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Video || Michelle Threatens Walkout Due to Heckler

A video has finally surfaced. I knew somebody would have their cell phone going.

38 Responses to Video || Michelle Threatens Walkout Due to Heckler

  1. This incident is a PR disaster for MrsObama. What she did and said at the fundraiser shattered her carefully presented image of a comforting, mom-in-chief, universal hugger to that of the agressive and intimidating persona some associate with the “angry Black woman”.

    It isn’t a big story that she was heckled or interrupted, that happens to all public speakers, but that she physically confronted the heckler and dared her to say something. Very un-First Lady-like, to say the least.
    The WhiteHouse and it’s slobbering supporters, such as Lynn Sweet, can spin, twist, and try their best to sugarcoat what happened, but it’s too singular and really shocking.

    • Yes, the image is cracking and finally, some bad press for this horrible person. I guess that´s why she all of a sudden refuses to meet with the Chinese leader and his wife. The Chinese First Lady is goodlooking, the comparison won´t be to her advantage and maybe the media will take notice this time. Obamamedia has tried and tried to make her into a new Jackie Kennedy and..oops.. it didn´t take much for the image to crack.

    • In a non-Obama Admin. this would be a PR disaster.
      The fundraiser was held at the home of a lesbian couple (from the video), they’re doing it for the “children” and there were several black women I could see in the same video, which negates any bad press. All the themes and memes are covered.

      • I think the lack of gluten in O’Reilly’s diet has messed with his
        head. He’s changed quite a bit trying to keep ratings up I guess.
        No defence for such poor behavior from a First ‘Lady’ but not
        many would do what this one does.

  2. Google MO and Darden Foods/Brands. An unelected FIRST LADY (and I use the term loosely) has no biz strong arming ANY industry into modifying their products/menus. And that’s just one of many. But throw in the word “children” and you get press and social immunity.

    Bigger point: The sitting two term President of the United States does not know the definition of the FIRST AMENDMENT when he says and I quote, free speech “is about being able to speak but also you listening to me being able to speak.”

    No it’s not. “listen” ain’t in there.

  3. “…and I don’t care what you believe in…”

    Ain’t that the truth. Nobody, and I mean nobody interrupts Mooch the Terrible when she’s in the middle of reading one of her demagogic teleprompter speeches about “the children”.

  4. Funny that she uses the same inflection when she said “don’t do” as does her husband with the emphasis on the word “do.” I guess that’s their code speak for “wow, you have really pissed me off now.” Friggin pigs.

  5. It makes you wonder what family life is really like chez Obama. That is the tone you use with recalcitrant children, and I don’t doubt that is how they view us American peons, oops, citizens.

    • Oh those women who worship her flip flops have been a bit
      quiet of late. The pictures they have aren’t very new and those
      are full of fawning and gag worthy comments. Perhaps they
      can’t spin her current bad behavior but I’m sure they’ll be back
      for a fix like a junkies they are very creepy and they vote.

  6. She would have made a great prison matron….in a

    I wonder if she ever belonged to a SouthSide gang! She is so filled with rage! Her face is a roadmap of anger! Obama needs to buy her a punching bag.

  7. Jay Carney saying he has a personal opinion? I don’t think so – from o’BOMB-a’s mouth to Carneys lips non-stop.

  8. I would say Flotus got off pretty easy. I would have loved to ask a few dozen questions myself and would have been probably escorted off the premise. My first question would be what does $850 a bottle champagne taste like?

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