t take the thuginess out of them. Alinskyites to the end! Obama is surrounded by a cadre of radicals who know the drill. Valjar is his firewall – the Obama whisperer. She is omnipresent – ubiquitous. He never leaves home without her. A moat has been built around the palace – we are under seige from the enemy within. The Weeper of the House sees no evil, hears no evil, and speaks no evil. He is a eunuch! Can a few good men – Cruz, Lee, Gowdy, et al – save the Republic? 2014 is just around the corner! It’s going to take a revolution!

  11. you nailed it, Keith: “Obama and his minions don’t get where they are.”

    they don’t seem to realize that being president is an incredible privilege. they’ve spent so much of their lives blaming America first, they don’t understand that they’re on the other side now.

    I think Democrats should always be the out party and Republicans should always be running things. the lefties can be useful gadflies to keep the Republicans honest, but really folks, they can’t govern their way out of a paper bag.

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  18. well yes everyone knows the truth behind false Americans in the white house, yet they attempt to deny that anything out of the ordinary is happening when they cant see that it is they who created the ”new” ordinary that shines revealing light on their every deed and word, this to them must be very aggravating indeed as the harder they try to cover it up the more comes seeping through into the public realm. there are many that are blinded to this truth but yet even they have a very uneasy feeling that something just isn’t right, they blindly follow the noise that they hear from down the darkened hallway, oh it sounds so reassureing,so close, by feeling the wall they make their way forward,ah there they are we are so close say the blind to each other, then with a few more steps they fall into a never ending pit of doom and despair but now with one difference their blindness being no longer need they are made to see, and what they see makes them scream and scream and scream…….

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