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Biden: Gore Won the Presidency in 2000

Vice President Biden said Tuesday evening that Al Gore was the actual winner of the 2000 presidential election and that his willingness to abide by the law and accept the Supreme Court ruling giving the election to George W. Bush was an act of nobility.

Biden, who spoke at a Washington fundraiser for Senate candidate Rep. Ed Market (D-Mass.), added that most senators he has known over the years would not have made the same decision as the former vice president. Gore was also at the event.

From the press pool report:

“This man was elected president of the United States of America,” Biden said. “No, no, no. He was elected president of the United States of America. But for the good of the nation, when the bad decision in my view was made, he did the right thing for the nation.”

“I’ve served longer than all but 13 members of the United States Senate. I can’t think of very many who would put his country first like that, at a really, really, really difficult time. There’s an awful lot of folks Al and I both know who have run for president and still haven’t gotten over it.”

“Al, you set an example for this country that is going to live as long as recorded history, about the man who won by a decision that I think constitutional scholars now and in the future will conclude was an ill fated decision,” Biden said. “The way you stepped up, it was amazing.

Vicki Kennedy, the widow of Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.), concurred: “In my house we still call him president,” she said of Gore.

Gore does not appear to have tried to contradict Biden’s assertions. He commended Biden on his work as vice president:

“I probably know at least as much as anybody here about how hard his job is in ways that you might not recognize,” he said. “And I know the tremendous skill and grace with which he has pulled it off.”

Biden also said President Obama is uniquely able to lure minorities to the polls and that Markey is endangered because Obama is not on the ticket:

“There’s a big difference in this race,” Biden said. “Barack Obama’s not at the head of the ticket. And that means those legions of African Americans and Latinos are not automatically going to come out. No one has energized them like Barack Obama. But he’s not on the ticket. So don’t take this one for granted.”

Biden heaped praise on Markey, commending him for his “emotional IQ.”

53 thoughts on “Biden: Gore Won the Presidency in 2000”

    1. Think about this ANOTHER way:

      Biden is saying that if the same thing happens in 2016, as it did in 2000, then Biden WON’T do what is best for the country.
      He just admitted he wouldn’t follow the rule of the law.

      Well, another reason not to vote for the Veep.

  1. That was bizzarro. Al Gore is so 2000 … why didn’t he come back in ’04, ’08 and ’12 ? Because he was making gazillions of dollars on his global warming scam ? Yep. Not sure how this is going to help Markey, even the Boston Herald endorsed his challenger saying Markey’s been in the Senate a lot of years never working across the aisle, why would he start now? Need New Blood :)

    1. Perhaps that’s my biggest disappointment with the Democratic Party …. Hillary? …. Biden? …. that’s the best they got? Not a real deep bench of rising stars to look forward to.

      1. Meanwhile, the GOP has any number of rising stars, provided they don’t do another circular firing squad in 2016. If the Democrats end up becoming the Old Hippies’ Club, how likely are they to keep tomorrow’s youth vote?

  2. What does Al Gore’s loss in 2000 have to do with Markey’s qualifications? Are they trying to link him to some lineage of royal blood? I’m sure if Fat Albert thought there was a snowball’s chance in Hell of contesting the election, he would have.

    1. INDEED!!

      Why did Gore have a recount in a county that he had ALREADY WON??? Because he didn’t get as many illegal votes as they expected? Mm Hmm.

      After “…taking fire from both sides of the river…”…..why weren’t there any holes in Kerry’s boat?

      “My administration will be the most transparant in history!”

      Liar liar pants on fire.

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  4. those libs don’t care as long as they are in power. it’s all they care about. and breaking the rule of law. George W. Bush has a higher approval rating than both of them now so fck ’em.

  5. “Those legions of African Americans and Latinos are not automatically going to come out.” Automatons–that’s why the immigration bill–and the Demagogic Party–are so scary.

  6. What can one say about Joe Biden? He wasn’t picked by barry because he’s the sharpest knife in the drawer. Not only should we only allow tax payers to vote, we should outlaw idiots like Joe to run. But hey, it’s America.

      1. Biden is not insjurance against impeachment. When impeached, they all go. Every last one of them. Constitutional law.

        Article II, Section 4, of the U.S. Constitution states, “The President, Vice President and all civil officers of the United States, shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.”


        We need a congress with some common sense and a public that will force them into action. There have been enough laws broken and Obama has trounced our constitution.

  7. Call me a dreamer but the targeting of opponents to the BHO campaign by the IRS in the 2012 election will be proven to be the single biggest asterisk in presidential elections.

    1. Not if they can get the hispanic vote by 2014. Then no matter how rotten to the core they are, they’ll have the mexican’s vote. Walla! Democrats will be in power for eternity.

  8. Seriously, these people are mentally ill…and not just Democrats. Our Republican representation is no longer stellar. Pray tha God will have mercy upon our country.

  9. Appalling. He actually spent time talking about this at a fundraiser 13 years later? One of the commenters is correct – why didn’t he come back in 2004, 2008 and 2012? Doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the $$$$ were far better and the stress much lower not running for office. Lord help us with people like VP Biden and the likes.

    1. I agree about the OFA connection, he was a little too smooth. Funny he popped up in a schedule thread and not an issue/policy related one we could actually debate him on. Oh sure he’s a taxpayer…..probably working for OFA, IRS, NSA, DHS, a union, etc :D

  10. Shotgun Joe also said Cruz and Paul are leading the Republican party. If only that were the truth. We wouldn’t be worrying about all the backstabbing RINOs who are trying to steal our liberty and freedom and jam amnesty down our throats.

  11. These comments are sickening and sad. That the sitting vice president can so easily throw away the rule of law literally sickens me. And I have never bought the now common narrative that Gore won the popular vote. I have seen studies that contradict that completely. Every day Obama and Biden do a little more to diminish the prestige of the Presidency. The country is in a crisis, and most people are busy watching The Voice on TV, or some other reality garbage show. To this day I thank God that Bush was President on 9/11. Than God we had a real leader that day and in the days that followed. Hope Obama has a great summer of golf….

  12. I don’t get the point of this–is he saying he thinks Republicans rig elections better and this would be why he would lose, if he ran, of course. And I need to think about this…why?

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  14. Come on Joe…….Let it Go!

    This is the same garbage that the media reported to the world in an attempt to de-legitimize the new President. I visited Athens,Greece in 2003. I was visiting a project in Athens and since this was the birthplace of politics they liked talking politics especially having an American there. One gentleman kept saying Bush’s brother stole the election. I took the opportunity to explain that Florida was not relevant. The State of Tennessee was the home of Al Gore. VP Gore lost his home State in which he served as its’ Senator for several terms prior to being Vice President for two terms. If VP Gore won his home State with 11 Electoral College votes he would have been the legitimate winner. He received more popular votes but the rule of law is the winner of the electoral college plain and clear.

    Perhaps, Vice President Biden should get a copy of the Constitution and read it. I would also suggest he not lead a pep rally if his President has article of impeachment against like VP Gore. VP Biden should act more like VP Ford did when Nixon went through Watergate and his coverup which lead to his downfall. President Ford saved this country and our constitution.

  15. MT for re-redistribution

    If I remember correctly, Al just wanted to keep counting, again and again and again. The outcome was always the same: he lost. But count again, why not? He is the Count Von Count. Finally the supreme court told everyone to knock it off. He lost.

    1. Sore loser Democrats and their hanging chads caused a constitutional crisis. That’s why the Clintons and their drones trashed the White House on their way out the door.

  16. The man Roger Ailes claims is “dumber than an ash tray” is one heart beat away from the Presidency. God help us..

  17. Biden doesn’t need a copy of the constitution, as someone suggested; he just needs a copy of the New York Times. specifically, a copy of the URL I’ve sent many other lefties over the years, to an article that discusses the fact that BUSH REALLY DID WIN.

    yes. the New York Times Itself, THE newspaper of record, admitted to the world that Bush won fair and square. that even if they’d continued the recounts that SCOTUS stopped, Bush STILL would have won. it’s simply not true that Gore was really the winner.

    however, guys…it’s also not true that Romney really won in 2012. granted, we now know that they were suppressing the heck out of “tea party” “patriots” who liked the “constitution,” but we also know that about 2 million “conservatives” stayed home on November 6 because Romney wasn’t authentic enough for them. nope…reelecting Obama we did to ourselves, folks.

  18. He’s right, of course. Let’s review:
    Gore won the popular vote by more than half a million votes over Bush. (And that occurred after the MSM had spent six months peddling the myth that Gore was a pathological liar who had claimed to have “invented the Internet” and that Bush was a Regular Guy.) Bush was awarded Florida and the electoral vote by the most openly partisan decision in SCOTUS history, whose authors stipulated that it was not to be taken as a precedent.

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