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Obama: Immigration Bill Foes Create “Division”

President Obama resorted to his customary vilification of opponents today, suggesting evil intent on the part of those who will try to oppose the immigration legislation moving through Congress.

Such people want to create “division” Obama said.

So in the weeks to come, you’ll hear some opponents of immigration reform try to gin up fear and create division and spread the same old rumors and untruths that we’ve heard before.

Now what exactly, I’d like to know, does he mean by “division?” It’s hard to think that even he means that mere opposition creates generic “division.” I mean, that’s the definition of opposition, right? Creating division.

Gosh, could the president possibly mean racial division? Subtext: You’re dividing our society, you evil Republicans, pitting Hispanics against white people. Closet racists.

“Rumor and untruths?” You malicious Republican rumor mongers!

And, please, don’t be such a wimp, Mr. President. Untruths. If you want to say lies, just do it.

“Gin up fear?” No, sir, that’s clearly your job.

Kind of weird too was his suggestion that people have always been cheating their way into the United States:

The notion that somehow those who came through Ellis Island had all their papers right — (laughter) — had checked every box and followed procedures as they were getting on that boat — they were looking for a better life just like these families.

Actually until 1920, there effectively was no illegal immigration. You just arrived on Ellis Island, showed some ID, got someone to vouch for you, and unless your fingers were falling off from leprosy, you were in. Almost everybody who landed on the island continued into New York.

And I like Obama’s notion of legal precedent: That is, previous lawbreaking justifies current criminality. Quite a scholarly position, indeed.

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  1. Call me mean,nasty, divisive AND a fear monger…send them all back! I don’t care how long it takes! I don’t care how much money it costs! and when we’re done – build a fence and line it with claymores. Sometimes, things are that simple.

  2. Interesting framing by Obama.

    The immigrant who introduce him (Tula?) is from Africa. The immigrant he later introduced, Diego, is from Argentina. Nobody from Mexico, the real (non) White Elephant in the room.

    As to divisions, wasn’t it a union head who offered Obama his army to “take out those SOB’s” ? I took ten screen shots of the speech — and none of them showed what I later discovered on the local news. Union boss Richard Trumka was smiling above and beyond Obama — somehow just out of the White House feed camera angle.

    Just a coincidence that frequent WH visitor and Obama influence Trumka somehow didn’t make the cut for the WH stream audience?

  3. Before:
    “We are not a collection of Red States and Blue States — We are the United States of America”
    “My main message is to the parents of Trayvon Martin. You know, if I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon”

    Our first bi-racial, bi-polar president.

  4. Yes, the liberal dog whistles are in the air–mutts running from everywhere. Republicans haters, Republicans don’t like brown people, Republicans old white men, they divide us (not our views of course), people have always cheated (two wrongs don’t make a what now, plus as Keith noted, not true). Maybe SOME people got in this country with iffy papers, but I don’t want to be the one who say who,

  5. Some how the notion that my grandpa Joseph and grandma Anna committed a crime when they sailed to America in the early 1900’s for better life than what was allowed them in Tsarist Russia is insulting. They were persecuted for being Jews, their shtetls had been burned, their families murdered during pogroms, their property confiscated all in the name of state.

    When they arrived they had nothing, except family members that welcomed them with open arms, giving them a place to live, and willing to take responsibility for them. They learned English. They learned the customs of their newly adopted land. They worked day and night, not accepting a dime of government money. There was no need for the city of Newark to have special language classes for them, they learned by doing, and reading the local paper.

    They took the money they earned, and invested in themselves and their families, eventually building a business. Were they perfect people? According to my father, no. But they worked hard, expected nothing for free, and survived and thrived.

    The current crop of immigrants we have coming into the country are getting special language classes, at taxpayer’s expense. We have all of our phone calls answered with, “Press one for English”. Food stamps and welfare are readily available, even it they are not legally allowed to get them. We provide free, unlimited medical care, care that is causing our healthcare system to collapse. Yet many of these new immigrants refuse to assimilate into this nation. They refuse to learn English. They work off book, many paying NO taxes.

    The system is broken. I have made suggestions on how to fix it, only to be told that I am a fool, racist, hateful, or just plain crazy. Insanity is doing the same thing over and expecting different results. We tried “amnesty” when Reagan was POTUS, and look where it has led us. We are again trying the same thing over again. So who’s the crazy one?

    • Your ancestor’s history could be mine, too. Some fled tyranny and certain death, others were charged with the responsibility of forging a new life for those who planned to escape at a later time. They were poorer than the famous church mouse, had little more than the ragged clothes on their backs.

      I agree, our elected officials have no idea of what kind of monster they will unleash on our American society.

    • I was in line behind a young family – mom (wearing more jewelry than I own, hair, nails done), dad, three kids. She was buying ALL sorts of formula using WIC coupons She was the only one who spoke English.

      And, excuse my ignorance (tongue in cheek) but I believe that mom actually has a way to feed a baby that doesn’t involve a government transfer of funds.

  6. It took almost 200 years for the descendants of immigrants to abandon their homeland identities and forge into an American identity. Immigrants from Mexico who live and work in America call themselves “Mexicans” and will for generations until they, too are assimilated into the American identity.

    Where most of our ancestors had no choice but to learn to speak and write English as a common language, the Hispanics have no incentive to do the same; our ballots, our TV stations, advertising, all missives from our government are convienently translated into Spanish.

    The racial aspect that the Dems love to bandy around is bogus; people who come from Mexico are of the White race. They are not a special, previously unknown race of people. Some of their skin is darker than a typical Englishman, but then so is the skin tone of some of my ancestors who were born in Europe and the Mediterrian area.

    The Dems might be near orgasmic fever thinking about all those millions more voters and the AFL-CIO can rub their palms together dreaming of all the new union dues-paying members, but America, the greater, will suffer from a too sudden influx of foreigners without the skills, education or ability to assimilate into the American family.

  7. Yep, I’m one of those “dividers” Obama. And I want to “gin up” all the “fear” I can.

    The very real and founded in fact “fear” that if this nation does not secure its southern border first, America as founded and known for over two centuries will exist no more.

    But then again I guess that’s your whole point isn’t it Mr. President? Pain anyone who wants to secure America for future Americans as racist haters.

    Here’s an idea. How about telling Mexico to fix its own problems so we don’t have the illegal immigrant problem here in the first place? Oh, I forgot, that wouldn’t get you the 20 million democratic party votes you’re after would it? What, not interested any more? Isn’t that a pretty petty and divisive attitude?

    Oh I’m sorry, for a moment I thought this was the United States of America, not the United Coalition of Chicago.

  8. I am not afraid to say that I have nothing but utter contempt for the racist rabble rouser who cheated his way into the White House. He champions everything that is illegal, corrupt or anti-American. The unspeakable damage that will result from importing tens of millions of illiterate, poverty-stricken members of the third world underclass to join their illegal alien, lawbreaking family members for a ride on the taxpayer funded gravy train will be irreversible.

    For the most part, Mexicans and other ethnic groups have no desire to assimilate. They colonize. They care nothing about becoming citizens as they are able to retain the citizenship of their country of origin. Mexicans enjoy dual citizenship so that they can participate in elections here and in Mexico.

    Obama is not vested in America – not in the slightest.. As he said many times: “I am a citizen of the world”. He told hispanics to ‘punish their enemies at the voting booth’. We are the enemy!

    Obama has been working feverishly for nearly five years now in anticipation of overthrowing the two party system in Nov. 2014. Barring a miracle, he will succeed. Obama is a tyrannical despot who must be stopped by any means necessary. This is an epic nightmare!

  9. While all these scandals are grabbing attention, are negotiations to impose amnesty taking place between FCMABBHO and the GOP?

  10. I’m not going to give the Republicans a pass on this. They are complicit in passing this 1000+ page immigration bill. Rubio lied to conservatives when he said he would abandon the bill if borders weren’t secured first, and the Republican leadership has betrayed conservatives (once again) by compromising their values and principles. What they plan to do is pass this horrific bill in the Senate. Then Bawling Boehner, who promised his master a bill to sign before the end of the year, will encourage his loyalists to beat down the conservatives in the House and pass a different bill with a majority of Democrat votes that will never have a chance in the Senate. That’s when Congress will go to conference and the gang of 16 or so. That’s also when the ruling class puts the final nail in America’s coffin. My own Senator John Cornyn intimated the conference committee is the end plan in his Twitter feed over the weekend. They are all traitors to America in my opinion.

  11. […] Doom. The embodiment of corruption called Barack Obama continued to fear monger and divide, “So in the weeks to come, you’ll hear some opponents of immigration reform try to gin up fear and c….” American citizens gulled by years of corruption and misinformation or outright deception […]

  12. If we’re going to have 11 million (more like 25 million) instant new legal residents, let’s choose them from the people who applied to immigrate within our laws — not the one who busted a window and piled into our homeland and began demanding that we speak their language.