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Obama: Nobody is Listening to Your Telephone Calls

President Obama today defended the National Security Agency’s surveillance of Americans’ telephone and Internet records, asserting that “nobody is listening to your telephone calls.”

Obama, who spoke during at event in San Jose, California, said security officials “are not looking at people’s names, and they’re not looking at content,” but rather at phone numbers and the duration and frequency of calls.

Obama said the Internet data mining was targeted at foreign nationals, not Americans.

The president charged there was “hype” about the issue and assured listeners that those who conduct the surveillance can be trusted. He noted that both the Congress and the judiciary are overseeing the program, saying it would be a “problem” if people couldn’t trust any of the branches of government.

Obama said there has to be a balance between security and privacy: “I think it’s important to understand that you can’t have 100 percent security and then have 100 percent privacy and zero inconvenience,” he said. “We’re going to have to make some choices as a society.”

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    1. I wonder what the four dead Americans in Benghazi might say about his “100 percent security” assertion? I also wonder what the makers of the youtube video that he purported to have procured their deaths might say about the “100 percent privacy and zero inconvenience” assertion?

      Oh well, at least we can all agree with this assertion: “We’re going to have to make some choices as a society.”

    2. so true do not worry when we the people revolt it will not be pretty we have had enough of this communist lying Dog as far as Holder time for prison for you and most if not all of this Administration

          1. I am in my usual state of cross resignation–and I will always have humor. Or try to. This reminds me of a line in a book this week. Someone gives a person the double bird–and says, “Here–and save the other one for later.”

  2. “saying it would be a “problem” if people couldn’t trust any of the branches of government.”

    Hello, Houston? We have a problem.”

  3. Well, Mr. President, then let’s clear up a few matters with the IRS and DOJ shall we? While we’re at it, I have a few concerns about the DHS too. If you want our trust, you’ll have to earn it. All you have done so far is vindicate Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Fox News, you owe them an apology.

      1. Yes! Sarah lives rent free in Obama’s head and her commencement speech at a small high school in the blue northwest made more headlines than all the progressive speakers at all the elite universities combined. She inspires :D

        Obama could learn from her.

    1. hahahahaha.. you should know better, BO never gives an apology, for anything. The word is not even in his vocab. VarJar took it away from him.

  4. He probably does not have to go to the Straw Man Store anymore–I am sure they deliver. The choice is not between zero this or 100% that. But of course, we are all too stupid to see this. And why would I take HIS word for whether the sun came up?

  5. “…nobody is listening to your telephone calls.” – Barry Soetoro

    I call incomplete sentence! What he would say if he read the UNREDACTED version is;

    “…nobody is listening to your telephone calls if you are a known jihadist, ’60’s terrorist, or otherwise pose a high, well-known threat potential to Americans and American society. If you’re one of those Tea Party or Patriot folks, on the other hand, or – worse still – a veteran…”

    1. He’s just trying to assuage his true believers into thinking he’s not after them, just his enemies. Some will buy it, but a lot more have woken up to what’s going on. One of my relatives who is the epitome of a California liberal, was outraged about this invasion of his privacy. He was okay with the IRS persecuting conservatives and religious groups, but the regime’s dragnet policy of collecting every American’s phone and internet activity was a real betrayal of trust for him. Not sure how long it will last, but right now he’s outraged.

  6. “Obama said the Internet data mining was targeted at foreign nationals, not Americans.”

    So, it’s targeting his own freinds and family? Doesn’t he ALREADY get their E-mails in a more direct fashion?

  7. “The president charged there was “hype” about the issue and assured listeners that those who conduct the surveillance can be trusted.”

    WHEW! I was worried there for a minute! BUT, since our Dear Leader assures us that his syncophants, apparaticks, and Secret Police CAN be trusted, than NO WORRIES, RIGHT?

    If there IS a question at some point, than he’ll just have Eric Holder get to the bottom of it RIGHT AWAY!

    See? Nothing to fear here! You may now return to your squirrels…

  8. Obama said the Internet data mining was targeted at foreign nationals, not Americans.I call BS. They have already declared an end to the War on Terror. They are now engaged in the War on Patriots. As the IRS has already revealed, they are not monitoring the communication highways searching for instances of words like ‘jihad’ or ‘bomb’. Instead, they are searching for terms like ‘TEA Party’, ‘Constitution’, and ‘Support Israel’.

    1. No one is listening to your phone calls

      No one is targeting citizens with drones

      No one is targeting your Tax requests or auditing you because of your beliefs or politics

      No one is saying that a video caused Benghazi

      No one letting firearms go into Mexico

      no one wants to take your guns or put you on a list

  9. If they’re listening to ‘protect’ us and only listening to those evil people
    wanting to hurt us (yeah sure). Why didn’t they prevent the Ft Hood terrorist massacre? Hassan was talking to Anwar al-Awlaki who was
    surely being listened to wasn’t he?

    1. Good point. Unfortunately, the words ‘TEA Party’ never came up in their conversations, so no red flags were ever raised by this Administration.

  10. Anybody know NSA’s motto?

    “In God We Trust, Everyone Else We Monitor”

    It’s a good agency to have when focused outwards, but when turned inwards with a corrupt govt that defines terrorists and extremists as anyone who opposes them… we’re in deep, deep excrement.

    And by the way… listening in on the calls is what they do AFTER they get the records…

    Disclaimer: My post is completely theoretical in nature and provided only as an attempt to initiate discussion about how the public can better serve and protect the government’s interests. You guys at NSA are really great! Our heros!

  11. Not sure what all the excitement is about. All of this posturing from the WH is ‘the norm’ when you live in a police state. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

    1. Plus you know how this stuff does not leak–it oozes. By tonight, it will be well, we didn’t listen to TOO MANY conversations… Fri nite, say around 5 or 6 PLT, when everyone has left town…PLT–Prime Leak Time.

        1. Are they trying to say it’s like with the Mafia–they listen long enough to hear it’s just phone sex and not arrangements for a hit, then hang up–like sure, they do.

  12. “…with no liberty and security for all”?? I don’t think that’s how it goes, Obama. America never asked for 100% security.

  13. Any man who completely trusts any government is a fool.

    So, no, Sir Golfsalot…I don’t trust you with that much information any further than I can throw your wife.

  14. he says there’s a problem if people couldn’t trust any branches of the government. i know that the irs is not a branch of the government but i don’t trust them as far as i can throw him and i don’t trust the executive branch as far as i can throw michelle. they’ve proved that NONE of them are trustworthy. i’m sure that pelosi and reid are trustworthy. as i choke on my water as i type that.

    government trustworthy – pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  15. Wonder if Obama and Val our enjoying reading our wonderfully humorous posts today? Hi everyone yes Mom’s feeling better I know
    you were interested in a follow upon her condition. No problems here
    at the Lizzy homestead. Well that’s all for now catch you later!:-)

  16. “Nobody is listening to your telephone calls”–this will be the takeaway for the even briefly discomfited lo-fo set–unless, maybe, it sounds a little like “If you like your doctor…” I am dreaming.

  17. Dictator Obama has never, ever had to face any consequences from his actions in his entire life and folks that ain’t gonna happen now. As all of his high crimes and misdemeanors like Fast & Furious, Benghazi, IRS, and the latest one to explode namely the illegal surveillance of Americans (more scandals to come by the way) creep closer and closer to him, he will cut a deal with Crazy Joe Biden to pardon him if he resigns. Crazy Joe is consumed with becoming president and will eagerly issue Dictator Obama a pardon whereupon the most venal, evil, and above all laziest man ever to be president will instantly resign and saunter off to his prepaid mansion in Hawaii, his luggage stuffed with tens of millions of untraceable cash skimmed off the top of all that fundraising dough he and his greedy First Beard of a wife have been so frantically raising the past year. Obama is a complete moral and physical coward who will do whatever it takes to save his own skin. Sound farfetched you say? Look at all the unbelievable crimes he has committed so far.

    1. Who knew having a black man as President would turn people into just hateful, hypocritical racist Scumbags? Oh, yeah…I did!

      I kept saying Obama-haters ARE the biggest racists since the KKK and the Neo-nazis combined. Turns out I was right, as usual.

      What’s even more disgusting is the usual racists on the right playing hoiler than thou, calling Obama a liar, while in the same breath making up lies about Obama and then using those lies to build a whole narrative like him not supporting the troops.
      If failing to commemorate D-day is a measure of hate for veterans. Then I guess Bush hates veterans 6 times more than Obama does. Since Bush failed to commemorate the D-day anniversary 6 times during his presidency. In June 6th 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008, George Bush made absolutely no mention of D-day, and attended other meetings and functions on those days, including a concert, but why is that……OH, WAIT. IT WAS BECAUE HE’S WHITE! THAT IS THE ONLY REASON!!

      If Barack Obama was a Muslim, why would people talk about the church he attended in Chicago?

      President Obama is neither a communist or anti- American. He is a decent man trying to govern a country in difficult times .

      Communist is the biggest over statement. A liberal may be. A communist no, if the guy was a serious communist there would probably have been a revolution in America. Just because he wants to help his people doesn’t make him a Marxist.

      Obama is not a crazy white-hating communist, you’re a mentally damaged black-hating racist. Obama is not an America-hating Marxist, you’re a Stuipid racist. Who ever actually believes Obama is a Muslim needs to get their head examined. He is Not a dictator.

      You racists keep calling a traitor, or at least someone who palled around with terrorists – and called a socialist, and a communist, and a Muslim, and a godless atheist in the same breath when he’s nothing of the sort!

      NO! and he’s not destroying America. He Got Bin Laden. (NOT KILLED) Got pirates. Killed more radical muslims than civilian killing Bush. Taking Iran to the mats. Withdrew from agreement when N Korea doubled back. Got us out of Iraq, honorable. Saved the country from financial ruin. Saved GM and Chrysler and a million American jobs. Got health coverage for 40 million Americans.

      POS!?!? it’s no coincidence that such derogatory and meaningless epithets are used by racists. Calling the POTUS a POS and a fraud seems to the usual calling call for you right-wing racists and bigots like you,

      You call yourselves ‘patriots’ but clearly the Republicans care more about party than about country. Their entire strategy is to get back into power, and they don’t care how much damage they do to the country in the process.

      The ‘Destroy Obama‘ game plan has been simple: Obstruct, disrespect and demonize the president — as un-American a.k.a “Not one of WHITE Us”.

      No president in the history of this country has suffered more dis-respect than Obama.

      When you call Obama un-American, a Communist” a Marxist, a Muslim, we all know you mean “n@@@@@

      1. Get over it. Obummer’s the worst president in US history, who happens to be part black, but calls himself black. He’s the racist.

      2. So, do you just go from blog to blog pasting the same bile? If you’re going to troll the internet, at least try to be original.

      3. Oh for crying out loud! Get a grip! No one gives a ratz azz what color of skin he has – he just happens to be the worst president this nation has ever had. If you want to equate that to his blackness – that’s your problem.

      4. @ZaMan,

        Bless your heart! You poor thing. You are obviously delusional and should check immediately check yourself in to an accredited psychiatric hospital. I’m sure your treatment will be completely covered by Obamacare.

      5. ZaMan,

        Oh, where to start? Well, let’s start with a favorite liberal chestnut, the inevitable KKK comment.

        “I kept saying Obama-haters ARE the biggest racists since the KKK and the Neo-nazis combined. ”

        Just wondering if you know the KKK were the child of the Deomcrat party? That the only party to have a major political figure that came from the Klan (Robert Byrd) was the Democrat party?

        “Dressed in robes and sheets, intended to prevent identification by the occupying federal troops (and supposedly designed to frighten blacks), the Klan quickly became a terrorist organization in service of the Democratic Party and white supremacy.”

        That’s from PBS, home of Big Bird and one of Obama’s main campaign issues in 2012. Interesting that Obama was more zealous in defense of a man dressed in a canary suit than he was in defending an American Ambassador, but I digress…

        “Just because he wants to help his people doesn’t make him a Marxist.”

        Do you LOOK at what you type? “HIS” people. Who do you mean by THAT, exactly? Is not the American President SUPPOSED to be the President of ALL Americans?

        But as to the “Marxist”, let’s look at this;

        Definition of Marxism (n)
        Bing Dictionary
        Marx·ism [ mrk sìzzəm ] Marx’s theories: the political and economic theories of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, in which class struggle is a central element in the analysis of social change in Western societies
        politics based on Marx’s theories: political ideology based on the theories of Karl Marx and Friedrich

        Obama was steeped in the lessons of Saul Alinsky by his own admission and has made MANY statements where he openly said he supported “redistibution” and his Robin Hood fantasies. Setting aside the moral implications of stealing other people’s property, that’s putting “Class Struggle” front and center. But let’s look at the words of Obama’s model, Alinsky;
        “”A Marxist begins with his prime truth that all evils are caused by the exploitation of the proletariat by the capitalists. From this he logically proceeds to the revolution to end capitalism, then into the third stage of reorganization into a new social order of the dictatorship of the proletariat, and finally the last stage — the political paradise of communism.” p.10 ”

        Or would you argue that Obama was not paying any more attention when reading Saul A than when he was sitting in the pew at Trinity United while Jeremiah Wright ran America down?

        Speaking of which,
        “If Barack Obama was a Muslim, why would people talk about the church he attended in Chicago?”
        “People” can “Talk” all they want, but that is one strange form of “Christianity” Reverend Wright preaches!

        Again, though, the facts that are NOT in dispute are;
        1) Obama had a Muslim father
        2) Obama had a Muslim stepfather
        3) Obama was trained as a Muslim in Indonesia
        4) The worst crime you can commit in Islam is apostasy.

        In Islam, you’re a Muslim if you’re daddy is. Even if the elder Obama had no interest in his etiolated son, he was DEFINITELY a Muslim when Mr. Soetoro picked up the slack!
        There happens to be no fatwa against Obama, no imam calling for him to receive the traditional punishment reserved for those who turn their back on A!!ah, no outcry at ALL in the Islamic world against this VERY prominent apostate! Why do you suppose THAT is?
        It’s because Muslims everywhere know it’s taqiyya.
        This concept is a little broad for here and now, but here’s the short form:
        “The word “Taqiyya” literally means: “Concealing, precaution, guarding.” It is employed in disguising one’s beliefs, intentions, convictions, ideas, feelings, opinions or strategies. In practical terms it is manifested as dissimulation, lying, deceiving, vexing and confounding with the intention of deflecting attention, foiling or pre-emptive blocking. It is currently employed in fending off and neutralising any criticism of Islam or Muslims. ”
        Sound familiar? And in his cuddling of part of the Islamic world, which is everything from insulting Israel, ignoring open terrorism, supporting revolutinaries, and even repurposing NASA for “muslim outreach”, he shows his sympathies to, indeed, be Islamic. As he said in his own book. Sorry, whatever Obama tries to call himself, he always acts like a Muslim.

        Note that I said PART of the Islamic world. This goes to your next statement;
        “NO! and he’s not destroying America. He Got Bin Laden. (NOT KILLED) Got pirates. Killed more radical muslims than civilian killing Bush. Taking Iran to the mats. ”
        You’re right, he’s killed quite a few Muslims, including some American citizens without due process. You know what those Muslims he’s killed are, though?
        Obama likes to swagger about killing Muslims because he thinks this plays well domestically, but he ALWAYS kills Shi’ites and ALWAYS cuddles Sunnis. There is not time here to educate you on the difference, but the short verison is that they hate each other at LEAST as much as they hate us. How is this relevant to Obama? Obama Sr. and Mr. Soetoro – his fathers – were Sunni. This means Obama’s Sunni. He is using the United States Military to prosecute the Sunni vendetta against Shi’ites, and folks like YOU who don’t know the difference just lap it up and think he’s great!

        I like this one too,
        “Saved GM and Chrysler and a million American jobs. Got health coverage for 40 million Americans.”

        GM is STILL a ward of the state, and what “saving” he did was just a gift to the unions who elected him. He arbitrarily set DECADES of settled contract law on its ear when he put the unions first in line, ahead of other creitors who got nothing, and propped them up with oceans of cash stolen from Americans whose only crime was thinking that GM cars were ugly and poorly manufactured. Chrysler only survives because of Fiat, NOT Obama. As to the health coverage for 40 million Americans, THAT one would take too long; but, not all of them are “Americans”, what he “got” he “got” with excessive taxation on people who actually work for a living and pay for their OWN insurance, defunding Medicare, making insurance for the rest of us FAR more expensive, and rationing care.
        As a Cuban man once said, “My medical care is free – and worth it. I can go to my doctor, but he can do nothing for me”.

        This has been fun, and you have a lot of -other- issues in your post, but this is way too long. But please do keep posting so we can continue to enjoy seeing the facinating way your mind works after years of liberal indoctrination AND being told that the ONLY possible reason A Black Man would EVER be opposed is because he’s Black!

        You are right in a way about Obama being treated differenly because of his apparent race, though.
        He would have never been President were he not “Black”

        He would not have been able to destroy contract law, prosecute illegal wars, or destroy heath care were he not “Black”

        He would never have been RE-elected were he not “Black”, AND

        He would be switfty and surely removed from office if he were not “Black”

        So, he IS being treated differently because of his “Black”-ness. Just not the way YOU mean. Sorry, you get no points, and may G_d have mercy on your soul…

  18. I read an amusing story about the San Jose speech by Rick Moran in PJMedia. He wrote that Barry was at loss for words when staff forgot his speech. When he finally got it from a stumbling (terrified ?) aide he read it and declared that the concern over the spying was only …”hype”.

      1. By the way, Daily Caller had an even funnier rendering of the occasion. Barry was up there Teleprompterless and helpless and started shouting “people” looking towards his frantic aides. Imagine, this guy can´t say a word without a script. One commenter wrote, if we could outlaw Teleprompters this president would be totally silent.

  19. Does this mean the telephonic conversation of a woman having an abortion is also protected under the privacy of “emanations from the penumbra” of the Constitution?

  20. I don’t trust the Executive Branch. I don’t really trust Congress. I often don’t trust the Courts (as when they make stupid declarations, such as the “penalties” in Obamacare are really “taxes.”)

    I believe that really is a problem. He’s right about so little, but he’s right about that.

      1. Then I’ll have to fail you~ for some reason some of my comments aren’t making on to the thread and they don’t even include dirty words or anything.

  21. I’m admittedly behind and someone else may have already made this point. But if I get the plot, the government can track and sort millions of phone calls to determine which specific calls are a threat, yet still not one single item of proof that Obama is the brilliant scholar he is purported to be? There must be a phone call or two about a transcript somewhere.

    1. Assume 100 million people make 10 phone calls a day (forget e-mails, skypes, text, twitter, etc) that’s 1 billion calls a day.
      365 billion calls x 3 years is a trillion calls.
      Add in the text, e-mails, etc and we’re in the astrosphere of numbers.
      So, out of this mindbending crush the NSA wants us to believe they spotted a terrorist who wanted to blow up NYCs subway just by having a record of who called who.
      Not buying it. They’re listening with computer-generated algorithms or word-identifiers.

      1. Brill? Aka Edward “Brill” Lyle? The tech really does exist and the filtering algorithms are there. So which companies are selling or licensing thier tech to the gvmt?

        1. Myguess..all of them are selling to the government.
          Or, the techies actually are government employees.

          My point that I didn’t make clear is that they’re not just “recording” the phone numbers and times, they’re actually listening to the calls and recording the voices. Probably at random, with some parameters or identifiers to sort out the mundane.
          Otherwise, the simple knowlege of who called who or what wouldn’t be very helpful. The exception would be a targeted, known radical who was using a phone registered in his/her name to call “bombs r us” or to order 20 pressure cookers from a restaurant supply company..

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  23. WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Today, President Obama issued the following letter to all Verizon customers:

    Dear Verizon Customers,

    Yesterday it came to light that the National Security Agency has been collecting millions of phone records from you each and every day. Since that news was released, many of you have called the White House with questions and concerns about this new program. To save my time and yours, here are answers to three of the F.A.Q.s (Frequently Asked Questions) we’ve been hearing from you:

    1. Will I be charged extra for this service?

    I’m happy to say that the answer is no. While the harvesting and surveillance of your domestic phone calls were not a part of your original Verizon service contract, the National Security Agency is providing this service entirely free of charge.

    2. If I add a phone to my account, will those calls also be monitored?

    Once again, the answer is good news. If you want to add a child or any other family member to your Verizon account, their phone calls—whom they called, when, and the duration of the call—will all be monitored by the United States government, at no additional cost.

    3. Can the National Security Agency help me understand my Verizon bill?

    Unfortunately, no. The National Security Agency has tried, but failed, to understand Verizon’s bills. Please call Verizon customer service and follow the series of electronic prompts.

    I hope I’ve helped clear up some of the confusion about this exciting new program. But if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to call the White House. Joe Biden is standing by.

    1. NSA has had listening posts located outside the US for years ease dropping on cell phone and communications traffic since the late 80’s. The movie “Clear & Present Danger” showed how signal intercepts (SIGNET) worked during the drug wars. Very factual .. very real. So if could be done outside the US, piece of cake to be done inside the US. Esp when given the keys to the city to do it. Just how deep and how far is anyone’s guess.

      Here is a link to some background on NSA – ECHELON

      1. Missed your post. Totally agree. The tech is out there and so are the databases and processing power to mine the data. “They” can take a picture of a car, grab the license plate number, and bill you for a toll road or send you a ticket. Even commercial voice transcription is quite accurate. Now think for a moment, the gvmt has nothing but time on its hands and your money. Two of the most valuable assets in the achievement of any goal. Knowledge and morals are in the mix as well, but arguing with the gvmt about what is “right” seems to be fool’s errand these days.

    2. We don’t. You think they’re going to clue us in on that? Oh, no no no, that’s classified information, don’t you see.

      The kicker is that the POS (that’s Perpetually Operating Snoop…what, you thought I meant something else?) said that the war on terror needs to be wound down, but he keeps up a surveillance state straight out of Orwell when the justification for same, in his view, no longer exists.

      GO. FIGURE.

    1. Thanks for the link.
      The piece and the photos point out the East coast/ West coast slice of prosperity that eludes the rest of the country.
      Rich and powerful enough to draw a sitting President with a hooked finger dangling a big money bag, and so entitled that they assume their feelings about an oil pipeline in the Midwest should take preference over those who would actually be affected by it.

      ot: when a commenter critiqued Zombie’s photo skills, he revealed that he uses a stealth camera to get his shots. Zombie explained that he can’t focus or wait for posed shots.

    2. Thanks for sharing that great article, DeniseVB. Rich radicals?! Who’da thunk it? Looks like the thrill is gone for dear reader, at least with a few California moonbats.

      1. Those people looked kinda frumpy to me with their bogus lemonade (out of Kool-Aid?) and Maseratis at the ready. I guess this is our new ruling class–the boringness of evil.

  24. We didn’t ask for 100% security, Mr. President. You cannot, no one can, provide 100% security. What we ask for is a government that we can trust and you have proven yourself, time and time again, not to be trustworthy.

  25. If Obama had half a brain he would realize that any terrorist worth his salt would use a fake ID to purchase a pre-paid throw away phone to conduct business. This overreaching abuse of power has nothing to do with keeping us safe and everything to do with taking away every vestage of freedom we have enjoyed for the past 250 years. Who is going to keep us safe from the enemy within?

    Three prime examples of the Obama regime ignoring counterintelligence reports of imminent acts of terror:

    1. The underwear bomber. Father contacted the CIA in Nigeria and warned them that his son was about to commit jihad. He was allowed to board the Pan Am flight.
    2. The Ft. Hood terrorist. Walter Reed Army officials suspected him of harboring radical Islamic tendancies and believed that he was capable of killing Americans Refused to pursue the matter for fear of offending Muslims;
    3. The Boston Marathon terrorists. The FBI was notified by Russian intelligence that the older brother was radicalized and dangerous.

  26. Benghazi is off the radar on the blogs this morning, and I am not being OT because this is the most serious question of national security of all when the Commander-in-Chief refused to defend what was technically American soil.

    Were there any Benghazi hearings last week? Have they run into a complete shutdown of testimony? Although I can’t deny the gravity of the new scandals which are surfacing, it seems to me that they are taking the focus off the most serious one.

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    1. I’m not good like you in thinking up songs, but I thought of one childish one the other day to describe the Obama administration:

      The wheels of the bus come off, off, off
      Off, off, off,
      Off, off, off.
      The wheels of the bus come off, off, off
      All over town.

      1. Thanks, but this is an old song, not mine. I would probably be at the Obama fundraiser if I was the guy who came up with things like this!

        I like YOURS, though, but there’s one tiny issue. If the wheels DID come off the Bammy Bus, it would just keep merrly moving, sliding along on the blood of everyone he’s thrown under it…With THAT much lubrication and ALL the momentum the press and zero info voters have given him, it will slide a LOOOOOOONG time after the wheels are gone!

        Maybe that’s what we’re seeing now?

        Stay tuned…

        1. I’ve seen the video for it–the group is Rockwell, if memory serves–and IT. IS. FREAKY. I think the chorus was sung by Michael Jackson. THAT Michael Jackson.

          Video is here:

          Don’t watch it in a dark room, or under the influence of illicit substances. And I’m not being facetious about that, either.

  29. Does anyone believe Obama’s spying has anything to do with national security? He has made it abundantly clear who his enemies are, and they are more likely to wear a tricorn than a turban. He’s also made it clear that his #1 priority is to win back the House in 2014, and he will stop at NOTHING to achieve that goal. (You know, the ends justify the means, and all that.)

  30. He belongs in jail. He doesn’t seem interested in the problems of the country, and he won’t even say the word terrorist, so we don’t believe he is spying to save us. Otherwise, he would have stopped the Boston bombing, or other terrorist acts. He’s spying on all of us because he is a COWARD and he KNOWS that he is guilty regarding Benghazi and his support for the killing of millions of babies and other crimes against our Constitution. He thinks he can protect himself by spying.

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