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Obama Not Expecting to Serve Out His Term?

President Obama today offered up some unusual phrasing with respect to his future as president, implying he might for some reason leave office before his term is up

“I will leave this office at some point – sometime in the next three and a half years,” Obama said during remarks today in San Jose, California.

Obama was noting that he too would eventually become a private citizen and be subject to the type of surveillance by the National Security Agency all Americans must currently undergo.

The president of course is expected to leave office after three and a half years, not sometime before.

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132 thoughts on “Obama Not Expecting to Serve Out His Term?”

  1. Please go now, Mr. Obama, while we still have a remnant of our country safe from you. If you are still in office at the end of your term, you will only rule the ruins you have bestowed upon the United States of America. Let your last act for the people of this country be a merciful one and remove yourself.

  2. If Obama is impeached he knows with his whining it could easily cause a major riot or even a civil war. There are a lot of so called black leaders and some left over KKK idiots who would help push for this war!

  3. I think someone is reading something into Obozo’s comment that isn’t there. He’s known for making gaffes in his speeches, and I think he’s far too much of a narcissist to step down voluntarily—less someone has promised him King of the World.

    I won’t hold my breath.

  4. Sir,
    We’ll be more than happy to accept a ‘Back Dated’ resignation.
    And allow you to get on with your new career as ‘Elder Statesman’.
    Along with holding the new BHO Chair of International Relations and Economics at Jakarta U.

  5. don’t count on it, the powers that be are done with him, this is why all the scandles are now comming out, they are looking to end his term, either by nook or by crook or by nail…

  6. Sometime in the next three and a half years is akin to his 57 states remark … no teleprompter means he had no idea when the term ends … Wishful thinking, so don’t hold your breath folks.

  7. May I suggest leaving tomorrow… me I’ll help you pack and I’ll even throw in a free u-haul truck……………call me

  8. When his time is up to leave the office of President you will have to drag him out feet first while he is crying and demanding a chance to give him just four more years. If you believe he will leave the White House before his full term is then you just got off the banana boat.

  9. I also will not hold my breath. Its just crumbs being thrown at conservatives, don’t buy it. Anyone who has high hopes I have a bridge in Brooklyn, wanna buy?

  10. He undoubtedly misspoke. My concern is that he may decide that he should stay well beyond 3 1/2 years…. That is scary.

  11. That’s a shame I was hoping he meant tomorrow. The only reuqest I have is that he take crazy Joe with him. WE don’t deserve him.

  12. well … he didn’t have his teleprompter, I heard … so maybe his phrasing was off. BUT … if he does leave early? OMG, that means Biden becomes President!!! We better all pray that doesn’t happen!!!

  13. Obama has to stay in office as long as he possibly can. If he is removed or leaves ever his house of cards will fall down quickly around his big ears. The only way he is hiding who he really is, who his real father is, is by staying in office.
    Once the whole truth is out about Obama he will be a caught or fleeing as a felon, a traitor to and most dangerous enemy, greatest threat since WWII to the US, US citizens, and by extension, the world.
    In the latter cases as a felon and traitor, he will be seeking asylum to save his life and the lives of others close to him.
    Idi Amin of Uganda fled to Saudi Arabia and lived in luxury there after he was deposed from office. Perhaps Obama will do the same or similar if he is ever removed from office.

  14. I’ve been hearing the same B.S. for 7mon. now .Impeachment & resignation, he’s still in there f—ing everything up! And he was elected twice! He’s not going anywhere he’s not done doing damage yet. I wouldn’t be surprised if he the son of Satan! With all the s–t going down in the middle east. Revelations says everything is suppose to start over in the part of the world!

  15. I don’t think that he is inferring that he will depart early BUT he has great reason to be concerned about becoming a target as more and more instances of his abuse of power (or is it just incapability and lack of executive oversight?) become evident.

  16. Czar Obama isnt about to leave early, i’ve had a bad feeling when he won the first election that we maybe stuck with him for yrs to come. I think he’s gonna pull something, suspend the next (and possibly more POTUS elections. When they should be putting the lil silver locking bracelets on his wrists, ankles hauling him to Leavenworth for the rest of his life..him and ALL of his minions.

  17. We hope he’s not finishing out his term. We pray he’s not finishing out his term. Private citizen soon? Can’t wait. In fact 50% of the American people would like to throw his ass out tonight! First, he doesn’t tell us we are being spyed upon every day and night on the phones and Internet and who knows what else – second, he opens a criminal action about it after HE violates our constitutional rights. He doesn’t investigate any of the scandals he is responsible for such as Benghazi ignoring pleas for help from four Americans and then they were murdered, IRS politically motivated descrimation of Americans resulting in their spending millions of dollars to defend themselves?, and Holder lying under oath, the IRS guy lying under oath, Rice lying to the enitre world about Benghazi, Hillary Clinton lying to the entire world right next the coffins of the dead Americans, Nothing else matters to him except himself.

  18. Of course he will serve out his term. And he may well serve a couple of other terms as well. You fail to grasp the low level of intelligence of the electorate or the massive racial identity based voting block he has created. He will be able to serve as president for life if he wants it. The United States as we knew it fifty years ago is gone and will never return. Start thinking about the part of this country that can still be salvaged and what it will take to secure it from the attempts to “quell the illegal rebellion” by Obama and his followers.

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  20. He probably just meant that he is leaving the Presidential office and taking up residence in the El Dictador para la vida… forever in other words!

  21. He could be anticipating impeachment. He’s already investigated a pardon for himself !
    Biden? Maybe we should wait for the next president….

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