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U.S. Officials Say Assad Used Chemical Weapons

Updated 7:42 pm ET

U.S. officials said this afternoon that the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad did indeed use chemical weapons, crossing the “red line” established last year by President Obama.

The declaration suggests some type of U.S. response will be in order, though it’s not clear at this point exactly what that will be. But it will include some kind of military support for the rebels.

“The president has made a decision about providing more support to the opposition that will involve providing direct support to the [Supreme Military Council]. That includes military support,” National Security spokesman Ben Rhodes told reporters.

The White House, which has resisted entreaties from other parts of the administration for a strong response, is now under increasing pressure not only from outside parties like Sen. John McCain and Bill Clinton, who have come out in favor of a robust response, but from the fact that Obama would seem feckless were he not to make good on his own threat.

In a statement today, Rhodes reiterated the “red line” formulation:

The President has been clear that the use of chemical weapons – or the transfer of chemical weapons to terrorist groups – is a red line for the United States, as there has long been an established norm within the international community against the use of chemical weapons.  Our intelligence community now has a high confidence assessment that chemical weapons have been used on a small scale by the Assad regime in Syria.  The President has said that the use of chemical weapons would change his calculus, and it has.

Obama’s senior advisers met Wednesday on Syria while the president was out fundraising, but it does not appear they reached any conclusions about what to do.

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    • Watch out, Bashir! You’re about to get a strongly worded letter.

      …of condemnation? And right after I get back from my multi-million dollar trip to Africa. So put that in your “hookah” and smoke it!

    • Bashir’s telephone calls are going to be collected and his emails read, and perhaps Barack will unfriend him on Facebook, block his twitter feed.

      Some of Bashir’s emails:

      “FW:FW:FW: Funny: Monkeys reject they are related to Jews”

      “When are you going to reform?”

      “Can I borrow your video next week?”

      From Zurichaccount5325612
      “Confirmation of Deposit”

      From Tehran HomeDepot
      “Delivery of Chemicals has shipped!”

  1. I don’t care what those murdering, violent, and war-mongering Syrians do to each other so that one side or the other has the power to rule. It’s a civil war of one religious tribe trying to defeat another religious tribe. This has nothing to do with democracy, or anything noble.

    No more American blood and treasure spent in Islamic countries.
    No more.

    • srdem, I whole heartedly agree! After we come in to “rescue” them, do they thank us?? Right with suicide bombers! There is no “good” or “right” side in those countries!

    • His Most Arrogance will or may have to got permission from the Chinese gov er rulers to send a little help to save face but you know interference by the U. S. will ruffle some feathers in Iran also.

    • I’m with you, srdem. Unfortunately, this corrupt regime is using the declaration as a front to arm the “rebels” who have sworn allegiance to al Qaeda. I’m sure Senator McCain is doing backflips over the news. Preezy Revenge and his ilk are sleeping with the enemy and we’re footing the bill. God have mercy on America.

    • I forget. Would Obamao feel the need to bow to a murdering dictator because he was from an Arab country, even though he wears $3000 tailored suits or is the bowing reserved for those wearing flowing robes. Or mayors of American cities who happen to look vaguely Asian?

  2. Just reading about the FBI director and he has no “clue” about the IRS investigation. Does anybody in authority, know anything? Like..who is in charge here, folks? What a mess!!

  3. Tried to buy a red magic-marker at Walmart the other day but they were out. Seems they’ve all been procured by the White House so they can continue to draw new red lines!!

  4. Our politicians and barry will arm the rebels who are loyal to Al Qaeda which of course, we’ve been doing secretly all along.

  5. Very off-topic, but I thought you might like to see my illegal alien amnesty message to my Senators:

    1. No access to Welfare, etc.? Their anchor babies give them direct access to American social service money.
    2. No criminal record? The instant they crossed the border they became a lawbreaker and every day that they remain here they are breaking our laws.
    3. Learn English? That’s a laugh — look at how Spanish has already wormed its way into our nation despite “a working knowledge of English” being a requirement for citizenship.
    4. Back of the line for citizenship? Think they care? If they wanted to be citizens they would have done it the right way. They just wanted to live here and work – AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THIS AMNEST BILL GIVES THEM.

    We need to deport all illegal aliens as we secure the border. Make it so that no one who was ever an illegal alien on our soil can ever have a permit to work here to become a citizen. Rethink our immigration goals and makes sure we invite in people who want to be American, not every Chechen who cries “refugee” and every border jumper who says, “It’s for my family.”

  6. It all boils down to the fact that Assad and his Hezbolla/Iranian shia allies (backed by Russia) were starting to win over the Saudi Wahabi “rebels” ( who hate us only a little bit less than they hate the Jews) and so the Saudis staring defeat in the face have picked up their direct Islamic hot line to Dictator Obama and gave him his marching orders to start aiding the rebels or else. Of course I hope everybody realizes that this puts us in a proxy war with Russia. Look at the utter ruin and chaos Dictator Obama and his bestest gal pal Hillary Clinton have brought about in the Middle East.

    By the way has Congress once again surrendered their constitutional powers to Dictator Obama so he can declare war on whomever he wants without their approval?

    • “I hope everybody realizes that this puts us in a proxy war with Russia.”

      of course,so much for the man who is going to bring about change in how the world views us.

      “By the way has Congress once again surrendered their constitutional powers to Dictator Obama so he can declare war on whomever he wants without their approval?”

      and this bears repeating.

    • Libya was the precedent, Junius. Sure Congress pretended to be outraged, but it didn’t stop Boehner from funding the Libyan conflict. All three branches of our government are unmoored from the Constitution and in cahoots with each other to centralize power. Syria is Obama’s wag the dog event and it could lead to WWIII.

  7. Assad has to see what has happened to the last few dictators and think about his options. Will he a) loot, flee and live in exile, 2) wait for the Saddam/Qaddafi ending, or 3) go out in a blaze of Ba’thist glory and attack Israel? Tough choice, but I would order an attack on the Zionists after just leaving the country… but that’s just me, I’m a scorched earth type of person. As in Gulf War 1 & 2, you got to get Israel involved to have a chance against the great Satan. It’s a lot easier when you share a border…and Iran has got to be salivating right now. They know BHO is a pussy, but good at leaving things in chaos…where there’s chaos, there’s opportunity.

  8. Wag the dog! With all his scandals this will provide a big distraction. Every time Carney gives a WH briefing, he will deflect questions on Obama’s scandals and steer them to ‘the war’. We will be hearing about the Republicans attacking our Commander-in-Chief in a time of war. The MSM will fall for it hook-line-and-sinker. And now all the clones of the Tsarnaev brothers will be coming to the US for political asylum and go to the head of the entitlement lines.

  9. The G8 summit is due to take place in Ireland, June 17-18.

    “After careful consultation with our partners” …. oh, just fill in the rest from memory.

  10. Trouble, OBUMMMER does have the guts (those things dangling below his belt) to do anything about Assad “crossing the red line.” OBUMMER is afraid of offending his Muslim brothers.

  11. What I meant to say:

    “Trouble is, OBUMMMER does NOT have the guts (those things dangling below his belt) to do anything about Assad “crossing the red line.” OBUMMER is afraid of offending his Muslim brothers.”

    • Wow. What could go wrong there? Thousands of non-English speaking men, their illiterate wives and daughters, and their surly sons would just fit in …….somewhere.

      Detroit. We could house them in the ramshackle houses and crime ridden neighborhoods that will make them think they’re still in their homeland.

      Oakland. They would fit in nicely with the non-English speaking Hispanics, and would bring a nice addition to the gang wars.

      NewYork. Nobody would even notice that they were refugees, because everyone in NewYorkCity looks and acts like refugees.

      Ah, Chicago. Of course, where diversity is the cornerstone of the Dem machine and they would be instantly registered as Dems, and celebrated as bringers of Peace.

      • There’s a small pocket of densely populated apt. bldgs in West L.A. next to the 405 where Section 8 welfare recipients are warehoused.. For years, it has been populated primarily with destitute, illiterate Mexicans; but lately I have noticed an influx of young, swarthy, wild-eyed middle eastern males. I used to take this route to get to the freeway but no more. When I was stopped for a red light, several of them crossed in front of my car and started making obscene gestures. I wanted to run over all of them, but thought better of it. This is just a miniscule glimpse into what is happening to this once great nation. For what it’s worth, Muslims are breeding faster than hispanics!

        • Yeah, and all I can say is thanks Bush, Clinton, Bush and barry and all the politicians in between. That’s what their NAFTA and one world order will get us. We’re the big losers here. I no longer separate the president from others as though one is more responsible than they – they’re all responsible for doing this to us. A simple vote won’t change what’s wrong.

      • Especially if they’re muslim extremist and Al Qaeda sympathizers. Just what this country needs more of. I never thought I’d see the day when those who killed over 3,000 of our innocent citizens would be armed by us and given safe haven.

  12. So His Royal Arrogance, the campaigner in chief, is out playing (campaigning) while his aids do his homework? When is he going to grow up and start acting like our President?

    Off topic – while you and I are being spied on, our phone, email and web records collected, they have deemed Mosques off limit. And this is one of the reasons they didn’t know about the Boston Bombers ahead of time. As long as they’re collecting data on all of us, pray tell why wouldn’t they collect it on Mosques which are known to harbor terrorists?

    • So His Royal Arrogance, the campaigner in chief, is out playing (campaigning) while his aids do his homework? When is he going to grow up and start acting like our President?


      Never. He is a narcissist. His emotional development stopped at a very early age.

  13. Obama waited too long to act. The Syrian rebels were forced to find “allies” where they could. The US is not among them. So, of course, now we’ll probably send arms, money and most likely men to some hell hole swarming with Islamists who will take what we give and we will get nothing in return.

    The lesson of Egypt is no matter what — the US will never cut off the money.

  14. now that we have a Muslim Pres. he is going send our broke country into a war and help them. will someone please stop this guy… he is getting away with so much and it makes me sick. just sick!

      • Not all of them are ruling class elitists. There are a few patriots fighting the good fight in the cesspool of Washington, D.C. We need to make sure they get the support they need in the battle to restore liberty and freedom in America. It can be done if Americans stand up and speak out.

          • Rubio is a great disappointment, but there will always be those who betray our trust. That is why I put my faith in no man. Those who deserve our support will make themselves known. Two that have made themselves known in the Senate are Cruz and Lee.

          • and Bridenstein…but, it will take more than these three. I just wish Americans, whatever their party affiliation would come to the realization that those in government aren’t on our side. They are enslaving all of us. They are creating a division that no rationale person can heal and doing it for their own benefit and thirst for power and money. It’s not the majority of democrats and the majority of republicans against each other. It’s a majority of politicians against all of the citizenry.

  15. To the Obama Administration: Anyone with half a brain knew Assad use chemical weapons weeks ago. These were the weapons all of you in the Democrat party said did not exist in Sadam”s Iraq. Again, anyone with half a brain knew these were transferred across the border to prevent knowledge that in fact Sadam did have WMD, which we knew he had used on the Kurds. Again we all knew this yet the Democrats refused to acknowledge it, and still do. The Democrat Party has lided through it’s teeth and still does through the godfather of liars, Obama.
    This Administration is the worst ever. It is destroying America in every area, but people refuse to wake up. I have had it with all Democrats and RINOs, which sadly is about 95% of the party. May God have mercy on this once great country that is trying to eradicate any trace of Him from public life.