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Biden Tapped for Fundraisers Four of Five Days This Week

Some 17 months before Election Day 2014, Vice President Biden is on his way to becoming a full time fundraiser for the Democratic Party, having been scheduled to host events four out of five days this week.

Biden’s new full time occupation is part of what has become an take-no-prisoners White House campaign to seize Congress for the Democrats and rule as much as possible by fiat the last two years of President Obama’s term.

Let's go raise some cash.
Let's go raise some cash.

Obama Wednesday staged three fundraisers in two states, bringing his total for the year to 18. And now Biden too is jumping onto the money-grabbing circuit with gusto.

As the vice president tours the country raising cash, taxpayers will foot a substantial portion of bill, especially when “official” non-political events are thrown in, as is the case with Biden’s fundraiser in California Friday.

Biden’s fundraising not only helps Obama but, perhaps more importantly for Biden, it builds up IOUs among Democrats whose support he will seek should he run for president in 2016, as widely expected.

Biden started the week with a fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee in Washington Monday. On Tuesday, he attended another Washington event, this one for Rep. Ed Markey, the Democratic Senate candidate in Massachusetts.

Biden took Wednesday off. He was scheduled to attend another DNC fundraiser Thursday in Washington, but the event was called off because of forecasts for heavy rain.

Today he will travel San Francisco to once again raise money for the DNC. But first he will land at Camp Pendleton for an official event with children of military service members who have been killed. The event will help defray the costs to the DNC of bringing Biden out to California.

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59 thoughts on “Biden Tapped for Fundraisers Four of Five Days This Week”

  1. Those fake union votes by the bus full don’t come cheap. $20 bucks a head is a lot of fundraisers. It’s a lot of schmoozing to steal an election.

  2. I can’t until the time comes when 3 branches of government pronounce themselves guardians of all that is good for this country and no longer see the need to “fund raise,” they’ll just take what they want from our 401Ks and IRAs.

  3. There are a few signs of a rift between the Clintons and the Obamas already, and before it’s all over, Obama will be supporting Biden for the next President of the United States.

    1. You voted for them, don’t say we. Only in America can the worst people seek the presidency by any means possible and think they have a chance at it. Obama, the campaigner in chief has taught him well.

  4. Since the barrage of scandals broke, it seems Biden has been the only one not scuffed-up by it all. Hill is damaged and listing in the water (her campaign ’16 kick-off book is already being knocked as heavily ghost-written before it’s even typed). There will be a complete and merciless analysis of her tenure at State during the primaries and she won’t look very good – media protection can only do so much. After Guccifer hacked her private email account and blew it into the ether, there is still A LOT of potentially harmful information that you know will appear. After all these years, Americans still haven’t made up their minds about her – and that’s not good. Joe’s not in bad shape really; he’s got fund-raising and corn-shucking to do for the next 3 years as opposed to Kerry who has the Middles East, Russia and China et al to screw up. Folks cut Joe a lot of slack for the dumb things he says too. Saying dumb things in public seems to be just part of the American Experience.

  5. This administration has become the administration of, Party, golf, vacations, hanging with Hollywood, TV face time, speeches, campaigning, divisiveness ( class warfare and racial divide are the worst ever) and arrogance. JOBS, ECONOMY, and WORLD RESPECT FOR THE USA have been abandoned.

  6. This reminds me of Fat Albert Gore’s fundraising in Clinton’s second term. The image of Joe Biden possibly meeting with a group of those same Buddhist monks is priceless.

  7. The O-B gyn team have found their demographic — even if only their parents can vote right now. Today the kids of military, yesterday they were introduced at the Gay Pride party (O’s words) by two nine year old sisters who dutifully read their introduction, even joining in unison for the final words. They started by saying they want to take “guns away from bad guys”. How cute.

    Nowhere to be seen was Ellen Sturtz, who rightfully confronted Michelle at an LGBT event over a non-discrimination Executive Order that Obama, after promising to sign it, has left on his desk for several years. No chance the kiddies would bring that up.

  8. This folks is how the Democrats support their Liberal Agenda and stay in power. If they are not attending a fundraiser then they are creating one so they can spread the wealth around to other Democrats running for office. So, you want to stop their movement DONATE TO THEIR OPPOSITION and stop complaining. By the way, as corrupt the DNC is this Fundraising Travel is probably at the Taxpayers Expense. which of course helps them immensely AF#1 and #2 is not cheap so, we probably pay for our own demise even though they say they pay for their own travel…yea right!

  9. Have the media lost their minds? This behavior by this president and this vice president is criminal. They are supposed to be leading the country, but instead, they are out raising money so they can try and win back the house of representatives next year.
    Q-WHAT are they doing???
    A-Whatever they want.
    Our country is doomed.

  10. Don’t worry about Biden being “tapped” for fundraising. He was also tapped for foreign policy expertise and to promote the Summer of Recovery and Gun-Control. That he even considers running for POTUS in 2016 is astounding, but I guess if people like Weiner can fool people, he can too.

    1. because it’s Washington DC and everything is “company business.” What these politicians say, goes. Period. If you don’t think so, try and do something about it.

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  12. Well, good. I hope Biden has a lot of cash in 2016. Hillary will make him look fully the idiot he is and all that cash will be for naught. (Doesn’t anyone else remember how ridiculous Biden was when he ran in ’88? How he lied about his war service record and was forced out of the race? How he can’t put cogent sentences together on the stump? I look forward to the show, and will be bringing popcorn.)

    But proving Biden the idiot, while easy enough, will still require Hillary’s resources and mindshare, forcing her to stay “against Biden” rather than “against the Republicans” for longer than otherwise would happen.

    1. I find it funny you bring up the woman who her whole career and skated through the raindrops. She was fired during watergate, liked during whitewater, spent more time trying to be an Asst. President insted of first lady, lied and dodged during Benghazi and now you want to try to put her in the big chair!!! If she gets in office, what is left of this country will be doomed.

    2. Y’know, I agree…but politics turn on a dime and Hillary as a shoo-in just isn’t reality any more. Americans have a short, short memory but flash a few pics of Christopher Stevens being dragged though the streets and they remember.
      Bill Clinton didn’t have to run on images of Delta guys being dragged through streets – just wasn’t a re-election issue by ’96.
      Hillary will have to run against all of this.
      She better have a lot of money.

  13. I believe our last honest election was the 2010 mid-terms. After the drubbing the regime took from the Tea Party, they kicked their transformation of America into high gear. Not surprised they’re spending so much time on the road collecting protection money from their rich radical friends. It takes lots and lots of payola to buy that massive voter database they have on every American. Not to mention the money they have to throw at their partners in crime – the hordes of gimmedats, corruptocrat Democrats, and Republican turncoats like Roberts, McConnell, Boehner, and their ilk.

    1. We need to send the same message from 2010 to both the Republicans and the Democrats next year in spades. The Republicans were perfectly happy to blame the 2012 election on the conservatives and to kick them when they thought (erroneously) that we were down. I’d add Rubio and Christie to your list. Did you know Christie made an appearance in Chicago with the Clintons to support their foundation?

      1. Didn’t know that, Julie. I did catch the end of Greta’s show last night and saw a clip of Crispy Creme Christie slow jamming the news with Jimmy Fallon. Ugh…turned my stomach right before bedtime. Just goes to show that Crispy and Preezy are cut from the same cloth…

  14. I didn’t realize the job of the VP was to raise funds for his friends. So WE the people pay Biden to run fundraisers? For his buddies?
    Didn’t a Senator Orie just get put in jail for that? I’m so sick of watching these criminals run wild. Now we got Obama with WMD’s, excuse me, “chemical weapons” in Syria. Maybe they’ll find Iraq’s WMD’s in the same facility as the chem weapons. It’s all lies, I’m sick of it.

  15. when the IRS asks me how much I made last year, I’m going to say
    I don’t know.
    if they ask again I’ll say
    I plead the 5th
    When they ask me if I paid health insurance I’ll say
    I don’t know, I’m not aware of that, it’s not in my job description.
    When they ask agian
    I plead the 5th
    If congress won’t deny funds to these criminals. I WILL.

    1. We got nailed this year for some missing expense receipts. The expenditures were real, we simply did not have the needed receipts for our accountant to claim them.
      I understand that the big party in Anaheim with the inept line dancers had expense reports turned in with no receipts. Now, you try that on the IRS.

    1. You mean a President who is actually a leader and led corporations, charities, and has run a state. Oh year, we are really better off with the community organizer.

      1. There were no Romneyphones promised. We lost our best chance to bring our nation back to what it should be. $125B on tax payer welfare? Why shouldn’t those recipients show up to do some honest work in the community parks, with the city or county jails, helping in any way possible to make our cities and counties better. No, they will stay home and be productive–making more babies is their idea of being productive. Then, their payments will go up. We are nuts!

  16. Do either of these two A Holes ever do the business for which the dumbed down public elected them? Why the hell are we still paying them?

  17. While the dynamic duo run around the country to raise money, nobody is running the country apparently. Agencies just delegated to run amok spying and punishing non-supporters of the regime as they please. The insanity continues…

  18. The White House pretty much shut this old bas***d up a few months ago. They’ll only let him speak to 100% liberal crowds nowadays.

  19. Ya get what ya pay for………So, Biden worth about $1.25
    per speech. They used to say we got the best politicians money can buy, but that changed too some years back. Now, we get made in China politicians

  20. What else is he going to do? He is a moron, and every time he opens his mouth he says something that is less and less intelligent. Wow – sounds a lot like…

  21. If Listening to the Nonsense Senile Joe spouts makes you want to donate to the Democrats..You could be Mentally Ill !!!

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