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Quote of the Day || June 11, 2013

“Of course! Put him up at the Ritz Shanghai and give him all the Szechuan lobster he wants.”

– Chinese President Xi Jinping

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

11 Responses to Quote of the Day || June 11, 2013

  1. LOL. I am sure if dinner was at the WH it would be “cooked goose”.

    Speaking of menus….
    When Obama and Xi sat down for dinner, they feasted on several dishes. Bobby Flay prepared a menu for the two leaders that included lobster tamales, Porterhouse steak and cherry pie.

    • Wow.. sounds like BO has at one time or another imported a portion of the the Food Network stars to cook for him on special occasions. Granted he will charge it all off on the State Dept because it was a “diplomatic / state” meeting. It’s good to be the KING!

    • Well I’m sure there was a big ‘moochlle bag’ made up you know I
      bet you can get a really giant bag of lobster tamales on AF1.
      Any to say nothing of the 50 Porterhouse steaks and 30 pies.
      Can’t leave the little woman without a souvenir since she couldn’t
      be there to enjoy it in person.

    • I wonder if Obama’s food taster still samples the food first. If so, can you imagine if Michelle had been there, she would have elbowed him out of the way to get to the lobster tamales.

  2. Someone last nite on the news suggested the Chinese might be less than gentle in “asking” Snowden what he knew about getting into databases–I believe the phrase used was something like “after they get the info, accidents happen.”