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CBS: “Sophisticated” Attack on Attkisson’s Computer

CBS News said Friday that an investigation had confirmed that on multiple occasions, the computer of reporter Sharyl Attkisson was subject to “sophisticated” attacks.

From a statement by CBS:

Evidence suggests this party performed all access remotely using Attkisson’s accounts. While no malicious code was found, forensic analysis revealed an intruder had executed commands that appeared to involve search and exfiltration of data.

This party also used sophisticated methods to remove all possible indications of unauthorized activity, and alter system times to cause further confusion. CBS News is taking steps to identify the responsible party and their method of access.

At the time Attkisson first suspected the attacks last December she was reporting on the administration’s response to Benghazi – one of the only mainstream reporters at the time taking the issue seriously. Attkisson, who has been nearly alone among the mainstream press in consistently seeking to apply accountability to the administration and investigate its possible misdoings, also reported extensively on the “Fast and Furious” gun running scandal.

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  1. Wow. How mysterious that the only reporter in the MSM to actually try to report on Fast and Furious and Benghazi is the subject of the attack. Might just be coincidence. But I don’t really believe in coincidence.

  2. And the MSM journolists will rally behind their good investigative reporter colleague — when they can prove that Boooosh did it.

    Right now they are too busy scrambling back on the Obama bandwagon of overseas intervention, abuse of power and privacy … all the things they guarded against when they were the 4th estate and not part of the 5th column.

  3. An administration spokesman said he U-S will be providing weapons, but no “boots on the ground” in the war on whoever is hacking into reporter Attkinsson’s accounts.
    The spokesman said this violation of this reporter’s constitutionally guaranteed rights deserve all the protection this administration can muster.
    ((This is not a real quote, but it may be surreal!))

  4. If I’m reading this right, someone hacked into her online computer to extract information on her hard drive and left a amateurish footprint.
    This theft of information probably wasn’t the work of the NSA; their snooping capability is too sophisticated for such a sloppy hack.

    This was the work of a political operative, working for a certain concern that wanted to know how much she knew, and who was giving her information.
    Mysteries associatied with crimes have two main questions to answer; who benefits and/or who had a motive. The usual suspects are those who would be harmed by the information if made public, and the motive would be to prevent the publication of this information.
    Who wanted the story buried, and who had enough juice to make that happen is the answer to the mystery.

    1. The article suggested countermeasures were used to disguise the intrusion. So, as far as political hacks go, I don’t think George Stephanopoulos did it in his robe at 0200 in his well-appointed den.
      No, it was someone with skill but not the NSA.
      It’s a contractor of some sort – a “Used-To-Be”.

  5. “All of this makes me pine for the old days when the spooks just snuck in, planted a bug in your phone or office. Today it’s all about drones, exfiltration, forensics. It was all so much more personal in my day.”

    From the grave: J. Edgar Hoover

      1. Only have to look at who’s running the Dept of Injustice to see how this kind of power in the hands of evil can destroy a society. Unlike Holder, Hoover was a fervent anti-communist. Maybe we wouldn’t be in the fix we are today if the FBI had these tools to root out the commies and pinkos before they implanted themselves in the leviathan. Unfortunately, these new tools are in the hands of the commies and pinkos and they are being used as weapons against the American people.

  6. Look, can there be any question? This was probably conducted by an affiliate organization – providing a cut-out and deniability. But there can be no doubt that allies of the President hacked her in a 21st Century black-bag operation. Did the Russians do it? Guccifer? Lucifer?
    Nope, the Committee to Re-Elect the President did it.

  7. The news about the attacks on Sheryl Attkissons computer are chilling, very chilling. The government now commands a fearful weapon against dissidents. I just read in my newspaper over here ( Svenska Dagbladet ) that the US authorities dig with frenzy into Snowdens background and have found that he has written hundreds of comments under various alias during his CIA time. The comments are critical towards the surveillance in society. Comments like ” society is too obedient to the snooping authorities” ( I could have written that one myself ) It made me think that our comments here and other places might come back to haunt us, you never know when or were. It also convinces me that Snowden really was appalled by what he saw and that he acted for a good cause.

    1. US authorities dig with frenzy into Snowdens background and have found that he has written hundreds of comments under various alias during his CIA time. The comments are critical towards the surveillance in society.


      Perhaps the authorities should have vetted him more thoroughly.

    2. Dianne (“let’s take away ALL the guns”) Feinstein testified that violations of privacy are necessary — just in case someday somebody somehow turns into a terrorist.

      Should she (and her husband who looks to have profited handsomely from weapons deals and FDIC use of tax dollars) be checked out? She did have a concealed weapons permit, after all.

    1. I can’t wait to hear what inspirational message he presents at the Brandenburg Gate. Maybe he’ll ask them to put it back up????

      1. Merkel told the punk candidate Obama to get lost in 2008 when he tried to make a speech at the Brandenburg Gate. Well guess what, he’s still that same obnoxious punk! Or should I say malignant narcissist!

      2. I have my fingers crossed that there will be a) a poor showing and b) protests over NSA spying including lots of boos.

        1. It’s a perfect time for dispossessed Americans to storm the Obama palace with a new battle cry: TEAR DOWN THIS MOAT! It’s going to take a palace coup to overthrow this regime.

    2. As long as Americans are denied tours of their White House the Obama family should be denied vacationing on the taxpayer dime. It is true that past first families tagged on official trips, but none while denying the American people access to the White House during their own vacations.

      It has been estimated that the African Adventure could fund an estimated 1,350 weeks of White House Tours.

      And the argument that this is a Secret Service budgeting issue is just pure pap.

      1. Agree gracepmc. Too bad we have ‘Tammy Faye’ Boehner in control of the leviathan’s purse strings. He’s content being one of the eunuchs in Obama’s harem.

  8. I am still intrigued with this Ben Rhodes advisor to Obama who has been taking the lead on Syria announcements and also plugging the silly “bang for the buck” on trip to Africa at one hundred million dollars.
    His brother is a hgh executive at CBS and supposedly Ben Rhodes helped reivse the Talking Points for Susan Rice on Benghazi.
    Maybe he should be checked out for involvement in Cheryl Attkisson’s computer problems.

    1. The following link is for a report on MrObamas trip to Tanzania by the Tanzanian newspaper;

      It’s a shame that we have to look to foreign newspapers and other outlets to find out what our President is doing in the US.
      500 businessmen and investors are going to be on AF1 and other planes to accompany the Obamas on their African trip.

      I don’t want to get all cynical and all, but this sounds like Obama’s encouraging American investors to , gasp!, outsource jobs and investment money by exploiting cheap labor in Africa.

      500? wow, must be some logistical magic going on there.
      It would be interesting to have someone detail where these 500 executives are going to be bedded; are there 1200 empty hotel rooms in Tanazania’s capital?

      Why is everything such a big falootin’ secret in DC and why do they lie, obsfucate, hide, twist and spin everything. Just venting.

      1. I already knew the Chinese were colonizing in Africa, but now Obama is going there too. Doesn’t anyone find it highly ironic (overusing this word lately, but can’t be avoided) that Obama, the great anti-colonialist, plans to exploit the resources and cheap labor of the subcontinent? Of course, as you say, we Americans are always the last to find out.

      2. Sounds like Obama’s preparing for his post-Presidential years and becoming a very wealthy man.

        That’s okay by me as long as an Executive Order for a third term isn’t in the cards.

          1. You all understand that Obama is going to inspire and improve the lives of the African people. It is the businessmen and investors and tag alongs who are going to exploit the continent and the people. And had he known they were motivated by capitalist greed and exploitation and had no intention of building schools, providing clean water, better infrastructure….So now, because of their duplicity 75% of any profit garnered on the continent must be returned to either the DNC or the Barack Obama “Foundation” via the convenient Swiss bank routing system.

          2. Before she left the Obama bandwagon, didn’t Oprah Winfrey claim that she built that school in Africa because kids here (i.e., Chicago) just didn’t have the attitude to justify such an investment?

      3. Vent on, srdem. It is the only way to cope with this out of control government that has become completely unmoored from our Constitution.

        The Obama family is traveling to Africa with a delegation of more than 1200 people, and they’re doing it on our dime! Just proof positive that he is carrying out his agenda against US – redistribution of America’s wealth. No doubt each and every one of those 500 businessmen and investors are big donors to OFA.

    2. Ben Rhodes deludes himself that he is an FP/ME “expert”. He is like nails on a blackboard to me. Obama’s foreign policy team is shallow at best.

    3. Just goes to show what a coward Obama is -sending a lowly underling out to do his job of informing the world about arming the rebels while he is doing 3 fundraisers a day. The taxpayers are getting zero bang for their buck while the Chicago grifters play ‘catch me if you can’ with $100M of our taxpayer $$$. What is it going to take to overthrow this regime?

  9. The more I think about this, the more I think they are not just “connecting” times and which number called which–and I don’t think a “court” is ruling on much of what they are doing. They are–it now comes out–smashing together FB, credit card activity (which means travel), and when you think of the stuff just the 3 credit bureaus have, they could pinpoint any one of us and know more than we know ourselves. Will they let us know if someone steals our ID? Say a “terrorist” did–then we are toast and have to prove we are not a terrorist. This is so complex it boggles the mind. But I know they have minds that are NOT boggled–and that is what worries me.

    1. As for that Rhodes–another true believer, slippery. I saw my old nemesis Austen Goulsbee on the news the other night, and he seemed almost OK. Ack! I am losing it.

    2. Of course. I mistakingly dial your number, leave a message for “Tom”, you return my call and tell me I dialed the wrong number. An hour later, you’re at the mall, buying something, so am I. Later we both show credit card purchases at the food court.
      Authorities could put 1 + 1 together and get 3 with that little information; the gathered info “proves” that we know each other and socialize together.

      1. Another good example. I can see fragments “suggesting” a link–and then someone spending $100K in lawyers to prove what they say is NOT true. Proving a negative in other words. This is where those who blithely say, “If you haven’t done anything wrong you have nothing to worry about” are taking us. Or we are probably there and don’t know it. Tell this to people wrongly jailed–who spend years trying to disentangle. In DC, for example, there were Muslim kids in my daughter’s school–if I called for a play date, would I have been checked, watched?

        1. I know this sounds kinda tin foil hatty, but we used to have a Muslim woman and her sons across the street–she walked her trash across the street, down the side of my property and to our dumpsters in the alley–every night! Her trash was in my dumpsters. She left, but this went on for yrs.

        2. So you are saying you think this Administration tracks Muslims in America. They do not monitor mosques and there are numerous examples where they have been pressured that a close look at Muslims in America is islamophobic.

          And quite frankly it is my opinion that Muslims in America have more freedom from government intrusion than Christians or Jews.

          If you

          1. Yes, I do think that. I think all this stuff about how they don’t track this or that about Muslims is window dressing. I don’t know if they were tracking that woman–but I think she may have thought so.

          2. Just when I think these alphabet agency people are such geniuses, I remember one of them, at least, had met that Tamerlan guy–when those pix came ouf of the two walking along, did the trained FBI agent call and say, “Hey! I met with that guy!” Nope. Not that I know of.

  10. I’m sure no one PLANNED to attack her computer. It was probably just a group of unrelated people who happened to get together to discuss some insulting video or something, and one thing let to another, and pretty soon, they accidentally invaded Ms. Attkisson’s HDD in a fit of justifiable outrage…

    Don’t worry about it. As Hillary would say, “What difference does it make”?

    1. You may be right. A group of young gamers playing on one of the MMORPG whatevers as one hits too many keys at once. Presto! he lands in some lady’s computer, noodles around until he decides it’s not part of the game and backs out.

      Makes sense.

  11. If you can get the WSJ–check the front page, today, Sat–about the data they are collecting on us–bit by bit, and now they can add up the bits…this is prob only what they are willing to reveal…and they are using it to catch thieves etc.

  12. The Post & Email has reported on Fast & Furious and was hacked many times between 2009 and early 2012, when we were forced to move to a private server at 15 times the monthly cost we had been paying before. My email accounts have been breached and my telephone monitored. I told the FBI about the eavesdropping 18 months ago, long before any of this made the news.

    Nevertheless, The Post & Email has reported unflinchingly on the Obama identity/eligibility issue, fraudulent birth certificate, constitutional violations, and law-breaking for nearly four years.

  13. The contest now is to guess the correct number of times Administration officials, asked about the attack on Attkisson’s computer. will respond, “I didn’t know about it,” “It’s news to me”, “I wasn’t aware of it”, “You’d have to check with Justice about that”, “It was done by low level operatives”, “All I know about it is what I read in the newspapers”, “The President had nothing to do with it”, “Would you repeat the question, Congressman?”.

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