As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || June 6, 2013

NSA collecting phone records of millions . . . Guardian
WH defends: It’s a “critical tool” . . . Associated Press
Cincy IRS officials point to Washington . . . Wall Street Journal
With Rice and Power, WH cocoons itself . . . National Journal
Appointments may signal activist stance . . . Washington Post
Power said U.S. should issue apologies . . . Fox News

Holder: I have no intention of resigning . . . Washington Times
WH gears up to sell Obamacare this summer . . . Politico
Treasury may have concealed IRS spending . . . Examiner
Sebelius ordered to allow transplant . . . Washington Times
After “liar” remark, GOP tells Issa to cool it
. . . Politico
Rubio starts to assemble fundraising machine . . . The Hill

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    • Today is the 64th anniversary of the publication of 1984. And apropos of the Guardian article, go over to Drudge’s site if you can, swedishlady, and look at the cluster of headlines in the upper left. All to do with this administration’s attack on the civil liberties of United States citizens.

  1. Today’s News:

    69 Years later…thank you to all that were there. The brave and the scared, the dead in the water, the wounded in the boats, the exploded on the beach, the fighters into the bunkers, the survivors on the landings, the Canadians, the British, and any who didn’t make it out, and those that left everything on the Line – June 6

  2. Every headline listed above is indicative of the vast divide between those who govern and the rest of us. From the people who confiscate our money acting like ScroogeMcDuck swimming in his riches, to the trampling of our privacy just because they can shows us a government that is too big, unwieldy, and unaccountable to be effective.

    There’s MsSebelius, making us all aware of the horrors waiting to be enacted in Obamacare, the IRS’s arrogant and unaccountable status towards the taxpayers, and MrObama shrink-wrapping the WhiteHouse to prevent unwanted visitors and a bi-partisan political consensus on the best moves for our country’s future.

  3. Hmm… I am sensing a theme from the headlines:


    I am sure it’s just a coincidence.

  4. As for gearing up to sell Obamacare this summer, what else can they do–more lies about how you can keep your doctor? My Medicare (not Obamacare) plan keeps pestering me almost daily. The last was a list of tests I was “due” for–some of which I already had, good recordkeeping, you sillies–and a list of 20 things to discuss with my doctor. First, I have a Physician Assistant and secondly, in 15 mins? Have these people ever been to a medical appt? And third–I don’t want any of this about me passed on to DC.

    • Too late, Star. Medicare: every test, procedure, doctor visit, etc. is already coded and recorded with our EOB (Explanation of Benefits).

        • My husband and I have been getting questionnaires from Medicare, and we are being non-compliant. It’s come to that in trusting the government.

          • “Rebellion [Non-compliance] to Tyrants is Obedience to God.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

            Franklin’s submission for the reverse side of the U.S. Seal (1776).

    • A couple of years ago the Supreme Court decided in favor of pharmaceutical companies against the state of Vermont that they have a right to your medical records for ‘advertising purposes’. I’m just thrilled knowing that my rare gynecological condition may be out there on the internet. My clinic has been posting the questions Do you own a gun? and Are you depressed? on the visit form which I never answer.

      • Julie, what’s in these questionaires? Medicare doesn’t send or ask for anything from me.
        If you don’t mind answering, (not asking for anything personal of course).

        • The forms I’m referring to here, srdem, are the ones you fill out
          and give to the receptionist at your doctor’s office before your annual exam, not the ones I wrote about when I posted about getting Medicare questionnaires from Chicago.

          I think the ones I’m talking about now vary from doctor to doctor (in my case, clinic), but I find those two questions very intrusive in light of the government and pharmaceutical companies having access to our records. The legality of such questions like ‘Do you own a gun?’ may vary from state to state too. I happen to live in a left coast state although my particular region is conservative.

          • Both my obestrician, and my infant son’s pediatrician, had forms with the question about gun ownership back in 1999 and 2000. I left it blank both times.

  5. All of a sudden Obama is collecting all of our phone records and spying on our Internet to protect us from terrorists??? I don’t think so, he can’t even say the word terrorism — he is a coward who is spying on his political opponents and FOES out of fear and guilt, but that won’t protect him. He could have done the right thing but being the idiot
    low-life that he is he chose the evil path and the wrong path. He is an embarrasment to the World, not only the United States and if he was not black (half-black) he would have been arrested and impeached long ago. He has no empathy, no compassion, no character, has committed treason as a President of the United States, lies constantly, hates America and white people. He is purposely leaving our borders open and hoping that we will be flooded out of our country for politics so that the Democrats will become the only political party. In other words, he is a rat and the White House is now being run by a mafia gang. I pray to God every day that he and his family get out of the White House.