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Obama Watching Four-Hour Documentary

Yeah, you read that right.

President Obama is in the White House family theater watching a four-hour documentary about the presidents’ chiefs of staff. He started at 5:20 pm ET, so assuming he’s watching the whole thing, he’s about halfway through as I write this.

I mean, my God. I couldn’t sit through a four hour documentary about myself.

Four hours? Four hours?
Photo by Keith Koffler

At least the film, “The Presidents’ Gatekeepers,” concerns something related to his work. I’m willing to bet lots of the former chiefs of staff have shown up at the White House to watch it with him. Some of them are quite old and may be dead before the screening is over. I imagine it will be difficult for Obama to excuse himself and leave them to sit through this on their own.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the producers of this monstrosity shot 70 hours of interviews and “whittled” it down to four hours. Sounds like this was put together by a bunch of pack rats.

Anyway, among those interviewed are Rahm – of course – Dick Cheney, who was chief of staff to Gerald Ford, and Leon Panetta, who served as Bill Clinton’s chief of staff

32 thoughts on “Obama Watching Four-Hour Documentary”

  1. WOW! He’s taking this whole President gig really seriously! Maybe next week a “How To” video on saluting Marine guards?

  2. How about a protocol course for Moochelle? If a head of state shows up with his wife, get off your fat ass and go. Better yet, and more expected, have a state dinner at the Whitehouse. We will not take it away from your personal travel budget. Protocol.

      1. What’s next Presdent’s for Dummies the movie four volume set? I refuse to call it a fakeumentary. That will be about as long as the Live Aid concert.

  3. lol. You’re so mean. lol.

    Why, oh, why would anyone at all want to watch a documentary about the likes of Haldeman, Cheney and Panetta? Four hours, good grief.

    No car chases, no palace intrigues with poisons or asps, no pretty women, or zombies, just old White men lying about whatever comes to mind.

    1. C’mon Cheryl. Cut him some slack. Valerie probably gave him a TIME OUT and made him sit in the corner of the Family Theater. He’s been a bad boy recently, losing control of the media, the IRS, State…….

  4. Wait! This four hour “epic” is really about BHO’s struggle to overcome all the obstacle(CQ) in his life, isn’t it. That obstacle is which end of the joint to anoint with his oleaginous lips.
    The concession stand features hemlock, cyanide, ricin, anthrax, warfarin and lysol. The White House theater will be refreshed with Zyklon B gas periodically.

  5. Four hours of watching a boring documentary about a bunch of political appointees nobody remembers? No doubt Rhambo Deadfish is there with him for the occasion. Now that I think of it, that’s about four hours more than what he dedicated to rescuing Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty in Benghazi.

  6. At least we know where he is and what he is doing tonight. We still don’t know where he was and what he was doing on the night of September 11, 2012.

  7. Did Bill Daley have a cameo or was he simply left out of the documentary? He has quite a story to tell; unfortunately it has been hermetically sealed..

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