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Obama Schedule || Friday, June 7, 2013

8:50 am || Delivers a statement on Obamacare; Fairmont Hotel, San Jose, California
9:25 am || Departs San Jose
10:35 am || Arrives Los Angeles
Noon || Delivers remarks at DNC fundraiser; private residence, Santa Monica, California
2:05 pm || Departs Los Angeles
2:55 pm || Arrives Palm Springs, California
5:00 pm || Meets with Chinese President Xi Jinping; The Annenberg Retreat at Sunnylands, Rancho Mirage, California
8:00 pm || Holds a working dinner with Xi Jinping; The Annenberg Retreat at Sunnylands, Rancho Mirage, California

All times Pacific

27 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Friday, June 7, 2013”

  1. Keith, you do a great job.
    What are the specifications on the cash load AF1 can carry after a typical BHO fund raising trip? One thing sure, AF1 will never be tail heavy with BHO in TWH!

      1. Maybe that’s why Michelle is staying home? Add her and her posse and AF1 might be unable to take off?

        YES! “The Secret Service wouldn’t let me come!”

  2. It’s going to be 110 degrees in Palm Springs tomorrow. It’s a dry heat, but so is the heat in Hell.
    Yes, it’s too hot to eat out on the patio. No, it’s not cooler in the evening.
    Palm Springs in the summer is a really stupid and insulting place to meet with a foreign leader. .

    1. Or maybe Xi and Bammy just wanted to discuss the whole Communist thing in a Communist country, and Californy’s good enough for Government work…

      Bet his pal Xi gets a REAL kick out of watching Bammy drown capitalist movie stars with their own money, and is probably incredulous that they STILL think the albatross he’s hung on our necks is actually dinner…

  3. How could MO skip out on shopping, AF1 and a freebie expensive meal?
    Perhaps she’s got her own ‘date night’ tomorrow in DC or she’s leaving
    on vacation.

      1. It looks like all times are Pacific, although it wouldn’t matter because end to end his day is still over 12 hours. At this moment, the White House still shows “no public schedule”.

        Then again, on Inauguration Day with likely tens of millions watching, the White House also said “no public schedule”.

        1. Sorry, I was being sarcastic. But even though his day is 12 hours, he makes 2 speeches and then one meeting. Most of the other time he’s traveling. Plenty of time for his cat naps.

          1. “Plenty of time for his cat naps.” – Robin H

            And his dog dinners? Well, THAT’s something he can get together with Xi Jinping on! See, if FLOTUS had actually come along, the “ladies” could have exchanged cooking tips that might improve Obama’s next culinary experence with the latest Bo greatly…

  4. Truly amazing. He’s scheduled to give a speech at 8:50 AM, just 12 hours and 25 minutes after the scheduled start time for his remarks at the second of his fundraisers the night before. This may be a record for short naps for Mr. Obama.

    Not only that, but the duration of his scheduled work day is over twelve hours after a late previous night. What’s gotten into POTUS? He was actually on time for the Ravens and only five minutes late for his talk to kids in North Carolina. Is this behavior intended to be so shocking that even the New York Times will leave him alone?

    1. He always has lots of energy for the perks of the office. The hobnobbing with sports stars and performing for moneybags who are tucking million dollar bills in his waistband as he does the kabuki dance…this is the part of the job that he really enjoys. That and persecuting his enemies, of course.

  5. Great traffic will be messed up again, their leader jacked up the 10 today blocking all the on ramps. But palm springs isn’t really that hot . Why would you think eastern times if its on the west coast

  6. Can’t wait for the ‘greeting’ shot between Xi and Obama, I wonder if anyone is taking bets if The One bends at the waist during the greeting.

  7. “8:00 pm || Holds a working dinner with Xi Jinping; The Annenberg Retreat at Sunnylands, Rancho Mirage, California”

    Working on WHAT? The only thing Obama EVER actually “works” on is bringing the United states dow…Ohhhh, I see! Li’l advice on adavcing this whole dictator/communist thing now that he’s honked Putin off and can’t ask HIM, eh?

  8. Today is the first time in my many decades of life that I have been so joyful about a hot day. Usually, I dread them like a root canal. I notice Obama’s schedule doesn’t show him returning home tonight. Does that mean golf in Palm Springs tomorrow?

    1. probably so AZ.. unfortunately no one was able to get a photo of the Deputy Press Secretary toting up the stairs of AF1 BO’s golf bag.

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