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Obama Does His Diner Meet and Greet Thing

Somewhere between the airport and a Boston fundraiser for Senate candidate Rep. Ed Markey, President Obama made one of his meet-the-locals stops at a diner for lunch.

Immediately following lunch, Obama checked himself in to a twelve-step program for politicians who can’t stop campaigning. He plans to remain in the Boston area undergoing treatment for at least week. Doctors say, however, that there is little hope of recovery.

Obama burger order

H/T to Donovan Slack at Politico. Photo by Michael Levenson of the Boston Globe.

18 Responses to Obama Does His Diner Meet and Greet Thing

  1. Someone must have told the President and the other guy that they’d look like two ordinary guys if they take off their suit jackets and roll up their sleeves.
    Butt, they didn’t.
    With a dozen stern-faced security guards at the flank, the two men look like predatory con men trying to win over the locals.

  2. She eats Kobe & Wagu he eats junk food we mere mortals aren’t allowed
    either. We are to eat weeds arugula is too costly hypocrites. Oh she
    loves Grey Goose and he most likely still smokes something.

  3. Uh Oh Dictator Obama is in a whole heap of trouble when the Food Commissar, Moochelle finds out what he ate. Those walnut sized knuckles of the First Lard Butt’s huge, mannish hands will blacken both of our Commander in Swish’s eyes and turn him into a human racoon. She will administer such a beating that his face will be turned into, ironically, hamburger for scarfing down that cheezeburger. Wonder what tortures she will inflict because of the forbidden fries?

    • Do you really think she believes people should eat salads all the time, much less that she would get mad at him for not eating salads? The whole riff is an amusing fiction!

  4. Tonight the president said he needed both the house and senate to be Democrat again….

    Hey Bar…..that happened once before….you got Obamacare passed and Nancy took the worst political beating in American history for you.

    What makes you think you can do better then the last time you had an all Democrat congress?

    • Obama keeps preaching about an even playing field, a fair shot for everyone. Yet he can’t abide the idea of competition.

      OTOH, if he really did check into that Beantown facility to reduce his addiction to campaigning, it would make the Boston Marathon look like a fifty yard dash.