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Quote of the Day || June 7, 2013

“And by the way, some of those people who think they have listening devices implanted in their brains? Well . . . ”

– Barack Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

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    • It wouldn’t be Obamaniacs, and not just for the reason you cite.

      It would be because NO ONE cares what THEY “think”, LEAST of all their “Leader”! Once he – or any Democrat – takes ownership of a constituency (Black, Gay, Enviro, whatever), they then can safely ignore it – with no political conseqences. After all, who ELSE would they vote for? ROMNEY?

      No, conservative thoughts are MUCH more interesting to them, as it allows opportunites for taxation and punishment. Every Muslim society MUST have its dhimmis, as SOMEONE has to pay the bills…

  1. After some bad experiences with the tin foil headwear, I tried the aluminum pot thing, but it’s too hot for that in Arizona.
    I’m now using a network of copper wires that allows for air flow and I would recommend the same for everyone. Very stylish.

    s’up NSA snoops?

  2. I can tell you it´s top news over here as well. This PRISM program is unbelieveable. All this spying and still no clue of what the Boston-bomber Brothers were up to. Why ? Well, the terrorism is a fig leaf. This administration is only interested in controlling the citizens and advancing their power. Thomas Jefferson, what do you think of the state of the union ?

    • Tamerlan Tsarnaev was put on two watch lists after the Russians contacted the FBI and CIA. I wonder if he was on the cellphone list and PRISM list.

      U.S. officials said Wednesday that at the request of the CIA, Mr. Tsarnaev was added to a broad database called Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment, which holds hundreds of thousands of names flagged by multiple U.S. security agencies.

      Because Mr. Tsarnaev was a permanent resident of the U.S., the CIA alerted relevant domestic agencies, including the FBI, “specifying that Tamerlan may be of interest to them,” a U.S. intelligence official said.


      The FBI’s earlier contact with Mr. Tsarnaev already had caused his name to be put in another database, called TECS, which is used by U.S. police and national-security agencies, two law-enforcement officials said.


      The FBI and CIA decisions to add Mr. Tsarnaev to passive U.S. security databases are routine and intended to send alerts to other security agencies. Taking more investigative action, or putting him on a no-fly list, could have raised constitutional questions given the limited grounds for suspicion at the time, they said.


      Mr. Ruppersberger said the brothers drew from a bomb recipe in Inspire, a magazine published by al Qaeda’s Yemen branch.


      The FCMABBHO Administration was concerned about violating the constitutional rights of a Muslim who had attracted the attention of the Russians.

      They got the design from “Inspire”, AQ’s Internet rag. Is there any way to track those who read that site?

  3. They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

    Benjamin Franklin

  4. Reading about this eavesdropping issue, I was reminded of the late 60s and early 70s when countless criminal arrests were voided by the courts because the officer “did not read the suspect his/her Miranda rights”. People apprehended standing over a dead body with a bloody knife/gun, huge amounts of drugs on their person, whatever, were set free because an officer in fear of HIS life forgot to take out the little index card we were all issued with the Supreme Court approved wording of a suspect’s Constitutional rights. While police officers did adapt and the number of lost arrests fell sharply, you can still lose an arrest today for failure to Mirandize a suspect.

    Also today, Aunt Tillie is gossiping about some juicy tid bit with her girlfriend on her cell phone and someone at a console thousands of miles away is likely monitoring its recording, storing the information for whatever purpose. No court order perhaps. Aren’t Aunt Tillie’s rights being violated even more obviously than the violent criminal mentioned above?

    I think this is a “WTF???” moment in American history.

    • So true, RickW. Just like Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorhrn who tried to bomb the Pentagon. They got off on a technicality – “prosecutorial misconduct”.

      Dangerous times for America.

      • The cops didn’t have a warrant that allowed them to listen in on conversations, violating the Fourth Amendment.

        Is history repeating itself?

    • “Clapper’s been caught in a blatant lie.” – Mandy Manners

      Just makes him fit in with the rest of the gang…

      Maybe they required it of him? Some gangs force initiates to commit crimes so they can be sure they are not undercover police. Perhaps Obama has a similar requirement?

      • Look at Clapper’s actions when he denied this was happening on March 13. His head is down and his hand is massaging his forehead. He was worried.

        • They’re all liars, it’s just that Clapper sucks at it worse than his peers…

          He can cheer up, though. It may be a rough 1.5 years, but after the Democrats “win” the “election” in ’14, allll those nassty investigations will go away, and I’m SURE Obama will reward his apparatchiks appropriately. Maybe he’ll get to to turn the ceremonial spigot on the first gas chamber that they’ll put his former Republican questioners in…

          Or maybe we’ll just realize Harry Belafonte’s dream;

          “During an interview with his fellow leftist moonbat Al Sharpton, Harry Belafonte provided some advice for President Barack Obama when it comes to Americans who dare oppose or disagree with Obama and the unsustainable out of control spending and . Belafonte said, the only thing for Barack Obama to “Work like a Third World dictator and just put all these guys in jail.”

          Harry gifted us in Cincinnati with the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. This is a large repository of butt-hurt to keep the flame of hatred for White people alive in Black people everywhere, and blissfully ignores the fact that other races, nationalities, and religions have been enslaved at various points of history AND the fact that Black people are enslaved by Black people even today.

          Cincinnati, by the way, has had a Black Police Chief, a Black Fire Chief, a Black Mayor, a Black City Manager, most of the Council is Black, our baseball coach is Black, our football coach is Black, and so fourth, for those who think this is important, as well as being a “Majority Minority” city; nevertheless, folks like Harry STILL call us RACIST!

          The point is, while I wish dear Harry were a lone flake, he’s more like a spokesman for the majority. 40 years of liberal “edjukation” has served the cause of liberalism quite well. Their base is quite uninformed about their own history and at the same time, given constant lessons in how to hate and be vindictive.

          Satan must be so proud…

          And it’s likely too late. These folks WILL get away with it. NO ONE will do anything SERIOUSLY to depose “The One”.

          He’s Black. ‘Nuff said.

          No, I wouldn’t sweat it, Mr. Clapper. Except for the part where you are doomed with the REST of us when he ultimately DOES fail and fall, and that WON’T be pretty. For anyone. Still, you’ll have a FEW more years to enjoy your 30 pieces of silver…