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The Obama Morning News || June 10, 2013

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  1. “take in Syrian refugees”? This strategy wouldn’t have anything to do with the delay of the Democratic Voter Registration Plan (aka: Amnesty) in Congress, would it? So we sprinkle 1.6 million Syrian refugees, no doubt to areas where GOP might have a slight lead and then grant them citizenship (with the right to vote) as some sort of Welcome Wagon gift.

    Its going to be a lousy week when the first story I read causes my head to explode……..

    1. I had the same reaction Rick – head exploding! Especially since most of them will be coming here to my state – Kalifornia.

      ” experts say 80% of the Syrian refugees are women and children, many with war-related injuries or psychological problems that could hamper finding work or going to school.”

      Key word here: “psychological” problems!!! We just had a mass shooting in Santa Monica by a young man with ”psychological problems’ whose mother was visiting relatives in Lebanon when the shooting occurred! Refugees? Time will tell. And, of course, there’s the Boston marathon terrorists who were also refugees. Enough is enough!

  2. Joe Curl is right on Benghazi. My concern is that the Republicans are letting it slip by–is it too hot of a potato or have they been shut down by the WH?

    1. John Boehner won’t allow a select committee on Benghazi. Why would any American with a conscience allow the brutal deaths of four brave men at the hands of Islamic terrorists go unsolved? As Edward Snowden said in his interview, with one email address he had the capability of creating a digital dossier on anyone – up to and including the President of the United States. Something tells me he wasn’t the only person working for the leviathan who has that power.

      1. LMAO I got my “Speaker Alert” from John Boy’s office this AM, Susan. Subject is Student Loans. I think the Speaker has odd priorities…..

  3. A re-settlement plan for Syrian refugees is such a great idea and oh, so, humanitarian of our government. May I suggest that a couple hundred thousand Syrian Muslims be settled in Detroit where the landscape will be as familiar to them as their homeland.
    Stockton, CA or Chicago, IL sounds like a wonderful new home for the refugees, too. The gang warfare and nightly gunfire will make the Syrians feel welcomed.

    A scathing report that the BigWhite knew of Lisa Jackson’s EPA secret e-mail account is beyond hilarious and so naive as to wonder about the awareness of the writer of this piece. OF COURSE, the BigWhite knew, you dithering idiots; they know EVERYONE’s e-mail account, secretly held or not. They know what every Senator and Congresscritter is seeing or writing on their Blackberry, or what their staffers are telling each other by way of texting or whatever.

    The big news of the NSA having access to everything electronically transferred in the US should alert the Congresscritters who are seeking answers to the mystery of Benghazi; instead of asking the StateDepartment, or individuals for information, all they have to do is supoenea the NSA records held in their database. Phone calls, faxes, e-mails and anything else is right there at the NSA fingertips. A few keystrokes, a printer and all is revealed to Congress and to us.

    The call to seek criminal charges against the young man who revealed what our government claims it was doing in a legal manner is almost a storyline for a SNL skit. The NSA claims what it’s doing is legal, means no harm to American citizens, but talking about it is a criminal act. Uh, huh. Sure.

    The AP story that MrO is thinking about arming the Syrian rebels who are losing in a spectacular fashion sounds about right for the Obama Lead From Way Behind doctrine.
    Attention WhiteHouse; Americans don’t care who’s winning or who’s losing in Syria. We have no empathy with Muslim radicals of any stripe or tribe and are content to let them kill each other until one wins.

    1. LMAO Srdem. Here is the welcoming flier from the Detroit Chamber of Commerce:

      “Allah be praised for your safe arrival! If you do not have an automatic weapon of your own, please let us know and we will ensure you are provided one. Please keep in mind our city’s policy is to keep a round in the chamber at all times to ensure your safety.

      Enjoy your stay in the Motor City!”

      1. Flyer?? Heck it’s the signboards leading into Detroit proper. And signed by BO with a lil character face next to it (BO Smiling)

  4. I think that the mindboggling news that the US government is spying on citizens, companies, people abroad, really engage Europeans as well. Many of us see the EUproject as an ever growing Leviathan that we want pruned and reduced. Many Europeans have experienced living in a policestate quite recently and don´t want this monster to appear again. And then it sneaks into the land of the free !!! And it´s all supposed to be top secret. It´s shocking.

    1. A name new to me, Geert Williams, a Dutch politician, is predicting a “European Spring” which will shake off the EU. Does his name ring a bell with you?

          1. Julie and Sadie, thanks for the link. I read the speech. Yes, he is right. Mr Wilders is a highly controversial politician in Europe.. He is of the kind that you have to bring in “through the backdoor”. But then, it doesn´t take much to be considered controversial here. The debate on these important issues are mostly on the blogs, European MSM is, like yours, very PC.

  5. This all goes back to my favorite phrase–We are just pawns on the board. All of us. That claptrap about how the govt works for us? I think we need to wake up. The NSA is probably surveilling the WH to see if their funding is in jep from this–they are looking at everyone–and are not just hapless little wonks like someone tried to say on Sunday.

    1. naaaa Star.. they have something better. The have a copy of all of BO’s transcripts and birth history. No lost of funding for them as long as he’s in office. Ever. And maybe the deep dark records of the next few future presidents.

      I bet they could tell you the type, age , where/when bought and # or shotgun shells Crazy Joe has for his wife’s shotgun at the Delaware house ;-)

      1. They are like a humongous J Edgar potentially salivating over the good stuff rather than the bland dot connectors they seem to be. “We have to have all the dots before we can connect.” (Not a real quote)

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