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Live Stream || Obama Immigration Reform Remarks

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  1. Amnesty.

    A working knowledge of English is a requirement to become a citizen – who believes that these people will make the effort to master the language and use it every day.

    A stiff fine? I heard $2000. A stiff fine would be $200,000.

    Can’t get welfare? No prob. Their anchor babies give them access to U.S. social program money.

    Deportation is the first step and the only step that is fair. If they have found citizens so foolish as to marry and have children with a lawbreaker, the family can go with the illegal to a new land and start again. They can take the skills they learned in the U.S. and reclaim some of the money that they’ve sent out of the nation and get going on living where they are legal residents.

    1. I think the announcement will be that the Senator has resigned to accept a new position in the Obama Administration to head up the Illegal Alien Hospitality Department.

  2. Bill Murray to the NYC Mayor actor in “Ghostbusters”:

    “But Lenny, if we’re right, YOU will have saved the lives of millions of REGISTERED VOTERS!”

  3. I’ve been trying to call Texas Senator John Cornyn’s DC office all morning and they aren’t answering the phone. Called his San Antonio office and talked to a very nice gentleman who informed me that Cornyn will be voting for cloture on the 1,000+ immigration bill today. Very calmly told him that Cornyn wouldn’t be getting my vote when he runs for reelection in 2014 as a result of his stance on illegal immigration. Then the nice gentleman started with the establishment talking points – “we already have defacto amnesty”, blah, blah, blah – and I let loose on him. First time I’ve lost it in a phone call to Cornyn’s office but I’m so angry with the ruling class for ignoring the voice of the American people. I apologized for taking my anger out on him at the conclusion of the call, but expressed how much I fear for my country.

    The ruling class is unmoored from the Constitution and are now engaged in a full on assault of the American people. This amnesty to legalize ~20 million illegals is just another part of the peaceful coup d’etat of America that Rush has been talking about. I just pray America as founded survives this coup; she won’t as long as imperial politicians like John Cornyn – the phony conservative – keep doing the bidding of the leviathan.

  4. “They did nothing wrong”. Breaking and entering is an illegal act.

    “It took courage to come out of the shadows”. They’re hiding in plain sight.

    “We are a nation of Immigrants”. LEGAL immigrants.

    It was interesting to note that the former police chief of Los Angeles, William Bratton, was standing directly behind Obama. The chief law enforcer of the second largest city in the country literally made it a crime to arrest illegal aliens in what has become known as a ‘sanctuary’ city. Is there anyone left in Washington who has the courage to stand up to these charlatans and remind them that we are a nation of laws? We are in a state of lawlessness with no end in sight. Amnesty/family reunification is the end of our sovereignty – the final nail in the coffin – RIP America!

    On a side note: Just discovered that 4 relatives of one of our tenants arrived last week from South of the Border to participate in the family reunification portion of Obama’s amnesty – a young couple with two babies! They have no idea that coming here illegally could be considered a crime in some circles – Obama is welcoming them with open arms and a treasure trove of benefits. Knowing that this is happening all across the country now that amnesty is imminent leaves one with a feeling of doom and gloom. Our so-called representatives are sell-outs!

  5. Interesting camera work by the White House staff. The images they showed did NOT reveal something I just caught on a local news show.

    Standing behind Obama was smiling union boss Richard Trumka.
    Why was he there? Why was he so happy? Why did the White House frame their camera angle to exclude him from the picture?

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