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Obama Taps Susan Rice to be National Security Adviser

President Obama has chosen controversial United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice to serve as his National Security Adviser, replacing Tom Donillon, who is resigning.

Obama will announce the appointment in the Rose Garden at 2:15 this afternoon. Donilon is expected to depart early next month.

Susan RiceWhite House adviser Samantha Power, who serves on the National Security Council, will be named to replace Rice as U.N. ambassador.

Rice’s new post is within the White House and does not require Senate confirmation. Rice was passed over by Obama for Secretary of State earlier this year amid harsh criticism from Republicans for appearing on talk shows after the Benghazi attacks touting the idea that a video was responsible. It had become clear she could not be confirmed.

Rice served on the staff of the National Security Council during the Clinton administration. While at the NSC , she was director for international organizations and peacekeeping from 1993 to 1995 and special assistant to the president and senior director for African affairs from 1995 to 1997. In 1997, President Clinton appointed her Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, a post she held for the rest of Clinton’s term.

Rice has been criticized for playing a role in the failure of the Clinton administration to prevent the 1994 Rwanda genocide, reportedly saying at the time, “If we use the word ‘genocide’ and are seen as doing nothing, what will be the effect on the November (midterm) election?”

Rice has served as U.N. ambassador since the start of Obama’s presidency in 2009.

Power has made quite a comeback since she was forced off the Obama 2008 campaign for calling Hillary Clinton a “monster.” Power backs the goals of the “Responsibility to Protect” movement, or “RtoP,” which advocates international military intervention to protect those suffering egregious human rights abuses.

In 2002, she said the United States should forcibly intervene in the battle between the Palestinians and the Israelis because Ariel Sharon and Yasser Arafat were being “dreadfully irresponsible.” She has suggested she regrets the administration’s failure and would come down on the side of action the next time she was faced with such a crisis.

Currently more than 80,000 people have been killed in Syria, but the White House has not acted against the Assad government. Whether that will change with Rice as National Security Adviser is an open question.

115 thoughts on “Obama Taps Susan Rice to be National Security Adviser”

        1. Obama’s hack foreign policy team: Susan Rice as NSA, Samantha Power (Mrs. Cass Sunstein) UN, John Kerry at State. Socialists and dictators around the world applaud.

          This is a sad day for the United States of America.

  1. With all the IRS scandal getting press, Benghazi has gotten pushed out if the press. They must have thought this was a good time to sneak Donilon out and Rice in. Interesting timing. Why now?

    1. Where does the Benghazi investigation stand? About a week ago Darryl Issa was going to interview Amb. Pickering and/or Gen. Mullen privately before they were called before the committee. Haven’t heard anything about that. It’s as if Benghazi has fallen off the charts.

      1. It’s still there but with the IRS hearings this week, and now the Rice/Power announcements better let the clog clear and hold the public hearings when can get at least a little coverage on the low information networks.
        What’s most amazing to me about the Rice appointment is how much is validates the “petulant child” description of Obama. She screwed up Africa under Clinton, lied to the world for Hillary but just because Republicans pushed back Obama rewards her with the NSA job and a nya, nya, nya, na, na to responsible governance.
        If this nation survives an Obama 2nd term it truly will be but by the grace of God.

        1. Geoff, the clog will not clear. What we’re seeing now…this string of in-your-face actions and appointments…is what we will get from here on out.

          Anything…ANYTHING…to take the public’s attention off the brewing scandals.

          1. Good point. Just looking at the past week, the judges, Michelle’s fundraising blitz, Rice/Power, the student loan “un” crisis, it will be distraction after distraction.
            IF, (and I do mean IF) the Republicans can dust off the dumb of the past two years and THINK for a moment, they just methodically move along on all three fronts, let the facts fill in the blanks, and while that is going on develop a straight-forward, explainable “flat” or “fair” tax proposal and use the public outrage to end the IRS once and for all.
            It also does an end run around Obama because such a system would be the beginning of the end for big government.
            But like I said, IF. And by past performance of Boehner, McConnell and the Republican party I’m afraid it’s a really, really big IF.

  2. Show of hands of all those shocked at this revelation? What Obummer wants, Obummer gets folks … plain and simple. My opinion? He needed to reward her for successfully diverting the attention from his “do nothing” response on Benghazi to someone like her who could take the heat. This is her reward for agreeing to NOT write a book which outs him and his failure to lead.

    1. Rice clearly is the adviser for OBAMA’s national security. And being in the White House, she can take her talking points directly from Obama and Jarrett without the need for any middling mid-level intermediaries. She may even get to serve as a human prop for some of his campaign announcements.

      Then again, she did manage to get on five different Sunday shows on time. Maybe she can be in charge of cleaning Obama’s clock.

  3. There you have it! Another tradeoff…a high level position no doubt with more pay in exchange for keeping quiet about Benghazi. No confirmation required, and once again, he dictates and controls as he pleases.

      1. It’s not the money, it’s the power. And sadly for the nation and the world it’s also the fact that a failed hack who botched Africa under Clinton will now be in the inner most circle of power directing who knows what debacles to come.

        1. exactly Geoff, she will be back with the movers and shakers. She felt like she was banished to NY, and to get back into the DC fold had to be used as a small bump in the road for BO’s Magical Mystery Tour campaign bus. However she will be in the direct line of fire. Can she handle it? Will she be there to take the 2am call?

  4. A deal is a deal. She sold her soul –she can now eat at the banquet in the farmhouse like all the other pigs. “Two legs good, four legs bad.” Character, virtue, integrity do not belong in the progressive lexicon of acceptable language. Welcome to Americana Dystopia. Does she get a dacha on the Black Sea, too?

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  6. Now that Donillion is out as “NSA”, (what did he do as NSA? He never came out about Benghazi and he is the friggin National Security Advisor)
    maybe some documents/testimony will suddenly ‘appear’ saying the Benghazi talking points & stand down were all his idea…
    -just saying

    1. You can bank on that. Somebody had to be the sacrifice for the video and stand down orders and it sure as hell wasn’t going to be Hillary or Obama.
      What I’m really waiting for right now though is if there’s any truth to the rumor circulating that the IG is sitting on a report showing that Panetta leaked classified info after the Bin Laden raid to Obama’s Hollywood pals. Wonder how Holder plans to investigate THAT one?

      1. Holder is going to be a very busy AG having to investigate all these issues. This might delay him investigating himself.

      2. Donillion may have cooked up the story of the spontaneous protest against the video or may just take the rap, but there is no way he could have given the orders to stand down. Neither Hillary. And if Obama claims to have been momentarily incapacitated, the person to give the orders would have been Biden.

  7. Keith thanks adding that bit of her CV regarding her assignment to Clinton’s NSC during the 1994 massacre in Rwanda.

  8. I’d like to think the American people would be insulted by this appointment. However, due to the fact the American people elected this Chicago “politician” into office twice, I do not think they would care to understand how terrible of an appointment this is. Our country will have a hard time repairing the damage this “politician” has caused.

    1. Yup, he was ‘appointed’ twice…..& the folks don’t know or give a $hit who is in office…….after all, some of them don’t even know the VP’s name & some USC students don’t know where Benghazi is. Yup, keep the sheeple stupid & uninformed….

      “This will be the most transparent administration in history”…..
      ..mmm hmm.

  9. Well that is a typical Chicago Politician in your face move! Who is going to stop O’Bama from doing anything? Eric Holder! He has the greatest gig since Henry Viii! This is what happens when the media stays quiet, people seem to care little that ZERO of the thousands of reg. and the first healthcare in the World to be run by the tax collectors will ever touch him his family or his friends! We are only 6 months in to 4 years! And if the Feds are reading this fine there is very little for you to take but you have already taken the thing that means everything .. My faith in the USgovernment is GONE!

  10. Keith,

    “Rice has been harshly criticized by Republicans for appearing on talk shows after the Benghazi attacks.”

    You’re missing a clause or two from that sentence.

    How about, “…and misrepresenting the facts about the attack known by the administration in order to cover for their mishandling of the crisis, before, during and after the attack.”

    Then you could finish that thought off with another sentence, “Republicans, and others who are interested in learning the truth, want Rice to explain who/why/when/how she was provided with the false narrative about a Youtube video causing the terrorist attack.”

    That would provide a bit more context.

    Whattya think?

  11. MsRice is certainly not doing herself any favor by accepting a back-office job at the WhiteHouse, so she must be doing it as a favor to MrObama. As a multi-millionaire she doesn’t need a job or the money that comes with it, and her expertise and background in foreign affairs could find her a more prestigious placement than this.

    1. Agreed, srdem but I think this is ego talking too. This is a resume padder that she will profit from big time once Dear Leader leaves office. Plus Ms. Power’s appointment throws another bone to the diversity crowd.

      “Kerry to Power to Rice”. Sounds like a Bad News Bears’ double play combination

      1. Plus Ms. Power’s appointment throws another bone to the diversity crowd.


        FCMABBHO can point to her as proof that he’s not surrounded by men only.

          1. Obama uses the situation room to party with JayZ and Beyonce and for assemblage for photo ops. The situation room, as we knew it, no longer functions.

            And when Obama is sleeping , or retired for the evening, apparently that is the end of communication.

            This is the Obama White House of Hacks.

  12. White House adviser Samantha Power, who serves on the National Security Council, will be named U.N. ambassador.


    Does she still want to invade Israel in order to protect the Jordyptians?

    1. What we don’t need is some kind of early warning mechanism there, what we need is a willingness to put something on the line in helping the situation. Putting something on the line might mean alienating a domestic constituency of tremendous political and financial import; it may more crucially mean sacrificing—or investing, I think, more than sacrificing—billions of dollars, not in servicing Israel’s military, but actually investing in the new state of Palestine, in investing the billions of dollars it would probably take, also, to support what will have to be a mammoth protection force, not of the old Rwanda kind, but a meaningful military presence. Because it seems to me at this stage (and this is true of actual genocides as well, and not just major human rights abuses, which were seen there), you have to go in as if you’re serious, you have to put something on the line.


  13. Her reward for hitting the TV circuit lying for Obama’s failure to send support for our people in Benghazii.
    To use a phrase from another criminal organization, ” she earned her bones “.

      1. Appointing her makes little difference to anything. She’s no worse than Donillon. It’s political in that this appointment, like all of barry’s appointments are for their loyalty and if it can annoy his enemies, all the better. Just another nail in the coffin.

  14. And Rice was tied with Hillary as the number 3 most corrupt politician in 2012. I wonder if she will put that on her resume.

        1. Yep, that’s Samantha’s husband, but I have a hard time figuring out how someone who ran the office of information and regulatory affairs has to do with health care.

          1. Yep, that’s Samantha’s husband, but I have a hard time figuring out how someone who ran the office of information and regulatory affairs had the power to weigh in on health care.

          2. Regulations…regulations…regulations…

            No doubt Cass the nerd and his sultry wife Samantha are getting their marching orders from Daddy Soros bots at the Center for American Progress. Probably passing files using their fake email addresses to avoid FOIA requests. This leviathan has been spitting out new regulations for every alphabet agency in the bureaucracy at the rate of ~2,000 every month.


          3. If I were the Republican winner in 2016, I would spend hundreds of hours between November and Inauguration Day figuring out which regulation to cut. The day after I took office, I’d issue the EO’s to do just that.

  15. SSDD. He’s just replacing a couple of leftist hacks with different leftist hacks. These appointments were intended to divert attention from the powerful testimony given in the IRS hearings yesterday. Since the state-run media can only walk and chew gum at the same time when a Republican president is in office, no doubt the testimony about someone in the IRS committing a felony will fall to the wayside because of this strategically planted news…

    1. Exactly my belief as well. Just more of the same, for more of the same reasons. Every time this president does something like this, everyone jumps on it. It’s just another way they dictate the argument. We become outraged all over again when in fact, we should expect this – and move on without muchado.

  16. Obama’s cup overrunneth! Valjar, MOOshelle, Susan and Samantha – more Reggie time for ‘lil Barry. Lord knows, he doesn’t want to get in the middle of things when the cat fights begin!

  17. I just had to take a peek at how HuffPo was handling this, and their header, gag, is RICE REDEMPTION. (Sic, not my caps)

  18. LMAO…………where else but this rotten,corrupt, insane administration, could one lie,cheat and steal be promoted!!!! now this is a real no brainer, this dingbat broad is a heretic, nazi, if there ever was one, right along with it’s moron boss

  19. “touting the idea” is a polite way of saying lying through her teeth, though in fairness she was doing as directed. Her response to BenGhazi sounds right out of her Rwanda playbook. I’m OK with her appointment: one more incompetent political hack will hardly be noticed.

  20. Geoff Caldwell described her well as a “petulant little child”. She is another silver spooner who will play the race card when the going gets tough on Day 1.

    She is supposed to be a Stanford whiz bang but her behavior sounds more like graceless, no class, petulant little child to me. She fairly hisses when a threat to her place in the pecking order is perceived.

    Dear Susan and the sinister Valerie Jarrett can play Madame DeFarge to David Axelgrease’s Robespierre. Jay Carney can reprise
    Muhammed Al Combover’s unforgettable role in Bombs Over Baghdad.

      1. She’s the real deal. From her Wiki:

        Rice was born in Washington, D.C.,[5] to Emmett J. Rice (1919–2011), Cornell University economics professor and the second black governor of the Federal Reserve System;[5] and education policy scholar Lois (née Dickson) Fitt, currently at the Brookings Institution.


        Rice was a three-sport athlete, student council president, and valedictorian at National Cathedral School in Washington, D.C., a private girls’ day school.[8] She played point guard in basketball and directed the offense, acquiring the nickname Spo, short for “Sportin’.”[8]


        Rice attended Stanford University, where she received a Truman Scholarship, and graduated with a BA in history in 1986. She was elected to Phi Beta Kappa.[9][10]

        Awarded a Rhodes Scholarship, Rice attended New College, Oxford, where she earned a MPhil in 1988 and DPhil in 1990. The Chatham House-British International Studies Association honored her dissertation entitled, “Commonwealth Initiative in Zimbabwe, 1979-1980: Implication for International Peacekeeping” as the UK’s most distinguished in international relations.[5][11]


        1. You can’t learn character, integrity, honor, and honesty at school.

          At one time I thought a Rhodes Scholar was a big to do. No more.

          The two most irrelevant things people tell me

          “He/She is so smart”. Smart is a basic.

          “He/She went to ____ University”. Might show how well connected they might be but not too much about their character.

  21. Arrogance always seems to rise to the top in this administration. You would think Barack the Boastful would bring in someone with a modicum of modesty to ballast the heaving ship of state.

  22. So, our national security is in the hands of someone who makes up stories to tell us. This is like waking up in the middle of a Franz Kafka novel.

  23. Years ago, a friend of mine was in the street in Jerusalem and noticed an attractive young American woman talking on a cell phone (not so common back then). She heard the woman say that she was now in “Palestine.” My friend interrupted, saying, “Excuse me? But you’re in Israel.” The woman said, “No, this is Palestine.” And my friend corrected her again: “No, this is Israel. It has always been Israel and it will always be Israel.”

    We later discovered that the American woman was Samantha Power.

  24. I personally believe that this is a buyout of Susan Rice to keep her silenced concerning what transpired in the Benghazi attacks and in what she knew. This is following a pattern in placements that Obama has been doing for some time. I believe this Rice appointment really stands out in what I believe I’m seeing.


    1. You are exactly right Jon.
      This is the Chicago way.
      Notice that no one has been fired over Benghazi, IRS, Fast and Furious, AP.
      Stonewalling, denial, promotions, the eternal shell game keep the chess board in play.

    2. I just heard Bolton’s opinion on this. He said it’s quite typical for an ambassador to the UN to move up from there and any other position she would have to go through the nomination process which barry knows wouldn’t be successful and would put the spot light even more on Benghazi. He also stated she was pretty much in DC most of the time anyway instead of NY (where the UN is located) so this way she actually will have a reason to spend most of her time in DC. He said he wasn’t surprised by this.

  25. So, out with a leaker, and in with a liar.

    Maybe next week, Sir Golfsalot will do a photo op in the Oval Office wearing a T-shirt that says, “I’M CORRUPT, I’M PROUD OF IT, AND YOU CAN’T TOUCH ME, HA HA HA.”

    Because that’s about what he’s doing with this appointment.

  26. Oh, and completely unrelated: What’s the following doing on the Census Bureau’s official calendar in late June?

    Natl Congr of Amer Indians (Mid-Year) (No Booth – Presentation Only) @ Atlantis Casino Resort Spa

    Atlantis? ATLANTIS? Who’s paying for that?!

  27. A frightening decline in the US, Middle East, Israel due to the arrogant, self centered Socialist, Marxist, terror protecting King, Dictator obama and the mrs. Where are the Republicans, Conservatives, Independence???? Our Country has fallen.

  28. This reminds me of one well-known US company that has been getting problem employees out of an area for years by upgrading them to managerial or supervisory positions. Now they have one heckuva mess with inept and incompetent supervisors making such a mess that the working climate is terrible for other employees who know their job and do it well. It doesn’t work, they just move the stupidity and incompetence up another level to do its damage there. On second thought, that is normal for Obama and his administration!

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