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Quote of the Day || June 6, 2013


– U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

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      1. I am thinking you mean butch. I know she is married. I know she has children. Still…………….if it walks like a duck…………

    1. ONLY Rice and Power?

      I read Daniel Pipes, who BTW, doesn’t speak with a forked tongue….

      In a typically maladroit statement, U.S. Secretary of State John F. Kerry recently complained that Israelis are too contented to end their conflict with the Palestinians: “People in Israel aren’t waking up every day and wondering if tomorrow there will be peace because there is a sense of security and a sense of accomplishment and of prosperity.”

  1. Why does anyone expect a person who has nothing of himself invested in America be expected to be a patriot or have any concern for it? BHO has been riding the American gravy train from the second of his birth. He has been a taker his entire, empty life. He has risen without a trace. He has experienced nothing so he cannot respond to external stimuli; if a huge celestial foot descended on him there would not even be a small, greasy smudge on the pavement. He is a cypher!

    1. Agree, rawheadrex, a patriot he is not. Today it´s 69 years since D-Day. I remember Reagans visit to Pointe de Hoc, west of Omaha Beach, on the 40th Anniversary of D-Day and I remember his wonderful speech ” The boys of Pointe de Hoc “. It was a proud American moment. I have visited this place and it must have been a performance of utter courage to climb the rocks under those circumstances. The Ranger Battalion were some really tough, brave guys ! Up there ,the fortifications, the bomb craters are still left, I can imagine how it felt to be up there as well.
      Next year will be the 70th Anniversary. I can not imagine Barry and his horrible partner standing there giving a Teleprompter speech. Oh no, I hope they are having some fundraisers instead. Cash, that´s what they like.

  2. She is the real deal.

    Rice was born in Washington, D.C.,[5] to Emmett J. Rice (1919–2011), Cornell University economics professor and the second black governor of the Federal Reserve System;[5] and education policy scholar Lois (née Dickson) Fitt, currently at the Brookings Institution.


    Rice was a three-sport athlete, student council president, and valedictorian at National Cathedral School in Washington, D.C., a private girls’ day school.[8] She played point guard in basketball and directed the offense, acquiring the nickname Spo, short for “Sportin’.”[8]


    Rice attended Stanford University, where she received a Truman Scholarship, and graduated with a BA in history in 1986. She was elected to Phi Beta Kappa.[9][10]

    Awarded a Rhodes Scholarship, Rice attended New College, Oxford, where she earned a MPhil in 1988 and DPhil in 1990. The Chatham House-British International Studies Association honored her dissertation entitled, “Commonwealth Initiative in Zimbabwe, 1979-1980: Implication for International Peacekeeping” as the UK’s most distinguished in international relations.[5][11]

    1. BTW, I posted this earlier today in response to speculation that she owed her position to Affirmative Action.

      She wasn’t.

      Get over it.

      1. Who cares? Look at her background – raised by two educators, left leaning, no doubt. She attended an elite private school. She was an athlete. She is intelligent. She is still a Jew-hating, muslim-loving, lying sycophant dedicated to supporting and enforcing Barry’s suicidal and dangerous policies.

  3. I wish I could find humor in Obama’s choice of Susan Rice but I find it troubling, on a million levels. Primarily that its a position that doesn’t require confirmation and secondly, from here on, any conversations she has with the president are considered confidential and she can’t testify about anything she says with Obama.
    This appointment is a slap in the face to all Americans and is another way Obama wants us to be punished for his bad presidency.

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