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Don’t Be Fooled by the Latest Jobs Numbers

The news that the economy added 175,000 jobs last month is a sign not of progress, but that we remain stuck in the same sluggish growth that has plagued the economy for some time.

Remember, you need about 150,000 jobs a month just to keep pace with the normal increase in the workforce. With millions of jobs lost due to the recession, it will take years to get back where we were at this pace.

That’s why the unemployment rate went up – because millions of people have stopped looking, and as they start they reenter the “workforce” and get counted as unemployed. This will continue for years, meaning stubbornly high unemployment.

What’s more, while job growth has been more robust than in the past, averaging 172,000 a month this year, the economy has actually gained only 155,000 per month during that last three months, decelerating from the rate of 200,000 per month during the first three months, as the Wall Street Journal notes.

The economy should have come roaring back years ago. It didn’t, and it doesn’t show any sign of doing so this year. We are stuck with a lingering misery that will be hard to alleviate as higher taxes kick in, Obamacare spreads its pall over the economy, and the Obamabureaucrats pile regulations onto the backs of businesses and individuals.

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  1. the Obamabureaucrats pile regulations onto the backs of businesses and individuals.

    According to the Wash Times, Obama told his CA posse that he had a light touch with regulations. I feel like I permanently tumbled through the looking glass. It’s all word salad–no logic, no truth, made up scenarios, hypotheticals,

    1. I am reading Atlas Shrugged again fifty two years after first reading it. I remember finding it very interesting then, but it was fiction, a dystopia. Now large parts of it have become factual and true to life.

      1. Part 3 of the movie is now in production, with principal filming to take place this fall. It will be in theaters next year.

        1. I haven’t seen parts one or two. Are they any good? I saw the trailer to part one, and it looked like a special effects extravaganza.

          1. I might be a bit biased, having just re-read the book, seen both in the theater, bought the DVD, and donated money to making the 3rd installment.

            While some technology was a necessary part of the films, I don’t recall any emphasis on “special effects” — other than a futuristic train that looks pretty fine.

            Even though the cast keeps changing (and the critics — and liberals — tend to pan the films), I think they’re quite well done and pretty much true to the book. As a fan of the book, I found myself cheering at the end of each.

            (Warning: you WILL at times wonder if the film makers were seeing Obama’s policies when making the movies.)

          2. Thanks to both of you. Will take the recommendation from fellow bloggers on WHD any day.. I think the book rocked too the first time i read it at 19 and now.

    1. It’s not that they don’t know it’s a scam, it’s just that they consider themselves the PERPETRATORS, not the “marks”.

      Most hustles rely on the “mark” deluding HIMSELF. The mark thinks he is too smart to be conned and makes the assumption that the con man knows this, so they are therefore getting honesty from the flimflam man when he promises them money, power, whatever. The huckster simply supports them in their warped view of themselves until the money changes hands. Obama has certainly mastered THAT!

      NONE of these rich Calis have ANY knowledge of history, so they don’t realize that they would be the first against the wall when the revolution truly comes. They also choose to live in an echo chamber of liberal consonance, where ne’er is heard a discouraging word about the failures of their chosen system, or what ultimately happens in true communist societies to “the rich” when their services are no longer required…

      The Swedish riots are a case in point. If liberalism doesn’t work in Sweden as hard as THEY’VE tried, well, where WILL it work?

      “From an American perspective, the Swedish riots hold at least two lessons. First, they illustrate the weakness of the left’s go-to explanation for mob violence​—​that it is a function of inequality and poverty. Sweden, after all, is an exemplary country in terms of both social equality and treatment of minorities. But not even in Sweden, apparently, is taxpayers’ generosity sufficient to maintain law and order, according to this standard interpretation. Second, the riots are a reminder of the left’s inexhaustible egalitarian ambitions. Not even in a welfare state like Sweden is the left willing to abandon the idea that the solution to violence and destruction lies in ever more social programs and more radical redistribution of wealth. There is always a new, absolutely necessary social reform waiting around the corner.
      What is the actual situation in Sweden, then? What are the intolerable social injustices that force young men into the streets?
      Racism and discrimination do exist in Sweden, as they do everywhere. But Swedes are remarkably open to other groups and cultures. The Migrant Integration Policy Index (MIPEX) gives Sweden a perfect score (100 points out of 100) on equal opportunity for immigrants. According to a recent World Values Survey, Sweden is also among the world’s least racist countries and most open to immigrants. Unlike the youths in French and English ghettos, Swedish minorities do not come from former colonies​—​Sweden never had any real colonies. Nor are they the children of guest workers, as in Germany.
      Instead, the vast majority of immigrants to Sweden in recent years have been welcomed on purely humanitarian grounds. In only a few decades, Sweden has gone from being an ethnically and culturally homogeneous country to boasting more immigrants per capita arriving every year than the United States or any other Western country. The town of Södertälje, for instance, with a population of 83,000, accepted about 7,000 refugees from Iraq during the Iraq war. Its nickname is “Little Baghdad.
      And Sweden, unlike the United States, is a society with a large welfare state. This means that high immigration imposes heavy costs. A Swedish middle-income earner pays more than half his salary in taxes to fund welfare services such as free higher education, health care at only token cost, and a variety of other social welfare programs. No matter how long they have lived in the country, immigrants who can’t speak Swedish have the right to an interpreter (free of charge) when visiting a physician. Immigrants who complete their Swedish language studies (which are, of course, free) are awarded a government bonus of about $1,000.”

      That’s probably too much for the no-info California donor, though. They don’t have much of an attention span, and reading probably makes their pointy little heads throb, so maybe this cartoon will help…

      1. C C:

        Having spent a summer traveling with a carnival years ago, I appreciate your reference to “marks” — that’s the title given to pockets of money walking down the midway. (Also why I refer to Obama’s mouthpiece as Carny).

        Thanks for info on MIPEX, but I have a question. When I checked their website (, I find Sweden with a score of 83, not 100. (U.S. has a score of 62). Am I looking in the wrong place?

        1. Your reference to Carney as “Carny” is completely apt, but NO barker has EVER had access to money like the Obama Administration!

          I’m afraid I can’t answer your question on MIPEX, as it is not my research, but The Weekly Standard’s. MIPEX does still rank them #1, regardless of the score, however.

          (I do like the “Play With The Data” tab, though. THERE’S a button Obamanistas can get behind! Might mean something different to THEM, however…)

          The point is, no body does it better. And still riots ensue. Maybe-juuuust maybe-socialism ISN’T the answer?

          Swedishlady, below, would seem to concur with The Weekly Standard’s summation, and I suspect she’s closer to the situation than I’ll EVER be…

  2. While we are talking jobs, I am making a tenth of what I did when O came into office. A tenth! Even his own people say we need more well-paying mid-skill jobs, which I think means government jobs, although no one has said that. They acknowledge at least that the econ is changing in structure and won’t go back to what it was. The Fed is propping up the stock market and everyone is just sort of frozen in horror. Would the good old jobs laser melt things–nah.

  3. What’s more, the numbers were probably doctored because Bernanke said that he would stop or slow down buying stock if the jobless rate improved. In fact, it went up 0.1%, and the stock market really liked that news Friday.

    1. All the numbers, stats are subject to interpretation – reality isn’t. At least my reality isn’t. The Feds have been printing and stuffing the ballot/political box since November 2012 with $85 Billion/month. No one needs to look any further than their wallet and bank rates. My adult life began in the 1960’s when banks actually paid interest on a savings account or a CD around 3% and a free toaster or TV. $20/week bought groceries for a family of four until 1973 (oil embargo) forty years ago this October. The US has never devalued our currency (officially) reality did it for us. All anyone has to do is look at the cost of feeding the same family of four today – sticker shock!

      1. Yes, Sadie. My husband and I are retired and what little ‘capital’ we have we are afraid to risk in the stock market. It goes back to Greenspan: he made a decision to make money cheap on Wall Street and in the real estate market. Having a safe place for seniors to invest modestly was sacrificed and interest rates on savings and money market accounts are negligible today. When we were children, the bank in our town had a thing called The Christmas Club through which our parents could save $200 or more to spend during the holidays. The thing is,The Christmas Club didn’t give interest and the bank was using their money interest free for an entire year. We’re back in those days again. Second childhood, I guess.

        1. I remember The Christmas Club. In some ways it encouraged saving. Banks switched over to credit cards and encouraged spending instead.

          1. WOW….Christmas Clubs……my head is spinning back to a much simpler time…….When people actually tried to save money to buy Xmas presents only to a level they could afford and not go into debt to show off. You girls better duck now because the image of banks giving toasters, etc for new accounts is forming and I think my head will explode!

          2. I remember CDs that paid 8%…you could figure getting 10% on an investment…now, bleh. My bank said to put cash in ING DIRECT–at 3/4 of one percent–better than their CDs, they said.

          3. We had some that yielded 15% and were able to get our mothers to invest in them too. That was during the Carter years and there was a trade off with inflation.

  4. Obama sets the bar so low for the job growth numbers, that it’s almost impossible not to exceed his expectations.

    He brags about the number of consecutive months of positive job growth. Yesterday he claimed “The economy has now added private sector jobs every month for 39 straight months”, as if that’s a huge accomplishment.

    Then there’s the standard boilerplate that’s been repeated almost word for word for months.

  5. I have no trust in our current system of government. Zip, zero, nada. I don’t trust the Executive branch, Congress, the Judiciary, or the fourth unofficial branch of government – the Administrative State. The evil appears to outnumber the good in every last one of these entities. Who’s Pollyannish enough to believe any statistics released by this collective of liars, crooks, and thieves?

    I believe Rush is right. We are in the midst of a coup…

    1. I hear you, my friend. I’m not sure if the “system” is so bad though. Its worked pretty well for us until recently. I think the human element is the problem today. If (and I admit its a BIG if) we can find decent, intelligent people to replace the cast of idiots/zealots/charlatans etc through the electoral process, I think we’ll be OK.

      As Dirty Harry said in one of his movies “I’ll enforce the law as it is until a better one comes along” (or something to that effect)

      1. Rick: “If (and I admit its a BIG if) we can find decent, intelligent people to replace …”

        Not for lacking of trying. The Tea Party tried and the GOP undermined them with the help of the IRS. Keep in mind that a select few, from both parties, knew/know what the hell has been going on. Who have they sworn their allegiance to? The people they represent or themselves. Never mind. The answer is all too obvious. Congress funds, Congress funds the DHS, the DHS purchases ammunition, etc. Remember the old song, The Farmer in the Dell … we are the “cheese” and The cheese stands alone.

        1. You’re right, Sadie. Its all about the money and the power. The change I want to see most in the system is term limits. These idiots (both parties) become entrenched and then look to solidify their power and forget the people who voted for them. I think the reason is did not bite us before was because we had a society that was not obsessed with power. Let them assign chairperson roles to people who have the street cred from their jobs outside government. People like Chuck Schumer never amounted to anything until they entered government.

          1. Congressional term limits are determined by each state. There is simply no way states as NY and CA. would entertain such a thought. It’s a ying/yang dilemma.

          2. In questioning their allegiance, Sadie, let’s also not overlook that some of them want the United States to owe allegiance to a larger, global power.

          3. So true, Julie. We can thank Woodrow Wilson and his League of Nations (now the UN) for that. It appears the globalization of America actually started with the ratification of the 16th Amendment establishing the progressive income tax, the 17th Amendment that democratized senatorial elections, and the passage of the Federal Reserve Act to control our money supply. All accomplished in the year 1913 – the most massive statist power grab in history.

            Because they are no longer appointed by state legislature, most senators fail to serve the interests of their home state. They have become federalized and serve the interests of the leviathan, as well as the highest bidder to their campaign coffers. If liberty prevails, the 16th & 17th Amendments and the Federal Reserve Act should be repealed.

          4. By State? I thought it was that silly old Constitution. Guess ya can learn something new every day……You’re right about NY and CA though. Even if it was a Federal edict, they’d find a lawyer who would bypass it!

      2. You’re right, Rick. The framers of our Constitution set up a magnificent system of government. Unfortunately, our beloved Constitution has been bastardized by generations of statists who have schemed to break its chains of restraint and institute their ideal of an all powerful centralized government.

        “In questions of power, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

      3. As long as Eric Holder remains Attorney General the law will only work to the benefit of Barack Obama and his agenda. This man should be in jail.

        1. Totally agree, Grace. He is a light weight legal mind with a directed agenda. That’s a deadly mix for an AG. One of the key responsibilities of a CEO is to bring in good people beneath him/her. Once again, Barack has demonstrated his lack of executive skills.

          1. Consigliere.

            A real-life Mafia consigliere is generally the number three person in a crime family, after the boss and underboss in most cases.[2] The boss, underboss, and consigliere constitute a three-man ruling panel, or “Administration.”[3]

            Jarrett – Obama – Holder

          2. gracepmc,

            Holder DOES fit this paradigm rather well, but why settle for “consigliere” when you can be MOSES?

            “What he should understand is that he is the chief lawgiver of the United States of America, so to speak – he’s the Moses of our time, and at least for this administration,” – Michael Dyson

            I don’t know if Mr. Dyson’s grasp of legality (our “lawGIVER”?) or theology is more appaling, but either way, if Eric = Moses and Moses gets orders from G_d, then Obama, to Mr. Dyson, would be…?

            So while I don’t believe they would shirk from the “Crime Family” motif, it’s just smaller potatoes than they are REALLY shooting for…

      1. DeniseVB linked to a great photojournal of Preezy Revenge’s Palo Alto bag run for his bosses. In one photo there were SIX armed federales/locals doing crowd control for less than 100 liberal moonbat protestors. Can only imagine how many swat teams the regime will dispatch to control the tea partiers who show up in Washington, DC for the June 19th protest of the IRS. Wish I could be there to stand with them.

    2. Jonathan Turley, the Constitutional scholar, wrote a piece not too long ago about the fourth branch of government, and it is frightening. There is still some separation of powers and checks and balances between the first original three branches, but the fourth branch, which you call the Administrative State and I call the Bureaucracy, is a government all to itself. There is no oversight, and it makes its own laws and even has its own courts.

    1. It’s happening all across America, unfortunately, due to corporate greed. It’s not to keep prices low for consumers. Instead they want to pay the peons as little as possible so the CEO’s can drive expensive cars, own their own private jets and live in mansions.

      1. Gotta put my old corporate hat on at that, AZ. Many moons ago, I was a pricer for a huge computer hardware/services firm with a three letter name (First letter was I, last was M). We were getting murdered on our prices for 800 call center support, so I was ordered to look into it. The cost of an operator in North Carolina (just their salary) was about $37 per hour. Calcutta was $8. Manila was like $5. Did the bosses go with the Manila base? Yes, they did.

        I’m still angry about that BUT I do understand it. Should we have gotten to a place where we were paying 800 line operators that much in the US? Probably not. We were obligated to our stock holders to keep business and attract new business? Yes we were.

        I’d submit to you that our problems in the US are the result of a combination of greed from CEOs, other executives, stockholders and yes, even employees. Yes, in the current business environment, the employees have been smacked first and HARD. But the stockholders……..many of whom are in the US ……really don’t seem to care as long as their dividends are constant or growing, along with the stock prices.

        OK corporate hat off. Old RickW back….. :>)

        1. Dealt with a lot of those I_M mainframer’s before retiring, RickW. Nicer bunch of people you’d never meet.

          In my opinion, crony capitalism is the real problem. The leviathan and big business hop into bed with each other, scratch each others back, and spawn a bunch of little bureaucratic union piggies (i.e., Lois Lerner) who feed at the taxpayer trough and do the bidding of the leviathan. No doubt when Lois Lerner retires, the leviathan will bribe her silence with a corporate job with one of their ‘partners’.
          Kinda like Apple hiring Lisa Jackson, who resigned from her cabinet level position in the EPA once her fraudulent and illegal “Richard Windsor” government email account was discovered.

      1. I can’t let this go.
        Why not…
        a commemorative medallion of Black Hills gold
        a mounted piece of a Moon rock from NASA
        hand-blown glass piece from the artisans of West Virgina
        a ceremonial neckpiece from any Native American artist
        a hammered silver piece from the mines of Nevada

        1. I agree, srdem. Very inappropriate gift. No doubt the Chinese had to hold back their laughs once they caught glimpse of that ugly thing. There may not be a photo of dear reader on this cheezy bench, but his name and title are more prominent than the Chinese president’s.

          Anybody know the translation of the Chinese words at the bottom?

        2. Agreed there are many more appropriate gifts, but I think you might get an argument from Native Americans on that Black Hills Gold.

          I was in South Dakota a few years back and made a complimentary statement about Black Hills Gold — and was promptly and politely put in my place. The Native Americans saw it more as a symbol of treachery–in that what was theirs was stolen from them for profiteering by those doing the stealing.

          1. It would be nice on the seat and every time the Chinese sat down, they would be sitting on his face. Which they are doing metaphorically right now.

  6. Most of the new hires are part timers because they need more bodies now that everyone has been moved to part time to avoid the costs of Obamacare.

  7. I have worked in the private sector, at NGOs, and for government. I have many family members, friends and colleagues who are career government employees.

    That said. We need to have better vehicles for firing federal government employees — from the clerks on up. This is America and our government should not be a place where you go to get cradle to grave employment and benefits no matter your performance. It really is unAmerican to be forced to pay the salaries of the non performing, the incompetent and the corrupt without recourse.

    Just recently there was a warehouse being used by a government contractor that essentially had turned it into man caves, a gym, etc. We had no problems getting rid of that contractor (although I am pretty sure there is more to that than meets the eye) without recourse to the government employees’ whose job it was to monitor and administer that contract.

    We are awash in Gogol’s Inspector Generals and the Soviet Union’s apparatchki and with further government encroachment into the private sector we are becoming increasingly limited in the rights of the private employer to develop a workforce of their choosing, with appropriate rewards and consequences.

    It’s not new but it is time now to seriously challenge the way our government is run. Every single employee is a public servant whose salary and benefits are paid by the taxpayers of the United States. And we are literally throwing good money after bad.

    In that

          1. Ah Julie. You are so right. Thanks.

            12 more syllables to go? I guess disho, dispo, dis count only once as disho. Oh dear, I’ve gotten myself into this– better find out what “this” really is.

            WHD Haiku

          2. A great post, my friend…at least until the end when the NSA started to edit your typing….(J/K!)

            I’d also add State and local government employees to your assessment. I won’t deny many ARE good solid employees but you also see a number of zombie type stares, refusals to do anything but read from a prepared script, etc. Even McDonalds would let many of them go.

          3. I agree re. state and local but the post was long enough — I didn’t want to go and on, as I so often do. And this includes Senators and Representatives and the judicial as well. Term limits, etc.

            Government people, including those who are appointed, should not be difficult to get rid of. Abuse of power, corruption etc. is just that. And should not be tolerated.

            We do have some serious self correction to do and where to start and how to do it is challenge and a commitment. We are bordering on acceptance for all the wrong reasons.

            So, if there is a silver lining to Barack Obama and his gang of thugs, it is that their abuses and ideology might just be what is needed to wake us up to the threat of our liberty and freedom. What we do with it as a country is up to us.

  8. Chicago Tribune, a couple of days ago: “About 4.4 million Americans have been unemployed for more than six months, roughly 3 million more than pre-recession levels.”

    That’s “roughly” a 215% increase.

  9. It makes absolutely no sense to pass an immigration bill that will bring in 20-30 million immigrants over the next 10 years. I’m not even counting the 20 million illegal aliens who would be legalized to work. If we had 4% unemployment 8% GDP growth and massive wage inflation it might make sense.

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