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The Obama Morning News || June 12, 2013

Clinton aides’ coverup may be criminal . . . Washington Times
Big immigration bill battle ahead
. . . Washington Times
Senate Democrats divided on bill . . . Politico
Republicans: IRS case far from “solved” . . . Washington Post
WH, GOP spar on budget at closed-door meeting . . . The Hill
Republicans divided on data collection . . . National Journal
Cruz agrees he has “Obamaphobia” . . . Politico

14 Responses to The Obama Morning News || June 12, 2013

    • “Cruz has Obamaphobia. Most of us have had it for the last 6 years, It’s incurable and not covered by Obamacare.” – Girly1

      True, it’s not currently covered under ACA, but if it gets TOO severe and reaches pandemic proportions, Obama will have it cured with tax audits, DOJ investigations, and drone strikes…

    • Love how Cruz has disrupted the status quo in DC. All the fossils in the Senate like McCain and Menendez revert to name-calling because they can’t debate him on the battleground of ideas.

  1. Anyone see where Clinton got a “Father of the Year” award?

    “Bill Clinton grinned with pride on Tuesday as he accepted an award for Father of the Year, presented by his beaming daughter Chelsea.
    The former president looked delighted as his 33-year-old daughter awarded him the statue and hugged him tightly at a New York luncheon to benefit charity Save The Children. ”

    Wow. Let’s find ANOTHER way to get the Clintons into the news!

    I liked THIS line;
    “And to top off the achievement, Clinton announced that he even had a text from wife Hillary, which read: ‘Congratulations. I think you deserve this.'”
    For WHAT? Does being a philandering absentee Dad messing with girls your daughter’s age somehow make him a saint, Hilz?

    Lets put him up for a couple MORE awards. How About “Best Husband Ever”, “Most Honest President” (compared to Obama, he might have a shot), or how about giving him a retroactive one for 1998, “Intern Mentor of the Year”?

    This is just more people washing. After all, how can you say anything bad about a woman whose husband is Best Dad, even if she DID illegally imprison someone she found convenient to falsely blame for her allowing an Ambassador to die? What difference does it make, anyway?

    Just ramping up the Hilz ’16 campaign, so look for more Clintons in Little Happy News articles real soon. As if there will still be an America to be President OF in 2016…

  2. Reuters: Germans accuse U.S. of Stasi tactics before Obama visit. I hope they will think twice before allowing him to speak at the Brandenburg Gate. Or failing that, they will heartily protest him. BTW, he must have finagled this honor because it is the 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s Ich Bin Ein (sic) Berliner speech.

  3. Point of order: You can’t SOLVE a scandal–you can punish people, find out what happened, change procedures, install better or some oversight–but you can’t solve one.

  4. Republicans divided on data mining…….

    How many more whistleblowers need there be? How much bigger must the program get before the alarms are raised enough to not be divided?

    I guess if Snowden is a traitor, then so is William Binney. Binney detailed how you could intercept foreign communications and track terrorists without trampling on the constitutional rights of our own citizens. If there are Republicans that are ok with this type of data mining maybe they aren’t the conservatives they should be.