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Obama Not Expecting to Serve Out His Term?

President Obama today offered up some unusual phrasing with respect to his future as president, implying he might for some reason leave office before his term is up

“I will leave this office at some point – sometime in the next three and a half years,” Obama said during remarks today in San Jose, California.

Obama was noting that he too would eventually become a private citizen and be subject to the type of surveillance by the National Security Agency all Americans must currently undergo.

The president of course is expected to leave office after three and a half years, not sometime before.

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132 thoughts on “Obama Not Expecting to Serve Out His Term?”

    1. I’m not holding my breath, which do you truly think more likely of him; not expecting to serve out his term or authoring an executive order extending his term limit in office?

      1. Double "D" Edd USN Ret.

        We all know that oBOMBa is a closet Muslim intent on destroying CHRISTIAN America and not the sharpest knife in the drawer but look at who is next in line if he abandons ship before the pier. We have enough trouble with a semi-intelligent oBOMBa without a brain dead VP taking over. Be careful of what you wish for! You just might get it and lose the whole ball of wax.

        1. Biden is able to lead anything without having his foot removed from his mouth. Hillary is out as far as I’m concerned, and Boehner would have to have his lips surgically removed from Obama’s butt. Along with John McCain’s and Graham’s.

          1. And you think the “leader” we currently have is? At least Biden is eligible to hold the office, and probably he’s so stupid he could be controlled.

  1. Either that was a slip of the tongue–what, was he off prompter?–or he knows his goose is pretty well cooked.

    I’m not getting my hopes up. Slip of the tongue. The dude loves his golf course pass too much.

      1. and it’s long been well documented that this man doesn’t understand simple math. Fifty-seven states. Obamacare will save money. Unemployment is in good shape. And that little thing called a clock, which continually stymies him.

        1. He did say he can’t help his girl’s with their math anymore! They are in 6th and 8th grade and as a math teacher I can tell you all they do is fractions and beginning of solve for x. And this man runs the govt who spends trillions a year?! Only money he ever earned was on the Monopoly board and how much you want to bet he gets his ass kicked at Monopoly, Life, Battleship and Clue by the 12 year old?!
          “Malia you sunk my battleship!!” “People come get this kid!”

          1. My home schooler was waaayyyy past fraction and solving for X by the 8th grade. Actually by the 7th grade. But you’re probably talking about public school – which Obama’s daughters definitely DO NOT attend. Although I think all ‘public servant’s’ children should be mandated to attend public school. Might help the system improve???

    1. As the smartest man to ever inhabit the planet earth, he should realize his goose is well cooked. Just waiting on the fork to penetrate his a$$.Of course, when the fork gets too close he will likely relocate Air Force One to Kenya to use as a residence & refuse to return it. His kin wont extradite him.

  2. I think he’s getting punchy and just misspoke, but glad he seems to know there’s no third term in his future.

    And, if NSA are so good at what they do, cough up Obama’s school records ;)

      1. Yes, of course. No sense at all since everyone now knows he’s not fit to be an organ grinder at 54th and Passyunk.

  3. “Obama was noting that he too would eventually be subject to the type of surveillance by the National Security Agency all Americans must currently undergo.”

    And just what surveillance would that be? The kind that you keep denying?

    1. That comment is just more misleading drivel to soothe the ruffled masses who don’t like their privacy invaded. Those who have held high offices—righteously or not—NEVER have to knuckle under to the laws and circumstances the rest of us do.

    1. No Uncle Joe. What we need is a Congress or some Republicans to grow some spine.

      Article II, Section 4, of the U.S. Constitution states, “The President, Vice President and all civil officers of the United States, shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.”


    2. No, blondie, we would not necessarily be stuck with “Uncle Joe” Biden. Once the house cleaning starts with Obama then goes to his handlers, the henchmen and women in his tyrannical, oppressive, despotic, evil Marxist-Islamic regime we can go properly so through all possible Dem Libs in the Presidential Line of Secession.
      We will get to a good Conservative/Republican rather quickly. Then we might have a chance of reversing the damage Obama and his cohorts have done, saving the USA with our Constitution and starting the long road to recovery.
      Obama is in the meanwhile the greatest threat since WWII to the US, US citizens, visitors, and by extension, the world.
      So we must move quickly. Tomorrow early morning would not be too soon, but maybe even too late.

  4. “Obama was noting that he too would eventually become a private citizen ….”

    You mean he’s FINALLY going to clear up his illegal immigration status once he’s out of the White House?

    1. Maybe he’s going to take the citizenship classes and be sworn in. There’s a lot of doubt that he’s even a citizen, let alone a natural born one.

  5. Obama was noting that he too would eventually become a private citizen and be subject to the type of surveillance by the National Security Agency all Americans must currently undergo.


    So, it’s okay that our Fourth Amendment rights are being trampled because his supposedly will be trampled, too?

  6. UNSG Ban Ki-Moon’s term of office ends December 31, 2016, well after the 2016 Presidential election. I still think that Obama has aspirations for “higher office” as did Billary Clinton, however I can see the citizen of the world actually having a shot at being elected as UNSG.

    Perhaps Obama’s words were a Freudian slip of what is to come in 2016, and his plans to campaign for his next office. If a former Nazi intelligence officer can become the UNSG, why can’t an Alinskyite with sympathies for the Muslim world?

    1. I read something a few years ago when Slick Willie was gunning for UNSG that because the US is part of the Security Council and otherwise has a lot of power at the UN (we do?), that no one from the US can become SG. Let it be true, dear Lord.

  7. Dictator Obama has never, ever had to face any consequences from his actions in his entire life and folks that ain’t gonna happen now. As all of his high crimes and misdemeanors like Fast & Furious, Benghazi, IRS, and the latest one to explode namely the illegal surveillance of Americans (more scandals to come by the way) creep closer and closer to him, he will cut a deal with Crazy Joe Biden to pardon him if he resigns. Crazy Joe is consumed with becoming president and will eagerly issue Dictator Obama a pardon whereupon the most venal, evil, and above all laziest man ever to be president will instantly resign and saunter off to his prepaid mansion in Hawaii, his luggage stuffed with tens of millions of untraceable cash skimmed off the top of all that fundraising dough he and his greedy First Beard of a wife have been so frantically raising the past year. Obama is a complete moral and physical coward who will do whatever it takes to save his own skin. Sound farfetched you say? Look at all the unbelievable crimes he has committed so far.

    1. TSA should fondle him & Mitchelle at the airport,of course, he would like it ,annnnd, check their bags. What’s this? Bags of cash? Must be drug money, confiscate it & arrest them.

  8. “I will leave this office at some point”

    OK… that’s the Hope.
    When it actually happens, that will be the Change.

    Hope & Change!!!!

  9. Most of us are hoping and praying he either leaves or is thrown out before he does any more distruction on America. Instead of sitting in the Oval Office, he should be in prison with the rest of his mob.

  10. Keith, you’re wishful thinking. He just used this as an example of why he should care about privacy. It’s a stretch to say the least and if this is the best he can come up with – he isn’t as smart as everyone thinks he is. He’s pathetic.

  11. And i do hope obamanites are reading this, I truly don’t understand at what point this illegal immigrant is impeached from office?
    Are none of these obamagates going to stick?
    Going after all the tea party and conservs tax returns, fast and furious et al…
    Now that he has actually infuriated the press etal media .. they thought Rosen wad bad until they found out about Prism,
    And now even the ACLU is pissed..
    Even though they make noises about Bush, we all know they really don’t believe he had the agenda obama does.
    Did you get all that Holder?

    1. Impeachment is not in the cards at this point. It’s all about numbers—we need 2/3rds vote of all Senators sitting as jury to convict, and we won’t get it—at least not before 2014.

      Barring a miracle, he will skate on all his evil deeds—someone else will take the fall. We might luck out and get rid of holder, but look how Susan Rice rose again like a phoenix to an office of power.

  12. Too many times, in retrospect what seemed like an odd statement, turned out to be literal. So lets consider it theoretically on face value. If he’s going to leave office sometime IN the next three and a half years, who’s standing in the wings to step in? Or would more accurate verbiage be, take over?

  13. I suspect that “at some point” is going to be many years into the future. I don’t think this guy is going anywhere.

  14. he is so brilliant ?? he can’t avoid misstatements when he is without his teleprompter.

    On another note, I have been wondering for a few days now, where have they hidden Joe Biden? I presume they are afraid he may babble out something that might resemble truthfulness in one of his ramblings.

  15. He says stupid things all the time, gaffe prone which MSM never calls him on for fear of being called racist. We are stuck with this idiot for three and a half more years, trust me.

  16. If he leaves before his term is up, he will probably be under MUCH more than email scrutiny! Chances are it would be a federal prison!

  17. The only way this stinking pile of dooh would leave the “Presidency” is……to become dicktator. Then he can choose his own title. Perhaps “His Liar and Fraudulent perpetrator Hineass”? So many titles come to mind. But so little time and space to write them all.
    How about “Bat Rastard of all things muslim”?

  18. Of course if he leaves office early, it will be because he has proclaimed himself Dictator of the new banana Republic of America since it is clear there aren’t enough men in the GOP to stop him.
    And when has he ever told the truth about anything? I have never heard anything but lies and rhetoric from the bum and would NEVER trust a word he says. He’s an automatic liar, just like everyone else in his regime.

    If there were any justice, he be undergoing an investigation for treason, malfeasance, and breaking his oath of office.

  19. Why don’t Obama leave now before he destroys any more of America and take away our freedom Obama is a criminal liar thieve killer just as he gave our tax dollars to the jihadist muslim brotherhood to raid Libya and again a few days prior to the Boston bombing Obama is a terrorist a criminal and should be impeached and charged with fraud perjury and treason sent to prison with the death sentence just the way those 7 were killed along with him should go all his rear kissers and followers this goes for Chicago’s gangsters too

  20. Or …. perish the thought ………… he would be “leaving the office” because he has abolished that “office” in order to take total control of this nation as the UN ‘appointee’ in charge of the North American Union.

  21. I don’t want him to become a private citizen. I want him and all his minions to become a number. As in prisoner number. Removing him from office isn’t good enough. For all the acts of treason this evil monster has committed he needs to rot in jail or hang as in olden days.

  22. I don’t think HE has to worry about HIS privacy, he’s managed to keep all his stuff private this long, all it takes is money and the right connections, we should ALL be so lucky to be able to afford to seal our records the way HE has.

  23. This guy isn’t going anywhere…. He would not quit and people are too scared of impeaching him. My guess he said this so now the news will debate this and it will take them of the real problems of his lies and evil administration

  24. Double "D" Edd USN Ret.

    We all know that oBOMBa is a closet Muslim intent on destroying CHRISTIAN America and not the sharpest knife in the drawer but look at who is next in line if he abandons ship before the pier. We have enough trouble with a semi-intelligent oBOMBa without a brain dead VP taking over. Be careful of what you wish for! You just might get it and lose the whole ball of wax.

  25. Don’t get your hopes up folks….the Marxist f***er will stay until the bitter end. The only thing we can hope to do is take a solid Majority in both the House and the Senate and render him impotent….We must also remember we need to take that majority with people who have the stones to over turn his executive orders. Better get out there and start working. Complacency at this point will be the death of this nation.

  26. Believe me he will be in office for the whole term. Maybe longer.He misspoke is all. We couldn’t be so lucky that he would leave early.

  27. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus….”Should” this come to pass, there are more than a few that would help him pack…As we watch his hair go from dark to grey, then dark again, his posture is showing fatigue & there are other hints that his ‘big boy pants’ are getting too tight. Is A.D.D. kicking in?? Nothing is more unnerving to an idealist than to realize that ‘flaws’ are the reality. Whatever it is, the signs of unraveling are cropping up.
    Our best bet would appear to be putting a strong focus on the elections in 2014. Find strong candidates & get them elected & reaching across State lines when we can. Money isn’t the only way to help a candidate. Don’t hesitate to ask what you can do.

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