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Michelle Sends Regrets to Chinese First Lady

First Lady Michelle Obama sent her regrets to Chinese First Lady Madame Peng Liyuan, saying she was sorry that she missed meeting her during the just-completed summit between President Obama and Peng’s husband, Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Mrs. Obama failed to make the trip with Obama out to the summit, which was held Friday and Saturday in Palm Springs, California.

No reason was given for the absence, a breach of protocol that caused a minor uproar in China. According to the Associated Press, “disappointment over Mrs. Obama’s absence was palpable if not vehement in some Chinese mainstream and social media.”

A White House official said Michelle wrote a letter to Madame Peng “welcoming here to the United States.”

Mrs. Obama then invited herself to China, saying she regretted missing the Chinese first lady this weekend “but hopes to have the chance to visit China and meet Madame Peng sometime soon.”

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  1. A letter? She writes a letter apologizing for her rudeness and her insult to the guests of America? Oh, boy.

    There is no credible excuse for her to snub the Chinese. None.

    1. She apparently offered none. I’d like her to go to China and be snubbed in turn. You can imagine the response of the O’bots.

      1. IIRC, this was the last week of school for Sasha and Malia, but that’s not an acceptable excuse for an attrocious breach of protocol.

        1. Does ATT eavesdrop on attrocious breaches of protocol? Only if the eavesdropee is as nosy as the eavesdropper is careless.!

      2. I wonder who forced her to write a letter and I mean someone
        else likely wrote it for the oh so busy Michelle. Guess all the scandals they thought a letter would make it all better. No it didn’t;
        So the hole the Obama’s are digging is getting so deep they may
        end up in China yet!

        1. being a single mother and all… of course she never has time.

          Also she consulted her Magic Mirror.. it replied – First Lady Madame Peng Liyuan is fairer than you. After her 20 min hissy fit, she decided to stay home.

          1. 20 minute? The rage NEVER ends with THIS one…

            I don’t believe I’ve EVER seen her NOT angry, so how can you tell the difference, anyway?

    2. Peng Li Yuan has more “class” in her pinky than Michelle (that uppity wookie/so-called “FLOTUS”)
      Look up Peng Li Yuan; she is a popular singer from the PLA. She knows how to carry herself as a celebrity with class & style… (even though she comes from the PLA)

      1. Peng also loves her country. More than you can say for FLOTUS…

        And, I BET her husbands elevation was NOT the FIRST time she was proud of it, either!

  2. Naturally Mooch suggests a trip for herself, when she couldn’t be bothered to meet the woman here in the US. [Utter classlessness.]

    1. Jet setting on the taxpayers’ dime: “One of the things I do well is this.”

      Possibly being upstaged by another first lady: “One of the things I don’t do well is this.”

      It all depends on the definition of “get in their face”.

  3. Very bad form to cause loss of face of guests. This is a most serious breach of etiquette. There are few second opportunities to mend such affronts; however, it is typical of BHO & MO.

  4. First Moochelle used the excuse that it was the kids’ last week of school. Yet, their last day was Thursday. Where was Moochelle on Thursday evening? At ANOTHER fundraiser, of course:

    Then, I heard the excuse that it’s Sasha’s birthday. But, no, her birthday’s on Monday.

    Now, we read that Obummer is having his second boys’ weekend this year, (remember the boys’ golf weekend in Florida over President’s weekend in February).

    The only missing tidbit of info – WHERE did Moochelle and the girls, (and the usual entourage of friends of both mother and daughters), go on Friday for a long weekend (or more)?

    She always flies off somewhere the minute the kids get out of school. With Obummer partying it up with his buddies out in CA this weekend we KNOW she must be off somewhere having fun of her own. That is really not going to go over too well with the Chinese. I can’t wait until news comes out of a Moochelle sighting somewhere this weekend.

    1. Part of her speech:

      “Terry knows what it means to work hard and struggle to get ahead like so many of us,” she said. “He started working at 14 years old, and I’m going to tell Malia that. She needs to get up in the morning!”

      Did I see a ‘Malia is lazy’ reference there? Heh.

      1. That Mooch, she sure know how to ‘schtruggle’. She mentions it in most every single speech she reads off her trusty teleprompter. That and ‘it’s for the children’.

      2. LOL! Sounds like Malia is her father’s daughter. Remember when Moochie went on all the talk shows during campaign ’08 and groussed about the fact that she had to get up early and get the kids off to school while her lazy husband was still in bed? Not only that, he was ‘stinky’ and didn’t pick up his socks. She always was a class act…NOT!

    1. Sometimes family life has to be put aside for business. Did Hillary, Rosalynn or Jacqueline ever shirk their duties for such a trivial matter as a birthday party? Michelle needed to suck it up and put on her big-girl panties.

      1. “Michelle needed to suck it up and put on her big-girl panties.” – Mandy Manners

        Uh, could she possibly fit into any OTHER size? Wouldn’t they be REAAAAALY BIG girl panties in HER case?

        Or does she wear ANY?

        I suppose she’d HAVE to, or “her”, uh, male anatomy would droop below the hem of her “let’s pretend like we’re still young” sun dresses. She’d need specially reinforced MEN’S briefs to hold THAT thang up, though…

        Sorry about the visual. I hear Brain Bleach is on sale at Target…

  5. Well now we know Michelle was trolling for a big free trip to China. And
    it would be one of those with the entire freeloading family and whoever
    she wants to gift with a free vacation. And of course she will be the center of attention in new frocks (for everyone). Now I sincerely hope
    they refuse to let her use them I doubt they’re as foolish as she is really
    a letter? And the humiliation continues. And of course lets anger the
    Chinese boy that was smart.

    1. Just like the invitation to the Royal Wedding that never arrived – the invitation to visit China will never come. The Obamas will be personae non gratis.

      1. I wonder why they weren’t invited. It wasn’t a state event, but other presidents have been invited to royal weddings.

        1. Remember when Mooch manhandled the Queen? Her Majesty was not amused but handled it graciously. The second time they met, Mooch had to stand about four feet away from the Queen to greet her. Preplanned, I assume. That was also the same visit where preeeezy flubbed the toast. Could be why they were not invited to the wedding ….

          1. Did her protocol guide not tell her that you don’t touch the queen?

            Wait a second. I have a faint memory that the Obamas fired the previous chief of protocol and hired the woman who let an uncleared couple into some state dinner.

      2. Remember when she begged to have PBS give her the DVDs of
        Downton Abbey before they aired here as she was such a big fan.
        Considering her gross breach of British protocol I think Downton
        would have been too much for her to understand. She had to wait
        till they showed here if she even watched.

    2. Brilliant. Snub the Chinese when they come to your place, then assume you’ll be invited to vist their place because you are, after all, so very cool.

      I thought people grew out of Junior High behavior at least by their junior year in high school. Apparently not.

      Totally classless, and demeaning to this great country.

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  7. Her lack of breeding knows no bounds! There aren’t enough adjectives in Webster’s dictionary to describe her behavior – contemptible, distainful, shameless, abominable, despicable, abhorant, classless….

    It’s a shame there is no disciplinary action for a recalcitrant FLOTUS who refuses to perform her official duties – the first visit of the newly elected President of China being at the top of the list. I’ll bet dollars to donuts she was the one who refused to allow a State dinner at the WH.

    The community organizer should not get a free pass on this one either. He should have grabbed her by her wighat and dragged her to Palm Springs – kicking and screaming – in the 114 degree heat! What a wimp! There will be consequences! The Chinese do not tolerate insults of this magnitude.

    1. it’s ok Girly1, she will feel bad for 30 seconds, then back to planning her summer vacation and the next WH concert. Priorities you know.

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  9. Michelle Obama would be much passionated to attend urban activities such as graduation, after school program, anti-gang, and events helping her own kind. Have any of you seen her attended other groups’ event? Nope, only the mainstream to full them supporting her husband and her cause.

    For the Chinese first lady, seemed like she didn’t want to extend the warm welcome and hospitality they traveled 15 hours airplane to come visit them. Certainly she and Obama didn’t want to extend tights or interpersonal relationship with the Chinese.

    In fact, Obamas are leftist of the Black. Obama have talked about the Chinese, Indian, or Pacific rim student do well in school and science while promoting his kind to compete. Then, he turns around the create programs and evil strategy to content Asia’s rise. Behind the scene, he would donate and sponsor multi-million dollors of donation to Africa, Haitai, and urban American communities benefits the Blacks. Well, if you are ethnic Americans like Native, Hispanics, Middle East, Asian-Pacific, White, good luck, he is not a multi-culture fair president. His White House has a Martin Luther Kind statutue in there. He envy Asia, the White, and others doing better than his urban people.

    Michelle Obama is like Ophra Winprehy only do thing like visit Africa, build school, and do thing for unrepresented. You know what I am talking about but not everyone.

    Maybe we need to start selecting our own president and impleach them from the White House. They are not working cooperating with China or Pacific Rim to solve America’s problem. But just to pick fights and do evil acts around them. Get it?

    1. Maybe we need to start selecting our own president


      Uh, we did just that on November 6, 2012.

          1. He’s not my president. He has made it very clear that he despises my values and beliefs, and sees any who follow them as his enemy.

          2. In a survey requesting feedback about President Obama’s campaign, the administration appears to be taking the attitude that the opinions and concerns of white men are not wanted.


            Those taking the survey are asked to identify which constituency group they belonged to. Among the choices were African Americans, Arab Americans, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, Jewish Americans, Native Americans and LGBT members.

            However, there is not similar box for “white” despite other ethnicities being mentioned. While there is a box for “women” males are not listed as a constituency for the campaign. This would seem to suggest that the President does not consider white males part of his constituencies.


            Last year, The New York Times reported that the Democratic party had appeared to abandon white middle class voters.

            “For decades, Democrats have suffered continuous and increasingly severe losses among white voters. But preparations by Democratic operatives for the 2012 election make it clear for the first time that the party will explicitly abandon the white working class.

            All pretense of trying to win a majority of the white working class has been effectively jettisoned in favor of cementing a center-left coalition made up, on the one hand, of voters who have gotten ahead on the basis of educational attainment — professors, artists, designers, editors, human resources managers, lawyers, librarians, social workers, teachers and therapists — and a second, substantial constituency of lower-income voters who are disproportionately African-American and Hispanic.”



          1. There is a presidency of us all–that is why I don’t like the profanity tossed at it–or part of why–but this particular president has not earned my respect or even tried to, would look over my shoulder for someone more important, if he was even in the same room with the likes of me. I sure would not want one of those cringey, phony hugs he gives people or to be called a “folk.”

          2. Agree completely. It really junks up the site. Yes, I use language in real life–I am not a total pecksniff, but I never think it adds anything insightful on these lists.

  10. This is too much. “Sorry, Peng, but I didn’t want to come to CA and attend an event where you would be the guest and, therefore, the center of attention. But I’d be cool with you inviting me to China and letting ME be the center of attention. OK, girlfriend?”

        1. Granny was too busy ‘parenting’ as she’s basically a nanny
          more than anything else. Well I think she’s well rewarded for
          what should be a very nice thing having your Granny with
          you because Mom & Dad are too busy with their own fun
          separately of course. Note was probably a blank Hallmark

  11. Meeting with the Chinese First Lady is not about Michelle Obama personally. It is about how our entire nation is viewed on the world stage. World nations are watching our actions, “our” being our leaders.

    Mrs. Obama’s actions say a lot to other countries. It is a snub to the country try that does like to be snubbed, and China hold so much of US debt, like it or not.

    Mrs. Obama’s behavior reminds me so of my Ruby Payne training. One can move up economically into another class, but that doesn’t mean one exhibits the appropriate behaviors of that class.

    1. We’ve pissed off the Chinese and Europeans this week.

      Europeans reacted angrily on Friday to revelations that U.S. authorities had tapped the servers of internet companies for personal data, saying they confirmed their worst fears about American Web giants and showed tighter regulations were needed.


    2. Thanks for mentioning Ruby Payne. Her “Bridges Out of Poverty” and other works give a fascinating insight into a large part of our cultural “divide”.

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    1. It is impossible to say enough bad about this very serious breech of protocol. The Chinese, who own our debt, our all about propriety. We have an entitled bitch in the Whitehouse who believes she is totally entitled to do exactly as she pleases. There should have been a large state dinner to honor the U. S. Banker and his wife on his first American visit. Crass, uninformed occupants of the Whitehouse that match wits with the uninformed voters (and the corrupt voting machines) that put them there.

  13. Didn’t the Office of President or State Department once have an Office of Protocol to advise the proper manner to greet and make high ranking visitors of other cultures comfortable? These buffoons think all that is proper flows from them.

      1. Many thanks Ms. Manners and Girly1 for confirming the recollection of a muddled, old man. It seems obvious their majesties obama are either getting bad advice or are ignoring it. Evidence would indicate more of the latter than the former.
        L’etat, c’est moi!

        1. Sequester could have axed the Protocol Office the Obama’s
          don’t seem to pay any attention to what they are told. I wonder if its just a dumping ground for old pals to get a paycheck.

  14. I don’t think we need to slobber over the Chinese like we sometimes do–and we may be starting a cyber skirmish with them–but it’s her function to accompany the president to these meetings.

  15. I have a queasy feeling that Michelle’s antics are purposeful and intended to draw attention away from Benghazi, the IRS, AP and Fox, and now the NSA spying. The latter, btw, includes access to credit ratings and credit cards so one can easily visualize the government using them against the same ‘enemies’ the IRS has targeted. Unfortunately for the Obama administration, I don’t expect them to glean much there because Obama’s ‘enemies’ don’t strike me as the kind of people who would abuse credit cards or flirt with bankruptcy.

    Also, Obama is trying to divert our investigations and get control by announcing his own investigation of the leakers of the leaks. So Johnny-on-the-spot but not so much on releasing information on Benghazi and the IRS.

    1. Benghazi is, and will remain, the biggest scandal of all. Hillary and Odumbass need to be held accountable. The biggest question, “where the hell was he when four Americans were killed?” Who gave that “stand down” order? I am sure their families do not believe Hillary and her “what does it matter now?” attitude. Especially the families of those dead men and next all Americans need this answered.
      This is where the Congressional investigation needs to go! How safe are we with an inattentive president that can’t do anything well–especially play golf!

      1. This is the one impeachable offense you can tag him with. On the others he can be protected by fall guys, but only a President can issue orders to stand down. If, a big if, he allowed someone else to do it, it also would be an impeachable offense.

      2. And why haven’t we heard from — or even been told the identities of — those who were actually on the ground in Benghazi.

        Transparency? This sure smells like cover-up.

    2. You make some excellent points, JB. We’re like Inspector Closeau who finds multiple crimes, but can’t find a way to connect them to one person or persons. Is this one a ‘red herring’ or is it the biggest crime?
      We don’t have all the facts, don’t even know who all the actors are, and those make it hard to pinpoint what the heck is going on here.

      MrsO’s absence from the China meeting might be at the request of the diplomatic people who are alarmed by her recent portrayal of a deranged harridan screaming “max out”at fundraisers, or be “a baller”, and the arrogant rudeness to the woman at the LBGT fundraiser.

      The latest ploy of announcing that the NSA will be looking for those who leaked all this information is too little and too late. It’s no secret how all of this info was divulged and who did it.
      It’s just meant to silence others who might be inclined to tell what they know, too.
      Now that we know how intrusive our government is in our private business, we should all invest in burner phone stock and encryption software. People with personal secrets to hide have been forewarned.

      1. As Ms. Sturtz demonstrated at the infamous fundraiser, Obama told his people to “Get in their faces.”

        Apparently he later amended that to “Get i their business.”

      2. I liken the Benghazi mystery to a game of Clue. My cards tell me it was Professor Obama with the stand down order in Valerie Jarrett’s bachelorette pad.

        You may be right about why Mooch was missing from Palm Springs. They may not have wanted her there because of her erratic behavior. Maybe she’s hitting the bottle a little too hard.

        1. My husband thought that about the bottle too, but I agree with Playrighter that the Obamas think that getting in our faces is a good way to preempt any inquiries.

      3. Yes, we’ve known about the spying for a while. It IS a ploy. I trusted the Telegraph more, but I am not surprised that the Manchester Guardian and Washington Post “broke” the old story (once again). They are in his pocket.

        1. Well, if this clumsy snub of the event of state is a ploy, I think they may be learning we Americans are notching up our multitasking skills. The snub was not mentioned on the shows this AM that I could see and the spying was.

    3. Julie, According to Elijah Cummings, an AP reporter and an unidentified source at the IRS the WH had nothing to do with anything involving the IRS. And it is now time to move on.

      All of these scandals expose this Administration for the thugs that they are. Benghazi and the President’s actions and who gave the stand down order is critical and the Obama must be held accountable. He can weasel out of anything. But he cannot weasel out of being the Commander in Chief.

      1. I agree that it will be impossible to implicate him in the IRS scandal, but I don’t agree with Cummings that “it’s time to move on”. Heads need to roll in the IRS and the WH for that scandal. People have committed crimes, and the guilty need to be punished even if the head honcho escapes. I’m feeling blood-thirsty this morning.

  16. Meesh got President Pup re-elected. She feels she’s done her job, I suspect, and plans to do NOTHING that she doesn’t feel like doing for the rest of his second term.

  17. A conversation from Start Tek: Into Darkness seems fitting. As we watched the movie this afternoon it occurred to me it fit Obama, It fits Mooshell, too. Admiral Pike is dressing down Captain Kirk for being, well, Captain Kirk. He says “You have no respect for the rules. You think they don’t apply to you. You have no respect for the (Captain’s) chair. And that means you’re not ready for it.”

    That’s exactly the Obamas. They don’t think anything applies to them; they are too smart by half and well too clever. They have no respect for this country or for the office he holds. They disrespect both country and office on a daily basis, in unending and original ways. They are in no way qualified or even emotionally ready to be in leadership positions, much less in the position that he’s in.

  18. “disappointment over Mrs. Obama’s absence was palpable if not vehement in some Chinese mainstream and social media.”

    This is a MAJOR difference between China and America. OUR disappointment is rooted in “Mrs.” Obama’s PRESENCE…

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