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Former Pa. Gov. Ed Rendell Falls Asleep on MSNBC

This doesn’t really have anything to do with the White House. I’ve just never seen anyone fall asleep on TV, and thought maybe you hadn’t either.

Honestly, the inanity of Chris Matthews is worth napping through.

You have to go to full screen to really see it.

14 thoughts on “Former Pa. Gov. Ed Rendell Falls Asleep on MSNBC”

  1. I’ll take your word for it Keith. I can’t stand Rendell OR Chris Matthews. Now, if someone smacked him upside the head to wake him up – THAT would be worth watching.

    1. No doubt, Rick. He probably saves those specially wired mikes for any Republican stupid enough to be a guest on his pathetic excuse for a news show. Pretty bad when his own fellow travelers are so bored with his droning rants they fall asleep.

  2. Yeah, yeah, old guy falls asleep. Us old geezers do that all the time.
    Now if he didn’t wake up, that would be newsworthy.

  3. Came home one day from a hard day at work….turned on ol tingle legs because I needed a laugh….next thing you know, it was time to get up and go back to work.

    If anyone has insomnia…Tingle legs will cure that real quick.

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  5. This often happens to older people when ones glucose (sugar) levels get over 300. A persons normal sugar level is 100-140. At 300 the body has twice the amount of sugar in the bloodstream than it should. Gov Rendell probably has Type 2 diabetes and is either not aware or not adequately treating it.
    When untreated, it will only take eating a donut or a couple cookies to make the blood sugar spike. Lethargy and sleepiness come on then. The high number sugar molecules then act like razors against the blood cell walls, damaging them. The body fixes that damage with plaque which leads to blocked veins and arteries, a heart attack and eventual death.
    Those that have Type 2 MUST not eat sugary stuff, lose weight and keep moving to get the sugars out of the body. Insulin is a treatment for it but it is not a cure.

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