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Live Stream || Obama Remarks on Obamacare

The remarks have concluded.

6 thoughts on “Live Stream || Obama Remarks on Obamacare”

        1. It was ten men and three women standing around a table discussing “important” ideas (the value of which I could not discern). That logo was still on the White House feed when Obama got to the stage. (I had to leave, so not sure if it came back).

          Oddly, when Obama said “People!…Somebody’s sweating back there” because his remarks hadn’t been put out for him, he said, “You know how things get by Friday afternoon.”

          This was at 9:02 IN THE MORNING. Does he not understand the difference between morning and afternoon?

          1. sorry. “SITTING around a table”.

            OTOH, it would be nice to have something out standing about this administration.

          2. The only thing out standing is the groups of children standing outside the WhiteHouse wishing they could have the tour they were promised.

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