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Meeting With Xi Jinping Morphs into Weekend with the Boys

President Obama summoned three of his longtime buddies to Palm Springs California to hang with him following the wrap up Saturday morning of his meetings with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The president went golfing Saturday afternoon in the searing Palm Springs heat – 102 degrees by late afternoon –  with pals Mike Ramos, Bobby Titcomb and Greg Orme, according to a White House aide.

Obama will party into the night with his friends, leaving Palm Springs for Washington Sunday morning.

First Lady Michelle Obama did not accompany the president to the meeting with Xi. Now we may know at least part of the reason why.

It’s Obama’s 15th time on the links this year and the 126th outing of his presidency.

20 thoughts on “Meeting With Xi Jinping Morphs into Weekend with the Boys”

  1. Seriously, it’s sometimes dangerous for even experienced low desert golfers to be out on the course when it’s over 100 degrees. The sun is devilish and requires long sleeves, long pants, and a wide brimmed hat to avoid sunburn and, uh, capture the cooling sweat. A bottle of water for every hole is standard safety at this temperature and probably about 15% humidity. Seriously.

    I hope he had a good time, and a safe time.

    1. I agree, kinda foolish to do something like that in such extreme heat. But he also has his minders close at hand, plus medical personnel too.

      1. You know that commercial where the hospital gurney follows some guy who didn’t take his cholesterol medicine or something? I think of him like that–every amenity at hand. Which is why he can never understand health care.

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  3. Elizabethtaylorburton

    Yeah, he’s always with the boys, he likes boys. Anyway, tonight I heard Obama is opening a criminal investigation of the leaks about his criminal spying on us??? I bet he wants to beat everyone to the punch before EVERYONE BRINGS CRIMINAL CHARGES AGAINST HIM AND HIS HOODS!! This way if he starts a criminal thing then he WON’T HAVE TO ANSWER QUESTION AGAIN ABOUT ANYTHING!!!
    Obama wouldn’t investigate Holder or Panetta about Bengahzi or Hillary of Rice for the lies because he’s behind all their lies. Anyway, this government is getting like Hitler’s Germany. We all better do something and SOON!!! Boehner and the Republicans can’t and won’t stop him from his activities that are illegal and I don’t understand it? Is America paralyzed now? Do we have to have a military intervention to save us? Why do these kooks and crooks get away everything? Everyone says the same thing, they must be stopped but every day something else happens and nobody steps in to save us????
    Never have we had such a jerk and idiot as a President, we can thank the ignorant fools for him!!

  4. Obama expects to be feted like visiting royalty wherever he travels yet he treated the Chinese President and his wife like garbage collectors. How rude of him to run off with his golfing low-lifes! Both of the Obamas should have entertained Xi Jinping and his wife over the weekend. But what can you expect from a couple of ill-bred affirmative action lottery winners.

  5. Elizabethtaylorburton

    It really would be too too bad if he got sunstroke wouldn’t it? He leaves the Chinese President and his wife to play golf! He’s got more nerve than brains.

    1. At least he didn’t leave him openmouthed in the middle of a meeting to go have “dinner with ‘Shell and the kids”…

      “Two and a half years ago, Obama met Netanyahu only briefly at the White House. He then left Netanyahu alone while he, Obama, went to dinner with his family. Netanyahu had to leave by a rear door.”

      ‘…Mr Obama rose from his seat declaring: “I’m going to the residential wing to have dinner with Michelle and the girls.” ‘

      Classy, huh? Xi should be grateful he didn’t get THIS treatment! But then, he’s not Jewish…

      You do have to cut Obama some slack though. Unqualified, untrained, and incompetent as he is (and surrounds himself with), he just gets nervous around ACTUAL world leaders. He’s WAY more comfortable around Sunni Arab “leaders”, since he knows when to bow to them from his childhood training…

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  7. Titcomb — arrested solicitation of prostitution — 2010 or 2011. Way earlier drunk driving. If we disparage George Bush and other conservatives we can do the same with Obama’s buddies. Rezko.

    It’s not like Obamas’ few “buddies” are recognized for their high moral character or integrity.

  8. “Red China” will be the 21st Century Superpower;
    re: 1 billion citizens, Controlling Trillions of US Dollars, extensive Cyber-spying/warfare against the USA, hundreds of modern nuclear weapons, a military build-up & a 100 year old grudge against the ‘Western World’.

    So what does ‘President’ Obama do?
    Blow off the Chinese and go golfing…

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  10. Golfing again Obama? doing it for spite as you do everything — like puting Rice as National Security Director. The way you run the government, its obvious you need treatment for manic depression

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