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Obama Schedule || Thursday, June 6, 2013

12:05 pm || Departs White House
1:35 pm || Arrives Charlotte, North Carolina
2:30 pm || Tours Mooresville Middle School; Mooresville, North Carolina
2:55 pm || Delivers remarks at Mooresville Middle School
4:15 pm || Departs Charlotte, North Carolina
6:00 pm PDT || Arrives California
7:00 pm PDT || Delivers remarks at Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee fundraiser; private residence, Palo Alto, California
8:25 pm || Delivers remarks at Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee fundraiser; private residence; Portola, Valley, California

All times Eastern except as noted

32 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Thursday, June 6, 2013”

  1. Barack! Now that I have taught you how to handle these little people who THINK they have the nerve to get up in your face and talk you down, you just remember….If I CAN DO IT, then YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

    And that little girl better just stay out of way next time or we are going WWE Smackdown ALL THE WAY!

    Michelle Obama

    1. now you know why obama is the whimp that he is. the castration occurred long ago . and as a note to your attorneys this is a real quote.

  2. Why North Carolina. Why now … and then I remembered that the Dems have been busy expressing themselves [read: their demons].

    Backed by throngs of chanting supporters, dozens of liberal demonstrators are subjecting themselves to arrest each Monday at the state legislature here to protest a flurry of bills that could transform North Carolina into a model of conservative governance.

  3. Fun facts;
    Cheapest home for sale in Mooresville NC:
    3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1300sq ft, $63,000

    Cheapest home for sale in Palo Alto CA:
    2 bedroom, 2 bath, 1160sq ft, $1,700,000 (yes, 1.7 miilion dollars)

  4. What no visit to Oklahoma? Guess the one visit was to cover any storms
    this season. I think he’s saving up to go cuddle with Christie:-). Nice
    to see the big Earth Mother can go to fundraisers but not to Oklahoma
    what a FL never been one like her before and with the grace of God we
    will never again.

  5. Today’s date 6-6 wonder if he knows what it means? Think he will thank
    those brave men who saved us from the tyranny of Hitler. But now we’re
    faced with a new type of tyranny of his making.

  6. wow a middle school for all those young kids to be introduced into Obozo socialist ways keep your kids home please and all the way across the country at a cost of over 1.5 million for fund raisers what a no good lazy bum and scum bag looser while we go deeper into the shitter

  7. Dictator Obama’s day of toil on behalf of the American People can be summed up as touring a middle school in North Carolina (for what reason?), delivering carefully scripted “remarks” from his trusty teleprompter, and then boarding Air Head One for a coast to coast trip whose main purpose is another cash grubbing foray into the 1% weathly enclave of Palo Alto, California (Oh how he hates the Rich!) which will be financed by the taxpayers. This is the reason he has scheduled meeting the Communist Chinese Dictator in Southern California. He can charge off the entire fund raising trip to “US Government Business”. In reality the meeting is Obama giving his progress report on the transformation of America to his Chinese communist handler. Again, how is all of this cash being handled? How much is being skimmed off of the top? Anyone know the answer? Anyone?

    1. The FEC, another supposedly independent alphabet agency, is tasked with enforcing campaign finance laws. Of course the only person they seem to be investigating is Michele Bachmann, which tells me all I need to know.

  8. I heard about this from a Raleigh television station on Monday. The newscasters were so ecstatic; it was nauseating.

    1. It’s all part of the plan. He visits colleges & schools. The terrorists have their 5 yr-olds sitting in a firing line with AK-47’s, practicing. It’s part of his plan to take over America & children are the most vulnerable. Jesus rode in on a donkey & who greeted him the most? The children. They hollered & shouted his name & spread palm fronds in front of him. He said “Suffer the little children to come unto me.” He’s liberalizing America & attacking from within. I say ‘NO’, & stand against him!!

      1. Their little uniforms will no doubt be a lovely islamic green, with the shahada featured prominently on the front, and a keffiyeh to wear around their necks.

  9. Should be a wonderful meeting Friday between the Chinese President Xi and his student Obama. Surely Obama will be looking to his master for his mid-term grades, I have had glimpse of the Obama report card as compiled by President Xi, here is a snippet:

    Press Intimidation: B- Note: watch those leaks and use physical force when necessary.
    Intimidation of Political Enemies: C+ Note: You should not have any political enemies – use physical force!
    Gun Control: D- Note: Study up on Mao, power grows form the barrel of a gun! More physical force!

    As you can see President Xi is none to impressed by his student and requires more ‘work’ to be done.

  10. Again, not 1 mention of D-Day and the men that fought and died so this clown could be free. Why break with tradition I guess? What an embarrassment this guy is.

  11. Really not at all surprised that Obama had nothing to say about
    D Day. It is still all about him. I might also say the same thing about
    the Calif. democrats who will be eating dinner with him.

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