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Obama: Nobody is Listening to Your Telephone Calls

President Obama today defended the National Security Agency’s surveillance of Americans’ telephone and Internet records, asserting that “nobody is listening to your telephone calls.” Obama, who spoke during at event in San Jose, California, said security officials “are not looking at people’s names, and they’re not looking at content,” but rather at phone numbers and the duration and frequency of calls. Obama said the Internet

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Obama Not Expecting to Serve Out His Term?

President Obama today offered up some unusual phrasing with respect to his future as president, implying he might for some reason leave office before his term is up “I will leave this office at some point – sometime in the next three and a half years,” Obama said during remarks today in San Jose, California. Obama was noting that he too would eventually become a

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Obama Silent on Surveillance Controversy

Updated at 12:30 pm ET President Obama said nothing Thursday as the nation was gripped by news that the National Security Agency has been tracking the telephone calls and Internet behavior of millions of Americans. Obama, who is traveling, had ample opportunity to say something before departing the White House around midday. He made three different speeches – at an education event in North Carolina

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The Obama Morning News || June 7, 2013

U.S. mines Internet data too . . . Washington Post Web giants deny giving “direct access” . . . ABC News News overshadows Obama’s trip . . . New York Times Obama civil liberties record doubted . . . Wall Street Journal Bush critics turn wrath on Obama . . . Politico Administration defends surveillance . . . Politico Obama has “lost all credibility” . .

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