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Second New Obama Scandal of the Day Emerges!

Yes, it’s a busy day here at White House Dossier cataloguing new scandals and keeping up with the old. But just as your head was spinning from the latest State Department scandal, new evidence of misbehavior has sprung up out of the Energy Department.

This one involves one of the oldest corruptions in the book – I’m not sure which book, but it’s in a book – nepotism.

Now some people would contend that nepotism gets a bad rap in the United States. I mean, it’s actually a principle underpinning the world’s first system of government, feudalism. And it’s still practiced in many parts of the world.

Our presidents welcome leaders from places like Saudi Arabia and Jordan and presumably try not to giggle when they are announced as “His most extraordinary royal highness and excellency and blah blah blah,” as if the fellow had popped out of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.

But nepotism in the U.S. government is a no no. I think it’s punishable by thirty lashes.

Anyhoo, they’re doing nepotism at the Department of Energy, according to the agency’s inspector general, who concluded:

Despite the department’s ethics program and information regarding prohibited personnel practices, advocating for the selection of relatives appears to have become an open and widely accepted departmental practice.

Meanwhile, speaking of nepotism, word is that Sen. Chuck Schumer’s 28-year old daughter Jessica has somehow become the future chief of staff for the White House Council of Economic Advisers Chair nominee, Jason Furman.

Jessica’s an attorney who graduated from law school just three years ago, so this sounds like a really really fun thing to do while she learns about economics.

17 Responses to Second New Obama Scandal of the Day Emerges!

  1. “While Jessica learns about economics….” Kinda like being President (not to be confused with “Being Biden”) is a really fun thing for Barack Obama to do while he learns about how this country really runs.

    As to intermingling, has anyone compiled a comprehensive list of all the connections between the media and the “most transparent administration in history”? One could make a demonstrable case that the White House and their talking points have a direct line to those reporting the “news”.

  2. Back in my salad days as a Dem true believer, it was accepted that relatives were to be given preference for jobs, and patronage was part of the way things worked.
    However, the people I associated with were smart enough not to have their brother-in-law placed in their agency, but had them employed as a courtesy in another department.
    It was a one-hand-washes-etc and worked really well.

    In another smart policy, the Repubs (who were a minority) were always given a percentage of the patronage jobs.
    Everybody was happy.

  3. Jessica Schumer has been the recipient of nepotism since the day she graduated law school (well, even before that):

    Schumer’s Daughter Promoted at White House

    Monday, 10 Jun 2013 02:41 PM
    By Courtney Coren

    New York Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer’s daughter is increasing her influence as a White House economic adviser.

    Jessica Schumer, 28, was promoted from a lower-level economic adviser to chief of staff for the incoming chairman of economic advisers, Jason Furman, assuming he receives Senate confirmation.

    Politico described Jessica Schumer as “one of the sharpest young aides” in the White House.

    She graduated from Yale Law School in 2010 and has worked as an aide to three of the most influential finance gurus in President Barack Obama’s presidency: Larry Summers, Brian Deese, and Gene Sperling.

    According to Obama aides, Schumer specializes in mining economic data for relevant information to be used in speeches and the media.

  4. What’s all this fuss about Nepotism? I think everyone should be able to practice his or her religion no matter if they’re a Buddhist or a Nepotist or whatever.

  5. One usually forgets about the claims that George Bush II was given preferential treatment in the military. What about all the calls that were made in his behalf so he could get a position that he was not qualified for over more qualified men?

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