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More Golf for the President

President Obama is golfing again, this time with two of the three friends who joined  him in Palm Springs, California for the weekend – Mike Ramos and Bobby Titcomb – as well White House trip director Marvin Nicholson, a frequent Obama golf buddy.

A third friend who played with Obama Saturday, Greg Orme, has either left Palm Springs or is wrapped around the minibar asleep.

As he did Saturday, Obama is playing the nine-hole course at Sunnylands, the estate where he is staying. It’s not clear if he played nine holes or eighteen either day.

But we’re counting each as an outing, making today the president’s 16th of the year and 127th of his presidency.

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    1. Can anyone document how much time he actually works? He has recently had, according to the White House schedule, some two hour days and a whole lot of campaigning.

      As to the golf, it’s fitting for a guy stuck in “Fore ward”.

    2. A round of golf averages 4 hours if you’re fast; but Obama has publicly said that he likes to get outside for six hours at a time, thus the unrepentant golf jones. So let’s say five hours on average.

      5 hours times 127 rounds is 635 hours. That’s just under 26 and a half man-days. At 40 hours for a work week, it works out to 15.875 work weeks. At 30 hours for an Obamacare work week, it’s 21.167 work weeks.

      1. Will the music help Island Girl? LOL

        It’s a 103°
        There’s no one in the place cept you and me
        So set em up joe
        I got a little story I think you oughtta know
        Were drinking my friend
        To the end of a brief episode
        So make it one for my baby
        And one more for the road
        I could tell you a lot
        But you gotta to be true to your code
        So make it one for my baby
        And one more for the road

    1. Have you seen OBUMMER’s “wedding” ring? It is the same one he wore in college when he was MARRIED to a MAN from Pakistan!

      Wouldn’t it have been funny if Ramos and OBUMMER forgot where they were for a minute, and locked lips? I would love to have seen that.

  1. While I was stopped at the busy intersection today, the homeless guy holding the sign “please help me get money for my old mother’s pacemaker” asked me how many times BHO has golfed this year.

  2. Here’s my theory:

    I bet Michelle actually wanted to attend the meeting with the new Chinese First Lady. She, miss an opportunity to show off her bare arms in the heat of Palm Springs?? BUT Barack said no way, how will it look if you do come west and I ditch you for golf?! It’s all making sense now. Barack didn’t want any opportunity to actually be with his wife, to do something with her. So he forced her to say she couldn’t make it.

    These two can’t stand each other, it’s very apparent.

    1. I thought the same thing. The Good Mom, Michelle, stayed home with her children to celebrate their last day of school, but the Good Dad didn’t rush home ?

      This is no Camelot :(

    1. Thank you, swedishlady. Wow, Edward Snowden is a patriot. He gave up his comfortable life to expose the leviathan’s treachery toward the people.

    2. In a note accompanying the first set of documents he provided, he wrote: “I understand that I will be made to suffer for my actions,” but “I will be satisfied if the federation of secret law, unequal pardon and irresistible executive powers that rule the world that I love are revealed even for an instant.”


      He does not fear the consequences of going public, he said, only that doing so will distract attention from the issues raised by his disclosures. “I know the media likes to personalise political debates, and I know the government will demonise me.”

      Despite these fears, he remained hopeful his outing will not divert attention from the substance of his disclosures. “I really want the focus to be on these documents and the debate which I hope this will trigger among citizens around the globe about what kind of world we want to live in.” He added: “My sole motive is to inform the public as to that which is done in their name and that which is done against them.”

      He has had “a very comfortable life” that included a salary of roughly $200,000, a girlfriend with whom he shared a home in Hawaii, a stable career, and a family he loves. “I’m willing to sacrifice all of that because I can’t in good conscience allow the US government to destroy privacy, internet freedom and basic liberties for people around the world with this massive surveillance machine they’re secretly building.”


      On May 20, he boarded a flight to Hong Kong, where he has remained ever since. He chose the city because “they have a spirited commitment to free speech and the right of political dissent”, and because he believed that it was one of the few places in the world that both could and would resist the dictates of the US government.


      I wonder how the meeting between FCMABBHO and Xi would’ve gone if this were known on Thursday.

      1. What are the odds that Xi Jiping knew about it before the Thursday mtg? Can’t even imagine the egg all over Obama’s face!

    3. He has committed two great acts. First, he blew the whistle on Obama’s spying on Americans. We do not know the extent of the spying because Drudge has already reported that innocent Americans were ‘accidentally targeted’ and Eric Holder had those records destroyed. The second thing, swedishlady, is that Edward Snowden cut Obama and Holder off at the knees. Those two were planning a huge administration investigation to find the leaker of the leaks, competing–with help of the cooperating media–against the investigations already underway in Congress on Benghazi and the IRS. Snowden made a preemptive strike of his own by coming out and admitting his deed instead of having to be ferreted out. Courageous indeed.

      1. however, Holder may have had the info destroyed, but maybe after they looked at it first?? I see allot of how it happened, but was it then put aside and kept out of circulation, then destroyed? How was it destroyed.

        Right now his track record is not really creditable. Same with DOJ.

        1. Good questions. I wasn’t implying that Holder did a good thing. We don’t know, but he had to have read the information before he destroyed it. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have known that innocents were targeted.

  3. and NO ONE in the “WH press corps”/”MSM” (even FOX News it seems?) ever reports about Obama’s golf…?

    Why is that?

    1. Why dosent FOX News:
      “The Five”, “O’Reilly” or “Hannity” ever mention Obama’s golf games? (127+)

      Keith, I am so tired of trying to ask you why NO ONE in the “WH press corps” ever mentions Obama’s golf, because I know you will never give an answer/rat out anyone in that pathetic, sycophant “WH press corps”

      1. LS – there’s simply not enough time to report on golf and it pales in comparison to the really important issues. If you were going to make an Obama list, where would golf outings fall?

        1. sorry kathyd, when Hannity is on Im usually watching “Mad Men” or “The Americans” OnDemand…(I have alot of episodes to catch up on)

  4. How do you get supposedly sensible men to golf in 105 degree heat?

    My guess; hey guys, do you want to hurry back to DC to get a handle on all those pesky scandals, or would you rather roast on the golf course?
    Apparently Hell on earth was more attractive than boiling oil in DC.

    1. Or.. did he say, how about another round of golf?? I have nothing pending to do back in DC until Monday. They will never miss me.

  5. Perhaps when he gets off the golf course someone will tell Barack Obama about Edward Snowden. But then that information probably went to the Executive branch and from recent speeches apparently Barack does not know that he is the Executive Branch. So maybe after informing him of his relationship to the Executive Branch then someone will tell him about Snowden.

    Or maybe Barack did not misspeak. Perhaps Valerie is the Executive Branch, in which case she will inform him of Edward Snowden. After golf that is. And after he collects Greg Orme who may or may not be there. Maybe Greg heard about Edward Snowden.

    1. I’m wondering if President Jiping had any inkling of what was happening behind the curtain in China while he was sitting across the table from BHO in Rancho Mirage. It will also be interesting to see if China extradicts Snowden back to the US Time will tell just how ‘terrific’ that meeting was, and the affect, if any, of Moochie’s snub.

  6. My father taught me how to play golf 30+ years ago. It’s fun to get out there with your friend so you can shoot the bull, and hit the ball around. I still play a round or two as often as I can.
    With that said, 30 yrs later, I have a job, a wife, two kids and a mortgage on my home. All of which keeps me pretty busy. In the last 4 yrs. (approx, Obama’s time in office), I have probably averaged 15 rounds of golf a yr (that comes out to 127-60).
    Yes, My life and job are demanding, but can it be as demanding as the job of President of the United States? With Obama, maybe it is. He doesn’t seem to take responsibility very serious.

  7. We are in the 22nd week of 2013, which means OBUMMER missed six weeks playing golf. I feel so bad for the POS because he had to do something related to his so-called job of being “president.” (He is NOT my president!)

    Howe did OBUMMER’s friends get to Palm Springs?? Surely, he didn’t fly them out on Air Force One or Two, making the lowly American taxpayers foot another of OBUMMER’s bills. Surely…..

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  9. Amazing we can have all these leaks, breaches, leakers, whistle blowers etc. and still have virtually no documentation on Barack Obama’s life or “rise to power”.

    1. grace – The very same question crossed my mind several leaks ago. I do know that documents and investigations can be closed for decades. There are files that are sealed and will remain so regarding the assassination of JFK. If I recall correctly, I’ll be 92 when they’re all released.

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  11. Isn’t the golf riff getting a little old?So he likes to play golf. He does it instead of what we would consider “working.” As Gutfeld said, he needs to appoint a Scandal Czar, then he would not need to do anything himself. So…to the links!

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